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Journal Articles

Retreat from stress; Rattling in a planar coordination

Suekuni, Koichiro*; Lee, C. H.*; Tanaka, Hiromi*; Nishibori, Eiji*; Nakamura, Atsushi*; Kasai, Hidetaka*; Mori, Hitoshi*; Usui, Hidetomo*; Ochi, Masayuki*; Hasegawa, Takumi*; et al.

Advanced Materials, 30(13), p.1706230_1 - 1706230_6, 2018/03

 Times Cited Count:39 Percentile:89.79(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

Thermoelectric materials for highly efficient devices must satisfy conflicting requirements of high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity. In this paper, we studied the crystal structure and phonon dynamics of tetrahedrites (Cu,Zn)$$_{12}$$(Sb,As)$$_{4}$$S$$_{13}$$. The results revealed that the Cu atoms in a planar coordination are rattling, which effectively scatter phonons. These findings provide a new strategy for the development of highly efficient thermoelectric materials with planar coordination.

Journal Articles

Effects of hydrogen peroxide and oxygen on corrosion of stainless steel in high temperature water

Uchida, Shunsuke*; Sato, Tomonori; Morishima, Yusuke*; Hirose, Tatsuya*; Miyazawa, Takahiro*; Kakinuma, Nagao*; Sato, Yoshiyuki*; Usui, Naoshi*; Wada, Yoichi*

Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems-Water Reactors (CD-ROM), p.19 - 29, 2005/00

Static and dynamic responses of stainless steel specimens exposed to H$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$ and O$$_{2}$$ in high temperature water were evaluated by analyzing ECP and FDCI (frequency dependent complex impedance). The oxide films on the specimens were characterized by multilateral surface analyses, e.g., LRS, SIMS, XPS and direct electric resistance measurement. As a result of evaluation, it was confirmed that (1) corrosive condition of BWR normal water chemistry (NWC) was simulated by 100 ppb H$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$ without co-existing O$$_{2}$$, while that of hydrogen water chemistry (HWC) was simulated by 10 ppb H$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$, (2) ECP under HWC was as high as that under NWC, while dissolution rate of oxide film under HWC was much lower than that under NWC, (3) combination effects of electric resistance and dissolution rate of oxide caused same level ECP for both NWC and HWC, and (4) distinct weight loss of the specimen exposed to 100 ppb H$$_{2}$$O$$_{2}$$ was observed.

Oral presentation

The In-situ experiment for performance confirmation of engineered barrier system at Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory; Study on mix design of high-workable low-alkaline plug concrete and thermal stress analysis of plug concrete

Motoshima, Takayuki*; Usui, Tatsuya*; Sakamoto, Atsushi*; Niunoya, Sumio*; Ishida, Tomoko*; Miura, Norihiko*; Nakayama, Masashi; Ono, Hirokazu

no journal, , 

Japan Atomic Energy Agency is conducting the in-situ experiment for verification of performance of engineered barrier system in Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory. The purpose of this paper is reporting the mix design of high-workable low-alkaline plug concrete. This paper also reports the thermal stress analysis of plug concrete and results of in-situ thermal measurements.

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