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Journal Articles

Impact of the ground-state 4${it f}$ symmetry for anisotropic ${it cf}$ hybridization in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeNi$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$

Fujiwara, Hidenori*; Nakatani, Yasuhiro*; Aratani, Hidekazu*; Kanai, Yuina*; Yamagami, Kohei*; Hamamoto, Satoru*; Kiss, Takayuki*; Yamasaki, Atsushi*; Higashiya, Atsushi*; Imada, Shin*; et al.

Physical Review B, 108(16), p.165121_1 - 165121_10, 2023/10

Journal Articles

Validation of gas entrainment evaluation method in simplified hot plenum model of sodium cooled fast reactor

Ezure, Toshiki; Akimoto, Yuta; Matsushita, Kentaro; Tanaka, Masaaki

Dai-27-Kai Doryoku, Enerugi Gijutsu Shimpojiumu Koen Rombunshu (Internet), 5 Pages, 2023/09

In hot plenums of sodium-cooled fast reactors, restriction of cover gas entrainment caused by vortex dimples on the free surface is an important thermal-hydraulic issue. For this reason, the authors have developed an evaluation method of gas entrainment with an evaluation tool named, StreamViewer. In this study, evaluation using StreamViewer was applied to a water experiment having a simplified hot pool geometry aiming at the validation of the evaluation method toward the application to the evaluation of a pool-type sodium cooled fast reactor. In StreamViewer, the three-dimensional distribution of pressure decrease along the vortex center line was calculated from the velocity distribution obtained by CFD analyses, and the free surface dimple depth was obtained from the hydraulic balance with the pressure distribution and the cover gas pressure. As the results, it was confirmed that the onset of gas entrainment could be predicted appropriately based on the above-mentioned calculation method.

Journal Articles

Interlaboratory comparison of electron paramagnetic resonance tooth enamel dosimetry with investigations of the dose responses of the standard samples

Toyoda, Shin*; Inoue, Kazuhiko*; Yamaguchi, Ichiro*; Hoshi, Masaharu*; Hirota, Seiko*; Oka, Toshitaka; Shimazaki, Tatsuya*; Mizuno, Hideyuki*; Tani, Atsushi*; Yasuda, Hiroshi*; et al.

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 199(14), p.1557 - 1564, 2023/09

Interlaboratory comparison studies are important for radiation dosimetry in order to demonstrate how the technique is universally available. The set of standard samples are examined in each participating laboratory in the present study. After a set of standard samples together with the samples with unknown doses, which were prepared in the same laboratory as the standard samples, are measured at a participating laboratory, those samples are sent to another participating laboratory for next measurement. There is some small difference observed in the sensitivity (the slope of the dose response line) of the standard samples while the differences in the obtained doses for the samples with unknown doses are rather systematic, implying that the difference is mostly due to the samples but not to measurements.

Journal Articles

Angular correlation of the two gamma rays produced in the thermal neutron capture on gadolinium-155 and gadolinium-157

Goux, P.*; Glessgen, F.*; Gazzola, E.*; Singh Reen, M.*; Focillon, W.*; Gonin, M.*; Tanaka, Tomoyuki*; Hagiwara, Kaito*; Ali, A.*; Sudo, Takashi*; et al.

Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Internet), 2023(6), p.063H01_1 - 063H01_15, 2023/06

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Development of a design optimization framework for sodium-cooled fast reactors, 2; Development of optimization analysis control function

Doda, Norihiro; Nakamine, Yoshiaki*; Kuwagaki, Kazuki; Hamase, Erina; Kikuchi, Norihiro; Yoshimura, Kazuo; Matsushita, Kentaro; Tanaka, Masaaki

Keisan Kogaku Koenkai Rombunshu (CD-ROM), 28, 5 Pages, 2023/05

As a part of the development of the "Advanced Reactor Knowledge- and AI-aided Design Integration Approach through the whole plant lifecycle (ARKADIA)" to automatically optimize the life cycle of innovative nuclear reactors including fast reactors, ARKADIA-design is being developed to support the optimization of fast reactor in the conceptual design stage. ARKADIA-Design consists of three systems (Virtual plant Life System (VLS), Evaluation assistance and Application System (EAS), and Knowledge Management System (KMS)). A design optimization framework controls the connection between the three systems through the interfaces in each system. This paper reports on the development of an optimization analysis control function that performs design optimization analysis combining plant behavior analysis by VLS and optimization study by EAS.

Journal Articles

Development plan for coupling technology between high temperature gas-cooled reactor HTTR and Hydrogen Production Facility, 2; Development plan for coupling equipment between HTTR and Hydrogen Production Facility

Mizuta, Naoki; Morita, Keisuke; Aoki, Takeshi; Okita, Shoichiro; Ishii, Katsunori; Kurahayashi, Kaoru; Yasuda, Takanori; Tanaka, Masato; Isaka, Kazuyoshi; Noguchi, Hiroki; et al.

Proceedings of 30th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE30) (Internet), 6 Pages, 2023/05

Journal Articles

Origin of magnetically dead layers in spinel ferrites $$M$$Fe$$_2$$O$$_4$$ grown on Al$$_2$$O$$_3$$; Effects of postdeposition annealing studied by XMCD

Nonaka, Yosuke*; Wakabayashi, Yuki*; Shibata, Goro; Sakamoto, Shoya*; Ikeda, Keisuke*; Chi, Z.*; Wan, Y.*; Suzuki, Masahiro*; Tanaka, Arata*; Tanaka, Masaaki*; et al.

Physical Review Materials (Internet), 7(4), p.044413_1 - 044413_10, 2023/04

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

X-ray magnetic circular dichroism study of iron-intercalated transition-metal dichalcogenide Fe$$_x$$TaS$$_2$$ with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy; Comparison with Fe$$_x$$TiS$$_2$$

Shibata, Goro; Won, C.*; Kim, J.*; Nonaka, Yosuke*; Ikeda, Keisuke*; Wan, Y.*; Suzuki, Masahiro*; Koide, Tsuneharu*; Tanaka, Arata*; Cheong, S.-W.*; et al.

Photon Factory Activity Report 2022 (Internet), 2 Pages, 2023/00

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Development of evaluation method of gas entrainment on the free surface in the reactor vessel in pool-type sodium-cooled fast reactors; Gas entrainment judgment based on three-dimensional evaluation of vortex center line and distribution of pressure decrease

Matsushita, Kentaro; Ezure, Toshiki; Imai, Yasutomo*; Fujisaki, Tatsuya*; Tanaka, Masaaki

Proceedings of 29th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 29) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2022/08

Development of evaluation method for cover gas entrainment (GE) by vortices generated at free surface in upper plenum of sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) is required. GE evaluation tool, named StreamViewer, based on method using numerical results of three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics analysis for loop-type SFRs has been developed. In this study, modification of evaluation method of StreamViewer to rationalize conservativeness in evaluation results was examined by identifying vortex center lines and calculating three-dimensional distribution of pressure decrease along vortex center lines. The applicability of modified method was checked using water experimental result in rectangular open channel where unsteady vortices are generated. As the result, it was indicated that evaluation results on gas core depth which were excessive in current method were improved in modified method, and it is confirmed that modified method may discriminate onset of GE with appropriate criteria.

Journal Articles

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors

Ohshima, Hiroyuki; Morishita, Masaki*; Aizawa, Kosuke; Ando, Masanori; Ashida, Takashi; Chikazawa, Yoshitaka; Doda, Norihiro; Enuma, Yasuhiro; Ezure, Toshiki; Fukano, Yoshitaka; et al.

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors; JSME Series in Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation, Vol.3, 631 Pages, 2022/07

This book is a collection of the past experience of design, construction, and operation of two reactors, the latest knowledge and technology for SFR designs, and the future prospects of SFR development in Japan. It is intended to provide the perspective and the relevant knowledge to enable readers to become more familiar with SFR technology.

Journal Articles

Magnetic properties and electronic configurations of Mn ions in the diluted magnetic semiconductor Ba$$_{1-x}$$K$$_x$$(Zn$$_{1-y}$$Mn$$_y$$)$$_2$$As$$_2$$ studied by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering

Suzuki, Hakuto*; Zhao, G.*; Okamoto, Jun*; Sakamoto, Shoya*; Chen, Z.-Y.*; Nonaka, Yosuke*; Shibata, Goro; Zhao, K.*; Chen, B.*; Wu, W.-B.*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 91(6), p.064710_1 - 064710_5, 2022/06

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Synthesis of hybrid magnesium hydroxide/magnesium oxide nanorods [Mg(OH)$$_{2}$$/MgO] for prompt and efficient adsorption of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solutions

Falyouna, O.*; Bensaida, K.*; Maamoun, I.; Ashik, U. P. M.*; Tahara, Atsushi*; Tanaka, Kazuya; Aoyagi, Noboru; Sugihara, Yuji*; Eljamal, O.*

Journal of Cleaner Production, 342, p.130949_1 - 130949_15, 2022/03

 Times Cited Count:20 Percentile:98.9(Green & Sustainable Science & Technology)

Journal Articles

Evaluation of gas entrainment flow rate by free surface vortex

Torikawa, Tomoaki*; Odaira, Naoya*; Ito, Daisuke*; Ito, Kei*; Saito, Yasushi*; Matsushita, Kentaro; Ezure, Toshiki; Tanaka, Masaaki

Konsoryu, 36(1), p.63 - 69, 2022/03

On free surface of a sodium cooled fast reactor, gas entrainment can be caused by free surface vortices, which may result in disturbance in core power. It is important to develop an evaluation model to predict accurately entrained gas flow rate. In this study, entrained gas flow rate a simple gas entrainment experiment is conducted with focusing on effect of pressure difference between upper and lower tanks. Pressure difference between upper and lower tanks are controlled by changing gas pressure in lower tank. As a result, it is confirmed that the entrained gas flow rate increases with increasing pressure difference between upper and lower tanks. By visualization of swirling annular flow in suction pipe, it is also observed that pressure drop in suction pipe increases with increase in entrained gas flow rate, which implies that entrained gas flow rate can be predicted by evaluation model based on pressure drop in swirling annular flow region.

Journal Articles

Gas entrainment phenomenon from free liquid surface in a sodium-cooled fast reactor; Measurements and evaluation on a gas core growth form the liquid surface

Uchida, Mao*; Alzahrani, H.*; Shiono, Mikihito*; Sakai, Takaaki*; Matsushita, Kentaro; Ezure, Toshiki; Tanaka, Masaaki

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 16 Pages, 2022/03

Gas entrainment from cover gas is one of key issues for sodium-cooled fast reactors design to prevent unexpected effects to core reactivity. A vortex model based evaluation method has been developed to evaluate the surface vortex gas core growth at the free surface in the reactor vessel. In this study, water experiments were performed to clarify the prediction accuracy for the vortex gas core growth during the vortex drift motion using a circulating water tunnel with an open flow channel test section. Gas core growth were predicted by applying the evaluation method to the numerical analyses performed in the same geometry of the experiments, and compared with the experimental results. It was observed the gas core growth became large at downstream region where downward velocity became large in experiment. However, the gas core length which were predicted from numerical result showed a discrepancy with the experimental result on the peak position and an overestimation of peak value.

Journal Articles

Development of numerical analysis codes for multi-level and multi-physics approaches in an advanced reactor design study

Tanaka, Masaaki; Doda, Norihiro; Mori, Takero; Yokoyama, Kenji; Uwaba, Tomoyuki; Okajima, Satoshi; Matsushita, Kentaro; Hashidate, Ryuta; Yada, Hiroki

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 16 Pages, 2022/03

Japan Atomic Energy Agency is developing an innovative design system named ARKADIA to achieve the design of an advanced nuclear reactor as a safe, economic, and sustainable carbon-free energy source. In the first phase of its development, ARKADIA-Design for design study and ARKADIA-Safety for safety assessment will be developed individually. In this paper, focusing on the ARKADIA-Design, the concept of the system is described and numerical analysis codes to be used for the multi-level and multi-physics analyses are introduced. Descriptions of the practical functions composed by the analysis codes and the representative problems in application studies for validation are introduced.

Journal Articles

Atmospheric resuspension of insoluble radioactive cesium bearing particles found in the difficult-to-return area in Fukushima

Tang, P.*; Kita, Kazuyuki*; Igarashi, Yasuhito*; Satou, Yukihiko; Hatanaka, Kotaro*; Adachi, Koji*; Kinase, Takeshi*; Ninomiya, Kazuhiko*; Shinohara, Atsushi*

Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (Internet), 9(1), p.17_1 - 17_15, 2022/03

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:72.03(Geosciences, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Long-term density-dependent groundwater flow analysis and its effect on nuclide migration for safety assessment of high-level radioactive waste disposal with consideration of interaction between fractures and matrix of rock formation in coastal crystalline groundwater systems

Park, Y.-J.*; Sawada, Atsushi; Ozutsumi, Takenori*; Tanaka, Tatsuya*; Hashimoto, Shuji*; Morita, Yutaka*

Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Discrete Fracture Network Engineering (DFNE 2022) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2022/00

Safety analysis for underground disposal facilities for high-level radioactive waste requires thorough understanding of long-term groundwater flow and nuclide migration processes in geologic media. In the coastal subsurface systems, groundwater flow is defined by the complex interactions between freshwater of meteoric origin and denser saline water from the sea. In addition, sea levels are expected to fluctuate significantly due to a transgression and regression of the sea over the millions of years for safety analysis. This study presents long-term evolution of groundwater environment such as salinity concentration and flow velocity with focus of the interaction between fractures and matrix blocks in regional and near-field scale analysis framework for groundwater flow and nuclide migration for underground disposal facilities in hypothetical fractured crystalline coastal systems.

Journal Articles

Hybridization of Bogoliubov quasiparticles between adjacent CuO$$_2$$ layers in the triple-layer cuprate Bi$$_2$$Sr$$_2$$Ca$$_2$$Cu$$_3$$O$$_{10+delta}$$ studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Ideta, Shinichiro*; Johnston, S.*; Yoshida, Teppei*; Tanaka, Kiyohisa*; Mori, Michiyasu; Anzai, Hiroaki*; Ino, Akihiro*; Arita, Masashi*; Namatame, Hirofumi*; Taniguchi, Masaki*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 127(21), p.217004_1 - 217004_6, 2021/11

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:50.56(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Development of analysis method of gas entrainment phenomena from free surface due to unsteady vortex (Evaluation of three-dimensional distribution of reduction of pressure and identification of unsteady vortex center line)

Matsushita, Kentaro; Ezure, Toshiki; Imai, Yasutomo*; Fujisaki, Tatsuya*; Tanaka, Masaaki

Nihon Kikai Gakkai Kanto Shibu Ibaraki Koenkai 2021-Nendo Koen Rombunshu (Internet), 4 Pages, 2021/08

For evaluation of gas entrainment phenomenon at free surface in reactor vessel of sodium-cooled fast reactor, the gas entrainment evaluation tool named "Stream Viewer" has been developed. In Stream Viewer, depth of surface vortex dimple is predicted by calculating pressure decrease at the vortex center using velocity distribution around the vortex and Burgers vortex model. In this report, a method to identify continuous vortex center lines from a velocity distribution is newly developed. It becomes possible to evaluate three-dimensional distribution of pressure decrease along vortex center line. Then, the method is validated by applying Stream Viewer to an open channel experiment. As the result, it was confirmed that vortex center lines were successfully identified by the improved Stream Viewer. Moreover, it was also shown that the evaluation accuracy of gas entrainment was expected to be improved by considering distribution of pressure decrease along vortex center line.

Journal Articles

Alternation of magnetic anisotropy accompanied by metal-insulator transition in strained ultrathin manganite heterostructures

Kobayashi, Masaki*; Anh, L. D.*; Suzuki, Masahiro*; Kaneta-Takada, Shingo*; Takeda, Yukiharu; Fujimori, Shinichi; Shibata, Goro*; Tanaka, Arata*; Tanaka, Masaaki*; Oya, Shinobu*; et al.

Physical Review Applied (Internet), 15(6), p.064019_1 - 064019_10, 2021/06

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:28.82(Physics, Applied)

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