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Journal Articles

Hybridization of Bogoliubov quasiparticles between adjacent CuO$$_2$$ layers in the triple-layer cuprate Bi$$_2$$Sr$$_2$$Ca$$_2$$Cu$$_3$$O$$_{10+delta}$$ studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Ideta, Shinichiro*; Johnston, S.*; Yoshida, Teppei*; Tanaka, Kiyohisa*; Mori, Michiyasu; Anzai, Hiroaki*; Ino, Akihiro*; Arita, Masashi*; Namatame, Hirofumi*; Taniguchi, Masaki*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 127(21), p.217004_1 - 217004_6, 2021/11

Journal Articles

Corrosion behavior of pure titanium in high pH solution under $$gamma$$ irradiation

Yukawa, Takuji*; Inoue, Hiroyuki*; Kojima, Takao*; Iwase, Akihiro*; Taniguchi, Naoki; Tachikawa, Hirokazu*

Zairyo To Kankyo 2016 Koenshu (CD-ROM), p.359 - 362, 2016/05

The immersion tests of pure titanium were carried out in aqueous solution containing carbonate/bicarbonate with 50 mM-chloride ion under gamma irradiation. The effect of pH on general corrosion rate of titanium were studied. The experimental results showed that the concentration of hydrogen preoxide was increased with pH, and the corrosion rate increased with the hydrogen preoxide concentration. The corrosion rate in pH12 and 13 were 5 to10 times larger than those under unirradiated conditions.

Journal Articles

Development of apparatus for electron irradiation and in-situ I-V characteristics measurements for space solar cells

Fumon, Takashi*; Kobayashi, Ippei*; Oshima, Takeshi; Sato, Shinichiro; Okuda, Shuichi*; Taniguchi, Ryoichi*; Iwase, Akihiro*

Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-8), p.203 - 206, 2008/12

We developed an apparatus for electron irradiation and in-situ current-voltage (I-V) characteristics measurements for space solar cells. The apparatus was interfaced to an electron linear accelerator at Radiation Research Center of Osaka Prefecture University. By using this apparatus, the electron irradiation with the energies from 6 MeV to 12 MeV can be performed at various temperatures from -196 $$^{circ}$$C to 100 $$^{circ}$$C. In-situ I-V characteristic measurements are also possible at the temperature from -196 $$^{circ}$$C to 100 $$^{circ}$$C. As a first demonstration using this apparatus, we performed two experiments. First, I-V characteristics of a Si solar cell were measured at room temperature and at low temperature. Secondly, the Si solar cell was irradiated with 10 MeV electrons and I-V characteristics were measured at room temperature. The experimental result was compared with those for 1 MeV electron irradiation and 10 MeV proton irradiation.

Journal Articles

Precise intensity measurements in the $$^{14}$$N(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{15}$$N reaction as a $$gamma$$-ray intensity standard up to 11 MeV

Miyazaki, Itaru*; Sakane, Hitoshi*; Takayama, Hirokazu*; Kasaishi, Masafumi*; Tojo, Akinori*; Furuta, Masataka*; Hayashi, Hiroaki*; Suematsu, Osamu*; Narasaki, Hiromichi*; Shimizu, Toshiaki*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 45(6), p.481 - 486, 2008/06

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:37.69(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The intensities of the prompt $$gamma$$ rays from the $$^{14}$$N(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{15}$$N reaction have been precisely measured. As the samples, a liquid nitrogen target and a deuterated melamine (C$$_{3}$$D$$_{6}$$N$$_{6}$$) were used. The previous values widely used as intensity standards agreed with those obtained in this study within 4-5% in the 2-11 MeV region, however, showed a monotonous decrease with the increase of $$gamma$$-ray energy.

Journal Articles

$$Q_{beta}$$ measurements of $$^{158,159}$$Pm, $$^{159,161}$$Sm, $$^{160-165}$$Eu, $$^{163}$$Gd and $$^{166}$$Tb using a total absorption BGO detector

Hayashi, Hiroaki*; Akita, Yukinori*; Suematsu, Osamu*; Shibata, Michihiro*; Asai, Masato; Sato, Tetsuya; Ichikawa, Shinichi; Nishinaka, Ichiro; Nagame, Yuichiro; Osa, Akihiko; et al.

European Physical Journal A, 34(4), p.363 - 370, 2007/12

 Times Cited Count:16 Percentile:72.91(Physics, Nuclear)

$$Q_{beta}$$ values of $$^{160-165}$$Eu and $$^{163}$$Gd were measured for the first time using a total absorption BGO detector, and the data of $$^{158,159}$$Pm, $$^{159,161}$$Sm, and $$^{166}$$Tb obtained previously were reanalyzed. These nuclei were produced by the proton-induced fission of $$^{238}$$U at the JAEA-Tokai tandem accelerator facility, and separated from the reaction products using an on-line isotope separator. The deduced mass excesses and two-neutron separation energies were compared with those of atomic mass evaluations and theoretical predictions.

Journal Articles

Local modification of hardness in FeCu alloys by using swift heavy ion irradiation

Nakagawa, Sho*; Hori, Fuminobu*; Chimi, Yasuhiro; Ishikawa, Norito; Kitagawa, Michiharu*; Oshima, Ryuichiro*; Tobita, Toru; Taniguchi, Ryoichi*; Suzuki, Masahide; Iwase, Akihiro*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 257(1-2), p.397 - 401, 2007/04

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:36.92(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Supersaturated Fe-1.2wt.%Cu alloys were irradiated with 200-MeV Xe and 200-MeV Au ions at elevated temperatures. To make an irradiated region and an unirradiated region in a specimen, a masking plate was put on the specimen during the irradiation. After the irradiation, the hardness was measured by using a conventional microhardness tester or a nano-indenter. We have found that the hardness only in irradiated region increases by the irradiation. The boundary of irradiated and unirradiated regions can be clearly identified by the difference in hardness. The present result implies that swift heavy ion irradiation can be used for the local modification of hardness in supersaturated alloys.

Journal Articles

Q$$_{beta}$$ determination of neutron-rich isotope $$^{144}$$La with a total absorption detector

Shibata, Michihiro*; Shindo, Terumasa*; Taniguchi, Akihiro*; Kojima, Yasuaki*; Kawade, Kiyoshi*; Ichikawa, Shinichi; Kawase, Yoichi*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 71(5), p.1401 - 1402, 2002/05

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:50.89(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Application of a total absorption detector to Q$$_{beta}$$ determination without the knowledge of the decay scheme

Shibata, Michihiro*; Kojima, Yasuaki*; Uno, H.*; Kawade, Kiyoshi*; Taniguchi, Akihiro*; Kawase, Yoichi*; Ichikawa, Shinichi; Maekawa, Fujio; Ikeda, Yujiro

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 459(3), p.581 - 585, 2001/03

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:87.21(Instruments & Instrumentation)

no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

Reduction and resource recycling of high-level radioactive wastes through nuclear transmutation; Status of the proof-of-principle experiment on MERIT scheme

Okabe, Kota; Yoshimoto, Masahiro; Ishi, Yoshihiro*; Uesugi, Tomonori*; Kuriyama, Yasutoshi*; Kinsho, Michikazu; Taniguchi, Akihiro*; Sato, Akira*; Miyake, Yasuhiro*; Mori, Yoshiharu*

no journal, , 

no abstracts in English

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