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Feasibility study of the one-dimensional radiation distribution sensing method using an optical fiber sensor based on wavelength spectrum unfolding

寺阪 祐太; 渡辺 賢一*; 瓜谷 章*; 山崎 淳*; 佐藤 優樹; 鳥居 建男; 若井田 育夫

Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science, 7(4), p.042002_1 - 042002_7, 2021/10



Energy-dependent angular distribution of individual $$gamma$$ rays in the $$^{139}$$La($$n, gamma$$)$$^{140}$$La$$^{ast}$$ reaction

奥平 琢也*; 遠藤 駿典; 藤岡 宏之*; 広田 克也*; 石崎 貢平*; 木村 敦; 北口 雅暁*; 古賀 淳*; 新實 裕大*; 酒井 健二; et al.

Physical Review C, 104(1), p.014601_1 - 014601_6, 2021/07

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Neutron energy-dependent angular distributions were observed for individual $$gamma$$ rays from the 0.74 eV $$p$$-wave resonance of $$^{139}$$La+$$n$$ to several lower excited states of $$^{140}$$La. The $$gamma$$-ray signals were analyzed in a two dimensional histogram of the $$gamma$$-ray energy, measured with distributed germanium detectors, and neutron energy, determined with the time-of-flight of pulsed neutrons, to identify the neutron energy dependence of the angular distribution for each individual $$gamma$$ rays. The angular distribution was also found for a photopeak accompanied with a faint $$p$$-wave resonance component in the neutron energy spectrum. Our results can be interpreted as interference between $$s$$- and $$p$$-wave amplitudes which may be used to study discrete symmetries of fundamental interactions.


Spin excitations of the $$S$$=1/2 one-dimensional Ising-like antiferromagnet BaCo$$_{2}$$V$$_{2}$$O$$_{8}$$ in transverse magnetic fields

奥谷 顕*; 大西 弘明; 木村 尚次郎*; 竹内 徹也*; 木田 孝則*; 森 道康; 三宅 厚志*; 徳永 将史*; 金道 浩一*; 萩原 政幸*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(4), p.044704_1 - 044704_9, 2021/04

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The high-field multifrequency electron spin resonance (ESR), the magnetization, and the specific heat of single crystals of BaCo$$_{2}$$V$$_{2}$$O$$_{8}$$ (a quasi-one-dimensional Ising-like antiferromagnet with $$S=1/2$$) were measured in two different transverse magnetic fields: $$H parallel [100]$$ and $$H parallel [110]$$. A softening of the lowest ESR mode was observed near the saturation field of the magnetization around 40 T in $$H parallel [110]$$, whereas it occurs around 10 T in $$H parallel [100]$$, far below the saturation field. These observations were reproduced by numerical calculations using the density-matrix renormalization group methods, including the staggered magnetic fields induced by a uniform external magnetic field and the interchain magnetic exchange interaction. We found that the directional dependence of the lowest mode originates mainly from the remarkable angular dependence of the induced magnetic field. The interchain interaction is also quantitatively important for reproducing the experimental results. The directional dependence of the lowest mode is demonstrated by the particle-hole excitation of spinons using the Jordan-Wigner transformation.


High-spin states in $$^{35}$$S

郷 慎太郎*; 井手口 栄治*; 横山 輪*; 青井 考*; Azaiez, F.*; 古高 和禎; 初川 雄一; 木村 敦; 木佐森 慶一*; 小林 幹*; et al.

Physical Review C, 103(3), p.034327_1 - 034327_8, 2021/03

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Excited states in $$^{35}$$S were investigated by in-beam $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy using the $$^{26}$$Mg($$^{18}$$O, 2$$alpha$$1$$n$$) fusion-evaporation reaction. The de-exciting $$gamma$$-rays were measured with germanium detector arrays along with the measurement of evaporated charged particles in a $$4pi$$ segmented Si detector array. The level scheme was extended up to 12470 keV. The obtained level structure is compared with the large-scale shell-model calculations. The possibility of isoscalar-pair excited states is discussed for $$J=(17/2)$$ states with comparison between the experimental and theoretical results.


Measurement of cesium isotopic ratio by thermal ionization mass spectrometry for neutron capture reaction studies on $$^{135}$$Cs

芝原 雄司*; 中村 詔司; 上原 章寛*; 藤井 俊行*; 福谷 哲*; 木村 敦; 岩本 修

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 325(1), p.155 - 165, 2020/07

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瀧谷 啓晃; 門脇 春彦; 松嶌 聡; 松尾 秀彦; 石山 正弘; 荒谷 健太; 手塚 将志

JAEA-Technology 2020-001, 76 Pages, 2020/05


日本原子力研究開発機構新型転換炉原型炉施設「ふげん」(以下、「ふげん」という。)は、約25年間の運転を経て、2008年2月12日に廃止措置計画の認可を取得し、廃止措置に移行して解体作業を進めている。「ふげん」は、減速材として重水を使用しており、原子炉の運転に伴って重水素による中性子の吸収によってトリチウムが生成・蓄積されているため、炉心本体, 重水系及びヘリウム系はトリチウムによって汚染されている。これらの設備の解体撤去に先立ち、環境へのトリチウムの放出量及びトリチウムによる内部被ばくリスクを低減するとともに、作業性を確保するため、廃止措置の第一段階である「重水系・ヘリウム系等の汚染の除去期間」の作業の一環として、これらの設備のトリチウム汚染を除去する作業を2008年度から開始し、2017年度に完了した。本報告書では、炉心本体, 重水系及びヘリウム系のトリチウム汚染の除去作業に当たって作業方法や作業の進捗管理等を検討し、実証した結果を報告する。


Development of one-dimensional optical fiber type radiation distribution sensing method based on wavelength spectrum unfolding

寺阪 祐太; 渡辺 賢一*; 瓜谷 章*; 山崎 淳*; 佐藤 優樹; 鳥居 建男; 若井田 育夫

Proceedings of International Youth Nuclear Congress 2020 (IYNC 2020) (Internet), 4 Pages, 2020/05

For the application in the measurement of the high dose rate hot spots inside the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station buildings, we propose a wavelength-resolved type one-dimensional radiation distribution sensing method using plastic scintillating fiber (PSF). The proposing method estimates the incident position of radiation to the PSF by the unfolding of the wavelength spectrum output from the fiber edge using the fact that the attenuation length of scintillating light depends on the wavelength. By measuring the response function in advance, which defined as the wavelength spectrum measured at the fiber edge by the spectrometer with every transmission distance, the spectrum which can obtain when measured a certain radiation distribution can be expressed as the convolution of the response function. This method can avoid the problem of chance coincidence effect and signal pile-up, which occurs in the radiation detector with pulse counting mode under high dose rate field because this method measures the integrated light intensity. Through basic experiment using the ultraviolet irradiation source and $$^{90}$$Sr point source, basic properties of inverse estimation of irradiated position were confirmed, which showed that source position was reasonably estimated using the response function which obtained by the ultraviolet irradiation source in advance.


Development of the residual sodium quantification method for a fuel pin bundle of SFRs before and after dry cleaning

工藤 秀行*; 大谷 雄一*; 原 正秀*; 加藤 篤志; 大高 雅彦; 井手 章博*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(4), p.408 - 420, 2020/04

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Measurements of the $$^{243}$$Am neutron capture and total cross sections with ANNRI at J-PARC

木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 寺田 和司*; 中尾 太郎*; 水山 一仁*; 岩本 信之; 岩本 修; 原田 秀郎; 片渕 竜也*; 井頭 政之*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(6), p.479 - 492, 2019/06

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:75.46(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Neutron total and capture cross sections of $$^{243}$$Am have been measured in Accurate Neutron Nucleus Reaction measurement Instrument at Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility of Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex with a neutron TOF method. The neutron capture cross section in the energy region from 10 meV to 100 eV was determined using an array of Ge detectors. Three samples with different activities were used for measurements of the capture cross section. The neutron total cross section in the energy region from 4 meV to 100 eV was measured using Li-glass detectors. Derived cross-section value at neutron energy of 0.0253 eV is 87.7$$pm$$5.4 b for the capture cross section and 101$$pm$$11 b for the total cross section.


Measurements of thermal-neutron capture cross-section and resonance integral of neptunium-237

中村 詔司; 北谷 文人; 木村 敦; 上原 章寛*; 藤井 俊行*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 56(6), p.493 - 502, 2019/06

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放射化法により$$^{237}$$Np(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{238}$$Np反応の熱中性子捕獲断面積($$sigma_{0}$$)及び共鳴積分(I$$_{0}$$)を測定した。$$^{237}$$Npの0.489eVにある第一共鳴に注意を払い、カドミウム差法において、ガドリニウムフィルタを用いて、カットオフエネルギーを0.133eVに設定して$$sigma_{0}$$を測定した。ネプツニウム237試料を、京都大学複合原子力科学研究所の研究炉にて照射した。照射位置における熱中性子束、及び熱外ウェストコット因子を決定するために、金合金線モニタ、及びコバルト合金線モニタも一緒に照射した。照射したネプツニウム237試料及びモニタ試料の生成放射能を、ガンマ線分光により測定した。ウェストコットの理論に基づき、$$sigma_{0}$$とI$$_{0}$$を、それぞれと186.9$$pm$$6.2 barn、及び1009$$pm$$90 barnと導出した。


Dry cleaning process test for fuel assembly of fast reactor plant system, 1; Pilot scale test for fuel pin bundle

工藤 秀行*; 大谷 雄一*; 原 正秀*; 加藤 篤志; 石川 信行; 大高 雅彦; 永井 桂一; 斉藤 淳一; 荒 邦章; 井手 章博*

Proceedings of 2019 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2019) (Internet), 10 Pages, 2019/05



Measurements of neutron total and capture cross sections of $$^{241}$$Am with ANNRI at J-PARC

寺田 和司*; 木村 敦; 中尾 太郎*; 中村 詔司; 水山 一仁*; 岩本 信之; 岩本 修; 原田 秀郎; 片渕 竜也*; 井頭 政之*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 55(10), p.1198 - 1211, 2018/10

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:87.34(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Neutron total and capture cross sections of $$^{241}$$Am have been measured with a new data acquisition system and a new neutron transmission measurement system installed in Accurate Neutron Nucleus Reaction measurement Instrument (ANNRI) at Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) of Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC). The neutron total cross sections of $$^{241}$$Am were determined by using a neutron time-of-flight method in the neutron energy region from 4 meV to 2 eV. The thermal total cross section of $$^{241}$$Am was derived with an uncertainty of 2.9%. A pulse-height weighting technique was applied to determine neutron capture yields of $$^{241}$$Am. The neutron capture cross sections were determined by the time-of-flight method in the neutron energy region from the thermal to 100 eV, and the thermal capture cross section was obtained with an uncertainty of 4.1%. The evaluation data of JENDL-4.0 and JEFF-3.2 were compared with the present results.


Revising the 4${it f}$ symmetry in CeCu$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$; Soft X-ray absorption and hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy

荒谷 秀和*; 中谷 泰博*; 藤原 秀紀*; 川田 萌樹*; 金井 惟奈*; 山神 光平*; 藤岡 修平*; 濱本 諭*; 久我 健太郎*; 木須 孝幸*; et al.

Physical Review B, 98(12), p.121113_1 - 121113_6, 2018/09


 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:24.8(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We present a detailed study on the $$4f$$ ground state symmetry of the pressure-induced superconductor CeCu$$_2$$Ge$$_2$$ probed by soft X-ray absorption and hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy. The revised Ce $$4f$$ ground states are determined as $$|{Gamma_7}rangle=sqrt{0.45}|{J_{z}=pm frac{5}{2}}rangle - sqrt{0.55}|{mp frac{3}{2}}rangle$$ with $$Sigmamathchar`-{rm type}$$ in-plane rotational symmetry. This gives an in-plane magnetic moment consistent with the antiferromagnetic moment as reported in neutron measurements. Since the in-plane symmetry is the same as that for the superconductor CeCu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$, we propose that the charge distribution along the $$c$$-axis plays an essential role in driving the system into a superconducting phase.


Hydrological and climate changes in southeast Siberia over the last 33 kyr

勝田 長貴*; 池田 久士*; 柴田 健二*; 國分 陽子; 村上 拓馬*; 谷 幸則*; 高野 雅夫*; 中村 俊夫*; 田中 敦*; 内藤 さゆり*; et al.

Global and Planetary Change, 164, p.11 - 26, 2018/05

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Evidence for momentum-dependent heavy fermionic electronic structures; Soft X-ray ARPES for the superconductor CeNi$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$ in the normal state

中谷 泰博*; 荒谷 秀和*; 藤原 秀紀*; 森 健雄*; 鶴田 篤史*; 橘 祥一*; 山口 貴司*; 木須 孝幸*; 山崎 篤志*; 保井 晃*; et al.

Physical Review B, 97(11), p.115160_1 - 115160_7, 2018/03


 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:16.65(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We present clear experimental evidence for the momentum-dependent heavy fermionic electronic structures of the 4${it f}$-based strongly correlated system CeNi$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$ by soft X-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. A comparison between the experimental three-dimensional quasiparticle dispersion of LaNi$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$ and CeNi$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$ has revealed that heavy fermionic electronic structures are seen in the region surrounding at a specific momentum. Furthermore, the wave vectors between the observed "heavy spots" are consistent with a result of neutron scattering reflecting magnetic correlations, which could be a trigger of the superconductivity in CeNi$$_{2}$$Ge$$_{2}$$.


Benchmarking of economic evaluation models for an advanced loop-type sodium cooled fast reactor

向井田 恭子; 加藤 篤志; 塩谷 洋樹; 早船 浩樹; 小野 清

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 324, p.35 - 44, 2017/12

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Establishment of a Laboratory for $$gamma$$-ray Spectrometry of Environmental Samples Collected in Fukushima

三枝 純; 依田 朋之; 前田 智史; 岡崎 勤; 大谷 周一; 山口 敏夫; 栗田 義幸; 波澄 篤; 米澤 仲四郎*; 武石 稔

Proceedings of 14th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA-14), Vol.3 (Internet), p.1078 - 1085, 2017/11

2011年3月の福島第一原子力発電所の事故後、原子力機構は新たに放射能分析施設を福島に立ち上げた。分析施設では高分解能$$gamma$$線スペクトロメトリに基づき、土壌や水、ダストフィルタ、植物といった環境試料の放射能分析を月当たり約1,000件のペースで行っている。2012年9月の施設立上げ以来、分析結果の信頼性や、分析依頼者及び機器オペレータの利便性向上を目指した技術開発を実施し、制度的・技術的な課題を継続的に改善することで、ISO/IEC 17025規格に適合する試験所としての認定を得た。


Research and development for accuracy improvement of neutron nuclear data on minor actinides

原田 秀郎; 岩本 修; 岩本 信之; 木村 敦; 寺田 和司; 中尾 太郎; 中村 詔司; 水山 一仁; 井頭 政之*; 片渕 竜也*; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 146, p.11001_1 - 11001_6, 2017/09

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:85.61

A nuclear data project entitled Research and development for Accuracy Improvement of neutron nuclear data on Minor ACtinides (AIMAC) is being performed in Japan. The objective of the project is to improve accuracy of neutron nuclear data for minor actinides and some fission products, which is required for developing innovative nuclear system transmuting these nuclei. Following research items have been conducted to achieve the objective: (1) Measurements of thermal neutron capture cross-sections by activation methods, (2) High-precision quantifications of shielded sample amounts used for TOF measurement, (3) Resonance parameter determinations at J-PARC/ANNRI and KURRI/LINAC, (4) Extension of capture cross sections to high energy neutrons at J-PARC/ANNRI, (5) High quality evaluation based on iterative communication with experimenters. The achievement of the project is presented.


Multiple-wavelength neutron holography with pulsed neutrons

林 好一*; 大山 研司*; 八方 直久*; 松下 智裕*; 細川 伸也*; 原田 正英; 稲村 泰弘; 仁谷 浩明*; 宍戸 統悦*; 湯葢 邦夫*

Science Advances (Internet), 3(8), p.e1700294_1 - e1700294_7, 2017/08

Local structures around impurities in solids provide important information for understanding the mechanisms of material functions, because most of them are controlled by dopants. For this purpose, the X-ray absorption fine structure method, which provides radial distribution functions around specific elements, is most widely used. However, a similar method using neutron techniques has not yet been developed. If one can establish a method of local structural analysis with neutrons, then a new frontier of materials science can be explored owing to the specific nature of neutron scattering-that is, its high sensitivity to light elements and magnetic moments. Multiple-wavelength neutron holography using the time-of-flight technique with pulsed neutrons has great potential to realize this. We demonstrated multiple-wavelength neutron holography using a Eu-doped CaF$$_{2}$$ single crystal and obtained a clear three-dimensional atomic image around trivalent Eu substituted for divalent Ca, revealing an interesting feature of the local structure that allows it to maintain charge neutrality. The new holography technique is expected to provide new information on local structures using the neutron technique.


Dry cleaning process test for fuel assembly of fast reactor plant system

加藤 篤志; 永井 桂一; 荒 邦章; 大高 雅彦; 岡 伸樹*; 田中 昌子*; 大谷 雄一*; 井手 章博*

Proceedings of 2017 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2017) (CD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2017/04


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