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Journal Articles

Impact of ferrous iron dosing on iron and phosphorus solids speciation and transformation in a pilot scale membrane bioreactor

Wu, H.*; Wang, Y.*; Ikeda, Atsushi; Miller, C. J.*; Waite, T. D.*

Environmental Science; Water Research & Technology, 5(8), p.1400 - 1411, 2019/08


 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:37.59(Engineering, Environmental)

In this study, the distributions of iron and phosphorus species in a 1.25 m$$^{3}$$ pilot scale submerged membrane bioreactor dosed with Fe(II) salts to either the membrane chamber or the 1st anoxic chamber were determined using X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) at the iron and phosphorus K-edges. Significant differences in the distribution of Fe species were evident at the commencement of dosing depending on the chamber to which Fe(II) was dosed though these differences were much less distinct by the time steady state conditions were achieved. Both the co-precipitation of P with Fe and adsorption of phosphorus to iron oxides play important roles with regard to the removal of phosphorus from the MBR supernatant with the results of this work suggesting that P removal via formation of Fe(III)-phosphate mineral species is preferred if Fe(II) is dosed to the membrane chamber rather than the 1st anoxic chamber.

Journal Articles

Flow-electrode CDI removes the uncharged Ca-UO$$_{2}$$-CO$$_{3}$$ ternary complex from brackish potable groundwater; Complex dissociation, transport, and sorption

Ma, J.*; Zhang, Y.*; Collins, R. N.*; Tsarev, S.*; Aoyagi, Noboru; Kinsela, A. S.*; Jones, A. M.*; Waite, T. D.*

Environmental Science & Technology, 53(5), p.2739 - 2747, 2019/03

 Times Cited Count:24 Percentile:92.53(Engineering, Environmental)

Journal Articles

Uranium binding mechanisms of the acid-tolerant fungus ${{it Coniochaeta fodinicola}}$

V$'a$zquez-Campos, X.*; Kinsela, A. S.*; Collins, R. N.*; Neilan, B. A.*; Aoyagi, Noboru; Waite, T. D.*

Environmental Science & Technology, 49(14), p.8487 - 8496, 2015/07

 Times Cited Count:20 Percentile:63.58(Engineering, Environmental)

The uptake and binding of uranium by a moderately acidophilic fungus, ${{it Coniochaeta fodinicola}}$, recently isolated from a uranium mine site, is examined in this work in order to better understand the potential impact of organisms such as this on uranium sequestration in hydrometallurgical systems. Our results show that the viability of the fungal biomass is critical to their capacity to remove uranium from solution. Indeed, live biomass were capable of removing 16 mg U/g dry weight in contrast with dead biomass which removed 45 mg U/g dry weight after 2 h. Furthermore, the uranium binds with different strength, with a fraction ranging from 20-50 % being easily leachable from the exposed biomass by a 10 min acid washing. Results from X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements show that the strength of uranium binding is strongly influenced by cell viability, with live cells showing a more well-ordered uranium bonding environment, while the distance to carbon or phosphorus second neighbours is similar in all samples. When coupled with laser spectroscopy, the importance of organic acids and phosphates, and polysaccharides, likely released with fungal cell death, appear to be the primary determinants of uranium binding in this system. These results provide an important progression to our understanding with regard to uranium sequestration in hydrometallurgical applications.

Journal Articles

Applications of time-resolved laser fluorescence spectroscopy to the environmental biogeochemistry of actinides

Collins, R. N.*; Saito, Takumi*; Aoyagi, Noboru; Payne, T. E.*; Kimura, Takaumi; Waite, T. D.*

Journal of Environmental Quality, 40(3), p.731 - 741, 2011/05

 Times Cited Count:26 Percentile:59.22(Environmental Sciences)

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