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A Novel method for processing noisy magnetotelluric data based on independence of signal sources and continuity of response functions

小川 大輝; 浅森 浩一; 根木 健之*; 上田 匠*

Journal of Applied Geophysics, 213, p.105012_1 - 105012_17, 2023/06




Hierarchical aggregation in a complex fluid; The Role of isomeric interconversion

Massey, D.*; Williams, C. D.*; Mu, J.*; Masters, A. J.*; 元川 竜平; 青柳 登; 上田 祐生; Antonio, M. R.*

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 127(9), p.2052 - 2065, 2023/03

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There is an ever-increasing body of evidence that metallic complexes, involving amphiphilic ligands, do not form normal solutions in organic solvents. Instead, they form complex fluids with intricate structures. For example, the metallic complexes may aggregate into clusters and these clusters themselves may aggregate into super-clusters. In order to gain a deeper insight into the mechanisms at play, we have used an improved force field to conduct extensive molecular dynamics simulations of a system composed of zirconium nitrate, water, nitric acid, tri-$$n$$-butyl phosphate and $$n$$-octane. The important new finding is that a dynamic equilibrium between the cis and trans isomers of the metal complex is likely to play a key role in the aggregation behavior. The isolated cis and trans isomers have similar energies but simulation indicates that the clusters consist predominantly of cis isomers. With increasing metal concentration, we hypothesize that more clustering occurs and the chemical equilibrium shifts towards the cis isomer. It is possible that such isomeric effects play a role in the liquid-liquid extraction of other species and the inclusion of such effects in flowsheet modelling may lead to a better description of the process.



仁井 啓介*; 井田 義明*; 上田 英貴*; 山口 隆宣*; 株本 裕史; 神谷 潤一郎; 近藤 恭弘; 田村 潤; 原田 寛之; 松井 泰; et al.

Proceedings of 19th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.601 - 604, 2023/01



Deuterated malonamide synthesis for fundamental research on solvent extraction systems

Micheau, C.; 上田 祐生; 阿久津 和宏*; Bourgeois, D.*; 元川 竜平

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 20 Pages, 2023/00

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Malonamide derivatives, which are among the most extensively investigated extractants in solvent extraction of lanthanoids, actinides, and platinum group metal ions, were deuterated by using Pd/C and Rh/C catalysts with a D$$_{2}$$O/2-propanol mixture. This method enables to replace the hydrogen atoms by deuterium atoms in the malonamide chemical structure with a controllable deuteration rate. The maximum rate reaches 75 percent approximately, determined by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. In addition, it has been demonstrated that extraction behavior of the malonamide molecules remains unchanged after the deuteration procedure. Deuterated malonamides should be a powerful tool for fundamental researches on solvent extraction systems, in particular, for structural analysis of the organic phases. The large difference in the neutron scattering cross-section between hydrogen and deuterium leads to a large difference in neutron scattering length density of the malonamide derivatives before and after the deuteration reaction. Therefore, using deuterated malonamides in small-angle neutron scattering and neutron reflectivity studies could give access to the nanoscopic structure of the specific solute species in the bulk organic phase and at the liquid-liquid interface, respectively. This deuteration method could become a general one and be extended to a wide variety of extractant molecules. In this way this work contributes to the development of the fundamental researches in solvent extraction systems.


Tough yet flexible superelastic alloys meet biomedical needs

Xu, X.*; 大平 拓実*; Xu, S.*; 平田 研二*; 大森 俊洋*; 植木 洸輔*; 上田 恭介*; 成島 尚之*; 長迫 実*; 貝沼 亮介*; et al.

Advanced Materials & Processes, 180(7), p.35 - 37, 2022/10

Metallic biomaterials are widely used to replace or support failing hard tissues due to excellent mechanical properties and high wear resistance, with demand increasing as the global population continues to age. It is widely accepted that successful metallic biomaterials should have good biocompatibility, high corrosion resistance, and strong wear resistance. In addition, a low Young's modulus similar to human bone is now recognized as another important factor, in order to avoid bone atrophy due to the stress shielding effect. While the Young's modulus of stainless steels and conventional fcc CoCr alloys is as high as 190-240 GPa, for $$beta$$-type Ti-base alloys it is generally in the range of 50-80 GPa. Young's modulus values are as low as 35 GPa for Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr, close to that of human bone at approximately 10-30 GPa. However, Ti-base alloys come with the compromise of low wear resistance. In fact, alloys that feature a low Young's modulus along with high wear resistance have been difficult to realize. This article explores the recently developed bcc CoCr-base alloy Co-Cr-Al-Si as a potential solution to these issues, i.e., the difficulty in combining a low Young's modulus with high wear resistance, and the challenge of realizing large superelastic strains.


Flexible and tough superelastic Co-Cr alloys for biomedical applications

大平 拓実*; Xu, S.*; 平田 研二*; Xu, X.*; 大森 俊洋*; 植木 洸輔*; 上田 恭介*; 成島 尚之*; 長迫 実*; Harjo S.; et al.

Advanced Materials, 34(27), p.2202305_1 - 2202305_11, 2022/07

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:66.83(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

The demand for biomaterials has been increasing along with the increase in the population of elderly people worldwide. The mechanical properties and high wear resistance of metallic biomaterials makes them well-suited for use as substitutes or as support for damaged hard tissues. However, unless these biomaterials also have a low Young's modulus similar to that of human bones, bone atrophy inevitably occurs. Because a low Young's modulus is typically associated with poor wear resistance, it is difficult to realize a low Young's modulus and high wear resistance simultaneously. Also, the superelastic property of shape memory alloys makes them suitable for biomedical applications, like vascular stents and guide wires. However, due to the low recoverable strain of conventional biocompatible shape memory alloys, the demand for a new alloy system is high. The novel body-center-cubic cobalt-chromium-based alloys in this paper provide a solution to both of these problems. We believe our novel alloys are promising candidates for biomedical applications.


Polymer photonic crystals prepared by triblock copolymerization-induced ${it in situ}$ microphase separation

磯崎 祐嘉*; 東原口 誠也*; 金子 直矢*; 山崎 駿*; 谷口 竜王*; 唐津 孝*; 上田 祐生; 元川 竜平

Chemistry Letters, 51(6), p.625 - 628, 2022/06

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Polymer photonic crystals (PPCs) that selectively reflect visible light were prepared by triblock polymerization-induced ${it in situ}$ microphase separation via reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization. The addition of homopolymer to the polymerization system swelled a specific phase of the microdomains, enabling the preparation of PPCs with long-wavelength structural colors. Small-angle neutron scattering confirmed the increase in the domain spacing of the lamellar microdomains with the addition of homopolymer, while maintaining their morphology.


Urea-introduced ionic liquid for the effective extraction of Pt(IV) and Pd(II) ions

上田 祐生; 江口 綾乃; 徳永 紘平; 菊池 圭*; 杉田 剛; 岡村 浩之; 長縄 弘親

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 61(19), p.6640 - 6649, 2022/05

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Volatilization of B$$_{4}$$C control rods in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors during meltdown; B-Li isotopic signatures in cesium-rich microparticles

笛田 和希*; 高見 龍*; 蓑毛 健太*; 諸岡 和也*; 堀江 憲路*; 竹原 真美*; 山崎 信哉*; 斉藤 拓巳*; 塩津 弘之; 大貫 敏彦*; et al.

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 428, p.128214_1 - 128214_10, 2022/04

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:63(Engineering, Environmental)

Boron carbide control rods remain in the fuel debris of the damaged reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, potentially preventing re-criticality; however, the state and stability of the control rods remain unknown. Sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe analyses have revealed B-Li isotopic signatures in radioactive Cs-rich microparticles (CsMPs) that formed by volatilization and condensation of Si-oxides during the meltdowns. The CsMPs contain 1518-6733 mg kg$$^{-1}$$ of $$^{10+11}$$B and 11.99-1213 mg kg$$^{-1}$$ of Li. The $$^{11}$$B/$$^{10}$$B (4.15-4.21) and $$^{7}$$Li/$$^{6}$$Li (213-406) isotopic ratios are greater than natural abundances ($$sim$$4.05 and $$sim$$12.5, respectively), indicating that $$^{10}$$B(n,$$alpha$$)$$^{7}$$Li reactions occurred in B$$_{4}$$C prior to the meltdowns. The total amount of B released with CsMPs was estimated to be 0.024-62 g, suggesting that essentially all B remains in reactor Units 2 and/or 3 and is enough to prevent re-criticality; however, the heterogeneous distribution of B needs to be considered during decommissioning.



淵田 知希*; 浦田 泰成*; 松山 嗣史*; 村上 昌史; 吉田 幸彦; 植田 昭彦; 町田 昌彦; 佐々木 紀樹; 辻 幸一*

X線分析の進歩,53, p.77 - 87, 2022/03

蛍光X線(XRF: X-ray fluorescence)分析法はX線を試料に照射し、発生した蛍光X線を検出することで試料の元素分析を行う手法である。試料を走査しながら連続的なXRF分析を行うことで、二次元の元素分布像の取得が可能である。本研究では、ベルトコンベア上を連続的に移動する試料に対して、二次元の元素分布像を迅速に取得するためのXRF分析装置を開発した。元素分布像の測定は、X線を広範囲に照射したベルトコンベアを横切る方向に、コリメーターを取り付けた検出器を走査することにより実施し、この方法における試料や検出器の移動方向の空間分解能や検出限界を検証した。また、2種類の金属試料について同時に元素分布像を測定し、開発した装置により多元素同時イメージングが実施できることを実証した。


New design of a sample cell for neutron reflectometry in liquid-liquid systems and its application for studying structures at air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces

阿久津 和宏*; 山田 悟史*; 上田 祐生; 元川 竜平; 成田 弘一*

Applied Sciences (Internet), 12(3), p.1215_1 - 1215_10, 2022/02

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小川 大輝; 濱 友紀*; 浅森 浩一; 上田 匠*

物理探査, 75, p.38 - 55, 2022/00



Effective extraction of Pt(IV) as [PtCl$$_{6}$$]$$^{2-}$$ from hydrochloric acid using a simple urea extractant

上田 祐生; 森貞 真太郎*; 川喜田 英孝*; Wenzel, M.*; Weigand, J. J.*; 大渡 啓介*

Separation and Purification Technology, 277, p.119456_1 - 119456_8, 2021/12

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仁井 啓介*; 井田 義明*; 上田 英貴*; 山口 隆宣*; 株本 裕史; 神谷 潤一郎; 近藤 恭弘; 田村 潤; 原田 寛之; 松井 泰; et al.

Proceedings of 18th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (インターネット), p.334 - 337, 2021/10



Selective extraction of platinum(IV) from the simulated secondary resources using simple secondary amide and urea extractants

上田 祐生; 森貞 真太郎*; 川喜田 英孝*; 大渡 啓介*

Separations (Internet), 8(9), p.139_1 - 139_15, 2021/09

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Benchmark analysis by Beremin model and GTN model in CAF subcommittee

廣田 貴俊*; 名越 康人*; 北条 公伸*; 岡田 裕*; 高橋 昭如*; 勝山 仁哉; 上田 貴志*; 小川 琢矢*; 八代醍 健志*; 大畑 充*; et al.

Proceedings of ASME 2021 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2021) (Internet), 9 Pages, 2021/07

In order to establish a guideline for fracture evaluation by considering plastic constraint in the ductile-brittle transition temperature (DBTT) region, the CAF (Constraint-Based Assessment of Fracture in Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature Region) subcommittee has been launched in 2018 in the Japan Welding Engineering Society. In the committee, fracture tests are conducted using C(T), SE(B), and 50mm-thick flat plate with a surface flaw subjected to bending load or tensile load to verify fracture evaluation methods. Since simulation results are easily affected by analysis conditions, benchmark analysis is essential for the potential users of the guideline. Therefore, benchmark analyses are executed on brittle and ductile damages by Beremin and Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) models implemented in the finite element (FE) codes. The benchmark analyses are carried out in four steps; Step 0 is to confirm the output of FE codes in each member with the same input data and the same FE model. Step 1 is to confirm the result of Weibull stress analysis for C(T) specimens tested at -125$$^{circ}$$C. The Weibull parameter, m, was fixed in this step. At step 2, sensitivity analyses are conducted on Weibull stresses in different conditions. The outputs by the GTN model are also confirmed. At the final step, the fracture simulation will be run for flat plate specimens with less plastic constraint than the standard fracture toughness specimen. As the results of the benchmark analyses up to step 2, a significant difference is not observed in the Weibull stress computed by committee members with the same input data and FE model and it is confirmed that the effects of element type, nonlinear deformation theory employed in FE analysis. For the calculation of the Weibull parameter m by using the fracture toughness test results and the developed programs by committee members, the converged values of m show good agreement among them.


Polarization analysis for small-angle neutron scattering with a $$^{3}$$He spin filter at a pulsed neutron source

奥平 琢也; 上田 祐生; 廣井 孝介; 元川 竜平; 稲村 泰弘; 高田 慎一; 奥 隆之; 鈴木 淳市*; 高橋 慎吾*; 遠藤 仁*; et al.

Journal of Applied Crystallography, 54(2), p.548 - 556, 2021/04

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A Fluorous phosphate for the effective extraction of Ln$$^{III}$$ from nitrate media; Comparison with a conventional organic phosphate

上田 祐生; 菊池 圭*; 徳永 紘平; 杉田 剛; 青柳 登; 田中 万也; 岡村 浩之

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 39(5-6), p.491 - 511, 2021/00

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堀田 拓摩; 浅井 志保*; 今田 未来; 松枝 誠; 半澤 有希子; 北辻 章浩

分析化学, 69(10/11), p.619 - 626, 2020/10

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$$^{90}$$Sr分析の迅速な前処理分離を可能とするため、基材表層部へ吸着層を形成可能な放射線乳化グラフト重合法により、Sr吸着性を示す18-クラウン-6エーテル誘導体を担持したSr分離用吸着繊維を開発した。常温で液体のSr吸着分子を繊維表面に担持させることにより、前報で作製したSr分離材料と比較してSr吸着容量が大幅に向上した。このSr吸着繊維の平衡吸着容量は、同一のSr吸着分子を含浸する市販の粒子状のSr分離材料(Sr Resin)と比較しても遜色なかった。また、Sr吸着分子の本来の金属イオン選択性は維持されていた。この吸着繊維を用いた簡易的な$$^{90}$$Sr分析法を考案し、$$^{90}$$Srの吸着性能を評価したところ、Srの吸着操作から測定までを約1時間で完了することが可能であった。


Emergent spin-1 Haldane gap and ferroelectricity in a frustrated spin-$$frac{1}{2}$$ ladder

上田 宏*; 小野田 繁樹*; 山口 泰弘*; 木村 剛*; 吉澤 大智*; 森岡 俊晶*; 萩原 政幸*; 萩原 雅人*; 左右田 稔*; 益田 隆嗣*; et al.

Physical Review B, 101(14), p.140408_1 - 140408_6, 2020/04

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:16.85(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We report experimental and theoretical evidence that Rb$$_2$$Cu$$_2$$Mo$$_3$$O$$_{12}$$ has a nonmagnetic tetramer ground state of a two-leg ladder comprising antiferromagnetically coupled frustrated spin-$$frac{1}{2}$$ chains and exhibits a Haldane spin gap of emergent spin-1 pairs. Three spin excitations split from the spin-1 triplet by a Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction are identified in inelastic neutron-scattering and electron spin resonance spectra. A tiny magnetic field generates ferroelectricity without closing the spin gap, indicating a unique class of ferroelectricity induced by a vector spin chirality order.

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