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Journal Articles

Generation of particles and fragments by quasicontinuous wave fiber laser irradiation of stainless steel, alumina, and concrete materials

Daido, Hiroyuki*; Yamada, Tomonori; Furukawa, Hiroyuki*; Ito, Chikara; Miyabe, Masabumi; Shibata, Takuya; Hasegawa, Shuichi*

Journal of Laser Applications, 33(1), p.012001_1 -  012001_16, 2021/02

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Gas barrier properties of chemical vapor-deposited graphene to oxygen imparted with sub-electronvolt kinetic energy

Ogawa, Shuichi*; Yamaguchi, Hisato*; Holby, E. F.*; Yamada, Takatoshi*; Yoshigoe, Akitaka; Takakuwa, Yuji*

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (Internet), 11(21), p.9159 - 9164, 2020/11

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:42.52(Chemistry, Physical)

Atomically thin layers of graphene have been proposed to protect surfaces through the direct blocking of corrosion reactants such as oxygen with low added weight. The long term efficacy of such an approach, however, is unclear due to the long-term desired protection of decades and the presence of defects in as-synthesized materials. Here, we demonstrate catalytic permeation of oxygen molecules through previously-described impermeable graphene by imparting sub-eV kinetic energy to molecules. These molecules represent a small fraction of a thermal distribution thus this exposure serves as an accelerated stress test for understanding decades-long exposures. The permeation rate of the energized molecules increased 2 orders of magnitude compared to their non-energized counterpart. Graphene maintained its relative impermeability to non-energized oxygen molecules even after the permeation of energized molecules indicating that the process is non-destructive and a fundamental property of the exposed material.

Journal Articles

Scaling of memories and crossover in glassy magnets

Samarakoon, A. M.*; Takahashi, Mitsuru*; Zhang, D.*; Yang, J.*; Katayama, Naoyuki*; Sinclair, R.*; Zhou, H. D.*; Diallo, S. O.*; Ehlers, G.*; Tennant, D. A.*; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 7(1), p.12053_1 - 12053_8, 2017/09


 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:44.41(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

Journal Articles

Detection of molecular oxygen adsorbate during room-temperature oxidation of Si(100)2$$times$$1 surface; In situ synchrotron radiation photoemission study

Yoshigoe, Akitaka; Yamada, Yoichi*; Taga, Ryo*; Ogawa, Shuichi*; Takakuwa, Yuji*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 55(10), p.100307_1 - 100307_4, 2016/09

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:6.36(Physics, Applied)

Synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy during the oxidation of the Si(100)2$$times$$1 surface at room temperature revealed the existence of the molecularly adsorbed oxygen, which was considered to be absent. The O 1s spectra was found to be similar to that of the oxidation of Si(111)7$$times$$7 surfaces. Also the molecular oxygen was appeared after the initial surface oxides, indicating that this was not a precursor for dissociation oxygen adsorption onto the clean surface. We have proposed presumable structural models for atomic configurations, where the molecular oxygen was resided on the oxidized silicon with two oxygen atoms at the backbonds.

Journal Articles

Valence-band electronic structure evolution of graphene oxide upon thermal annealing for optoelectronics

Yamaguchi, Hisato*; Ogawa, Shuichi*; Watanabe, Daiki*; Hozumi, Hideaki*; Gao, Y.*; Eda, Goki*; Mattevi, C.*; Fujita, Takeshi*; Yoshigoe, Akitaka; Ishizuka, Shinji*; et al.

Physica Status Solidi (A), 213(9), p.2380 - 2386, 2016/09

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:46.1(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We report valence-band electronic structure evolution of graphene oxide (GO) upon its thermal reduction. The degree of oxygen functionalization was controlled by annealing temperature, and an electronic structure evolution was monitored using real-time ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy. We observed a drastic increase in the density of states around the Fermi level upon thermal annealing at $$sim$$ 600$$^{circ}$$C. The result indicates that while there is an apparent bandgap for GO prior to a thermal reduction, the gap closes after an annealing around that temperature. This trend of bandgap closure was correlated with the electrical, chemical, and structural properties to determine a set of GO material properties that is optimal for optoelectronics. The results revealed that annealing at a temperature of 500$$^{circ}$$C leads to the desired properties, demonstrated by a uniform and an order of magnitude enhanced photocurrent map of an individual GO sheet compared to an as-synthesized counterpart.

Journal Articles

Neutron scattering study of spin fluctuations in La$$_{2-x}$$Sr$$_{x}$$CuO$$_{4}$$ by four-dimensional mapping of neutron cross-sections using the 4SEASONS chopper spectrometer

Wakimoto, Shuichi; Ikeuchi, Kazuhiko*; Arai, Masatoshi; Fujita, Masaki*; Kajimoto, Ryoichi; Kawamura, Sho*; Matsuura, Masato*; Nakajima, Kenji; Yamada, Kazuyoshi*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.034013_1 - 034013_6, 2015/09

Journal Articles

Graphene growth and carbon diffusion process during vacuum heating on Cu(111)/Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ substrates

Ogawa, Shuichi*; Yamada, Takatoshi*; Ishizuka, Shinji*; Yoshigoe, Akitaka; Hasegawa, Masataka*; Teraoka, Yuden; Takakuwa, Yuji*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 52(11), p.110122_1 - 110122_8, 2013/11

 Times Cited Count:17 Percentile:63.5(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering study of intraband charge excitations in hole-doped high-$$T_c$$ cuprates

Wakimoto, Shuichi; Ishii, Kenji; Kimura, Hiroyuki*; Ikeuchi, Kazuhiko*; Yoshida, Masahiro*; Adachi, Tadashi*; Casa, D.*; Fujita, Masaki*; Fukunaga, Yasushi*; Gog, T.*; et al.

Physical Review B, 87(10), p.104511_1 - 104511_7, 2013/03

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:44.68(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Vacuum annealing formation of graphene on diamond C(111) surfaces studied by real-time photoelectron spectroscopy

Ogawa, Shuichi*; Yamada, Takatoshi*; Ishizuka, Shinji*; Yoshigoe, Akitaka; Hasegawa, Masataka*; Teraoka, Yuden; Takakuwa, Yuji*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 51(11), p.11PF02_1 - 11PF02_7, 2012/11

 Times Cited Count:23 Percentile:70.04(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Ni-substitution effects on the spin dynamics and superconductivity in La$$_{1.85}$$Sr$$_{0.15}$$CuO$$_{4}$$

Matsuura, Masato*; Fujita, Masaki*; Hiraka, Haruhiro*; Kofu, Maiko*; Kimura, Hiroyuki*; Wakimoto, Shuichi; Perring, T. G.*; Frost, C. D.*; Yamada, Kazuyoshi*

Physical Review B, 86(13), p.134529_1 - 134529_8, 2012/10

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:31.07(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Observation of graphene-on-diamond formation studied by real-time photoelectron spectroscopy

Ogawa, Shuichi*; Yamada, Takatoshi*; Ishizuka, Shinji*; Watanabe, Daiki*; Yoshigoe, Akitaka; Hasegawa, Masataka*; Teraoka, Yuden; Takakuwa, Yuji*

Hyomen Kagaku, 33(8), p.449 - 454, 2012/08

Graphene-on-insulator structures are required for fabrication of the graphene transistor. Diamond has been attracted as the substrate for graphene growth because it has a larger band gap and break down voltage compared with SiC. The detail of graphitization on a diamond surface has not been clarified yet because the nondestructive evaluation for graphene-on-diamond (GOD) structure was hard. In this study, we have developed an evaluation method of GOD based on the photoemission spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation focusing the shift of photoelectron spectra due to band bending. We can clearly determine the graphitization temperature on the diamond C(111) surface as approximately 1120 K, which is lower than that on an SiC substrate. It is also confirmed from C 1s photoelectron spectra, there is the buffer layer at the interface between the grapheme layer and the diamond substrate.

Journal Articles

Research on glass cells for $$^{3}$$He neutron spin filters

Sakaguchi, Yoshifumi; Kira, Hiroshi; Oku, Takayuki; Shinohara, Takenao; Suzuki, Junichi; Sakai, Kenji; Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Suzuya, Kentaro; Aizawa, Kazuya; Arai, Masatoshi; et al.

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 406(12), p.2443 - 2447, 2011/06

Journal Articles

Research on glass cells for $$^{3}$$He neutron spin filters

Sakaguchi, Yoshifumi; Kira, Hiroshi; Oku, Takayuki; Shinohara, Takenao; Suzuki, Junichi; Sakai, Kenji; Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Suzuya, Kentaro; Aizawa, Kazuya; Arai, Masatoshi; et al.

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 406(12), p.2443 - 2447, 2011/06

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:17.85(Physics, Condensed Matter)

Journal Articles

Characterization of glasses for $$^{3}$$He neutron spin filter cells

Sakaguchi, Yoshifumi; Kira, Hiroshi; Oku, Takayuki; Shinohara, Takenao; Suzuki, Junichi; Sakai, Kenji; Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Suzuya, Kentaro; Arai, Masatoshi; Takeda, Masayasu; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 634(1, Suppl.), p.S122 - S125, 2011/04

Journal Articles

The Fermi chopper spectrometer 4SEASONS at J-PARC

Kajimoto, Ryoichi; Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Inamura, Yasuhiro; Mizuno, Fumio; Nakajima, Kenji; Kawamura, Seiko; Yokoo, Tetsuya*; Nakatani, Takeshi; Maruyama, Ryuji; Soyama, Kazuhiko; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 80(Suppl.B), p.SB025_1 - SB025_6, 2011/01

 Times Cited Count:71 Percentile:92.29(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetic field effect on Fe-induced short-range magnetic correlation and electrical conductivity in Bi$$_{1.75}$$Pb$$_{0.35}$$Sr$$_{1.90}$$Cu$$_{0.91}$$Fe$$_{0.09}$$O$$_{6+y}$$

Wakimoto, Shuichi; Hiraka, Haruhiro*; Kudo, Kazutaka*; Okamoto, Daichi*; Nishizaki, Terukazu*; Kakurai, Kazuhisa; Hong, T.*; Zheludev, A.*; Tranquada, J. M.*; Kobayashi, Norio*; et al.

Physical Review B, 82(6), p.064507_1 - 064507_7, 2010/08

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:36.48(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

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Journal Articles

Incommensurate spin correlations induced by magnetic Fe ions substituted into overdoped Bi$$_{1.75}$$Pb$$_{0.35}$$Sr$$_{1.90}$$CuO$$_{6+z}$$

Hiraka, Haruhiro*; Hayashi, Yoichiro*; Wakimoto, Shuichi; Takeda, Masayasu; Kakurai, Kazuhisa; Adachi, Tadashi*; Koike, Yoji*; Yamada, Ikuya*; Miyazaki, Masanori*; Hiraishi, Masatoshi*; et al.

Physical Review B, 81(14), p.144501_1 - 144501_6, 2010/04

 Times Cited Count:15 Percentile:57.93(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Fe-doping effects on magnetism in hole-type superconductors of (Bi,Pb)$$_{2}$$Sr$$_{2}$$CuO$$_{6}$$

Hiraka, Haruhiro*; Wakimoto, Shuichi; Takeda, Masayasu; Kakurai, Kazuhisa; Matsumura, Daiju; Nishihata, Yasuo; Mizuki, Junichiro; Yamada, Kazuyoshi*

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 200, p.012059_1 - 012059_4, 2010/02

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.04

We studied Fe-dopant effects on spin correlations in Bi$$_{1.75}$$Pb$$_{0.35}$$Sr$$_{1.90}$$CuO$$_{6+delta'}$$. Magnetic neutron elastic scattering, which is absent in a pristine sample, has been observed at incommensurate positions with an incommensurability of $$delta$$$$sim$$0.2. Surprisingly, this anomalously large $$delta$$ follows a linear relation $$delta$$$$sim$$$$p$$ even in the overdoped region, unlike for La$$_{2-x}$$Sr$$_{x}$$CuO$$_{4}$$. We discuss this specific feature observed in the overdoped phase from a dynamical stripe viewpoint.

Journal Articles

Crossover from coherent quasiparticles to incoherent hole carriers in underdoped cuprates

Hashimoto, Makoto*; Yoshida, Teppei*; Tanaka, Kiyohisa*; Fujimori, Atsushi*; Okusawa, Makoto*; Wakimoto, Shuichi; Yamada, Kazuyoshi*; Kakeshita, Teruhisa*; Eisaki, Hiroshi*; Uchida, Shinichi*

Physical Review B, 79(14), p.140502_1 - 140502_4, 2009/04

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:52.72(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Charge excitations in the stripe-ordered La$$_{5/3}$$Sr$$_{1/3}$$NiO$$_{4}$$ and La$$_{2-x}$$(Ba,Sr)$$_{x}$$CuO$$_{4}$$ superconducting compounds

Wakimoto, Shuichi; Kimura, Hiroyuki*; Ishii, Kenji; Ikeuchi, Kazuhiko; Adachi, Tadashi*; Fujita, Masaki*; Kakurai, Kazuhisa; Koike, Yoji*; Mizuki, Junichiro; Noda, Yukio*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 102(15), p.157001_1 - 157001_4, 2009/04

 Times Cited Count:24 Percentile:76.17(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

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