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Journal Articles

Optimization of a slab geometry type cold neutron moderator for RIKEN accelerator-driven compact neutron source

Ma, B.*; Teshigawara, Makoto; Wakabayashi, Yasuo*; Yan, M.*; Hashiguchi, Takao*; Yamagata, Yutaka*; Wang, S.*; Ikeda, Yujiro*; Otake, Yoshie*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 995, p.165079_1 - 165079_7, 2021/04

We have optimized a cold neutron moderator to be operated at the RIKEN accelerator-driven compact neutron source. We selected a safe and easy to manage material, mesitylene, as the RANS cold moderator. An efficient moderator system was designed by studying and optimizing a coupled cold neutron moderator of mesitylene at 20 K with a polyethylene (PE) pre-moderator at room temperature in the slab geometry with Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System (PHITS) simulations. The parameters of mesitylene and PE thickness, the reflector, and the shielding configuration were studied to increase cold neutron intensities. Consequently, an integrated cold neutron intensity of 1.15$$times$$10$$^{3}$$n/cm$$^{2}$$/$$mu$$A at 2 m from the neutron-producing target was finally achieved, which was 12 times higher than that of the current PE moderator. The results showed attractive application prospect of mesitylene as cold neutron moderator material.

Journal Articles

Local magnetic states of the weakly ferromagnetic iron-based superconductor Sr$$_{2}$$VFeAsO$$_{3-delta}$$ studied by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism

Horio, Masafumi*; Takeda, Yukiharu; Namiki, Hiromasa*; Katagiri, Takao*; Wakabayashi, Yuki*; Sakamoto, Shoya*; Nonaka, Yosuke*; Shibata, Goro*; Ikeda, Keisuke*; Saito, Yuji; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87(10), p.105001_1 - 105001_2, 2018/10

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:16.87(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Development and basic study for lesion size measuring system on an endoscopic image

Oka, Kiyoshi; Seki, Takeshi*; Naito, Takehito*; Watanabe, Shinya*; Wakabayashi, Takao*; Naganawa, Akihiro*; Inui, Kazuo*; Yoshino, Junji*

Nihon Gazo Igaku Zasshi, 28(1), p.12 - 24, 2010/05

Focusing on the measurement function loaded on our rigid-typed endoscope for the fetal surgery treatment, we proposed that its combination with a generally used digestive endoscope enabled calibration of lesion size in stomach. While adding the function, with which the target size is to be easily measured, on the endoscope, we simplified the system structure as much as possible. We also tried to minimize the total cost by using the generally used endoscope, instead of making it from scratch. Combining another development, the composite-type optical fiberscope with diameter of 1.1mm, with a generally used endoscope, we proposed the following as the features: (1)acquisition of fiberscope image, (2)laser irradiation for treatments, (3)applying the real time measurement function of distance and blood flow by semiconductor laser to the generally used endoscope. We have operated the clinical study to the gastric wall of person with no health problem, using this system and confirmed it was available for practical use.

Journal Articles

Development of an instrument system for measuring the internal pressure of the small intestine using an ileus tube

Ishikawa, Noriko; Oka, Kiyoshi; Naganawa, Akihiro*; Yoshino, Junji*; Wakabayashi, Takao*; Watanabe, Shinya*; Naito, Takehito*

Nihon Kikai Gakkai Rombunshu, C, 75(756), p.2359 - 2361, 2009/08

Instruments for measuring the internal pressure of digestive organs are used for diagnosing functional diseases, judging how critical the condition is, and deciding the treatment method or determining the degree of alleviation. However, the technique wherein the internal pressure of the small intestine is measured is highly invasive and painful for patients, and the insertion of the catheter via transducers is not preferred because it involves the insertion of an electric instrument in the body. In this study, we developed a system that measures the pressure of the small intestine with an ileus tube, which is generally used for the treatment of ileus. The main feature of our system is that can be used to measure internal pressure without the insertion of electric instruments such as transducers into the body, allowing the assessment of ileus without causing pain to the patient being treated. In this note, we present a brief description of the structure and function of this instrument used to measure the internal pressure of the small intestine.

Oral presentation

Study of small intestine movement by the pressure measurement in a small intestine with using the ileus tube for medical treatments

Narita, Yasuki*; Yoshino, Junji*; Inui, Kazuo*; Wakabayashi, Takao*; Kobayashi, Takashi*; Miyoshi, Hironao*; Kosaka, Toshihito*; Tomomatsu, Yuichiro*; Yamamoto, Satoshi*; Matsuura, Hironao*; et al.

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