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The Surface composition of asteroid 162173 Ryugu from Hayabusa2 near-infrared spectroscopy

北里 宏平*; Milliken, R. E.*; 岩田 隆浩*; 安部 正真*; 大竹 真紀子*; 松浦 周二*; 荒井 武彦*; 仲内 悠祐*; 中村 智樹*; 松岡 萌*; et al.

Science, 364(6437), p.272 - 275, 2019/04

 被引用回数:140 パーセンタイル:99.81(Multidisciplinary Sciences)



Determination of fusion barrier distributions from quasielastic scattering cross sections towards superheavy nuclei synthesis

田中 泰貴*; 成清 義博*; 森田 浩介*; 藤田 訓裕*; 加治 大哉*; 森本 幸司*; 山木 さやか*; 若林 泰生*; 田中 謙伍*; 武山 美麗*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87(1), p.014201_1 - 014201_9, 2018/01

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:72.43(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

ガス充填型反跳生成核分離装置GARISを用いて$$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{208}$$Pb, $$^{50}$$Ti + $$^{208}$$Pb, $$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{248}$$Cm反応系における準弾性散乱断面積の励起関数を測定した。これらのデータから融合障壁分布を導出し、チャンネル結合計算と比較した。$$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{208}$$Pb及び$$^{50}$$Ti + $$^{208}$$Pb反応の障壁分布のピークエネルギーはそれらの反応系における2中性子蒸発断面積のピークエネルギーと良く一致し、一方$$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{248}$$Cm反応の障壁分布のピークエネルギーは4中性子蒸発断面積のピークエネルギーより少し下に現れることが判った。この結果は超重核合成の際の最適ビームエネルギーの予測に役立つ情報を与える。


Establishment of a Laboratory for $$gamma$$-ray Spectrometry of Environmental Samples Collected in Fukushima

三枝 純; 依田 朋之; 前田 智史; 岡崎 勤; 大谷 周一; 山口 敏夫; 栗田 義幸; 波澄 篤; 米澤 仲四郎*; 武石 稔

Proceedings of 14th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA-14), Vol.3 (Internet), p.1078 - 1085, 2017/11

2011年3月の福島第一原子力発電所の事故後、原子力機構は新たに放射能分析施設を福島に立ち上げた。分析施設では高分解能$$gamma$$線スペクトロメトリに基づき、土壌や水、ダストフィルタ、植物といった環境試料の放射能分析を月当たり約1,000件のペースで行っている。2012年9月の施設立上げ以来、分析結果の信頼性や、分析依頼者及び機器オペレータの利便性向上を目指した技術開発を実施し、制度的・技術的な課題を継続的に改善することで、ISO/IEC 17025規格に適合する試験所としての認定を得た。


Hierarchically self-organized dissipative structures of filler particles in poly(styrene-$$ran$$-butadiene) rubbers

山口 大輔; 湯浅 毅*; 曽根 卓男*; 冨永 哲雄*; 能田 洋平*; 小泉 智*; 橋本 竹治*

Macromolecules, 50(19), p.7739 - 7759, 2017/10

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:38.76(Polymer Science)



Contrast variation by dynamic nuclear polarization and time-of-flight small-angle neutron scattering, 1; Application to industrial multi-component nanocomposites

能田 洋平*; 小泉 智*; 増井 友美*; 間下 亮*; 岸本 浩通*; 山口 大輔; 熊田 高之; 高田 慎一; 大石 一城*; 鈴木 淳市*

Journal of Applied Crystallography, 49(6), p.2036 - 2045, 2016/12

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:75.37(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

We have reported the first attempt with dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) and contrast variation small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) experiments on model mixtures for industrial tyres conducted at the MLF of J-PARC. We performed time-of-flight SANS (TOF-SANS) experiments, employing neutrons with a wide range, which causes imperfect neutron polarization and variations in the coherent and incoherent scattering lengths. By carefully eliminating the effect of imperfect neutron polarization, separation of the partial scattering functions was successfully demonstrated for the ternary system styrene-butadiene-rubber/silica/carbon.


Molecular gyrotops with a five-membered heteroaromatic ring; Synthesis, temperature-dependent orientation of dipolar rotors inside the crystal, and its birefringence change

増田 敏幸*; Arase, Junko*; 稲垣 佑亮*; 川幡 正俊*; 山口 健太郎*; 大原 高志; 中尾 朗子*; 門馬 洋行*; Kwon, E.*; 瀬高 渉*

Crystal Growth & Design, 16(8), p.4392 - 4401, 2016/08

 被引用回数:24 パーセンタイル:90.91(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

Three-dimensional arrays of dipolar rotors were constructed as single crystals of molecular gyrotops, which are macrocage molecules with a bridged dipolar rotor. In this study, we synthesized novel molecular gyrotops with a five-membered heteroring, i.e., furan-diyl, thiophenediyl, and selenophene-diyl, and investigated the temperature-dependent orientation and rotation of the dipolar rotors inside the crystal.


Imidazolium-based anion exchange membranes for alkaline anion fuel cells; Elucidation of the morphology and the interplay between the morphology and properties

Zhao, Y.; 吉村 公男; 猪谷 秀幸*; 山口 進*; 田中 裕久*; 小泉 智*; Szekely, N.*; Radulescu, A.*; Richter, D.*; 前川 康成

Soft Matter, 12(5), p.1567 - 1578, 2016/02

 被引用回数:23 パーセンタイル:82.25(Chemistry, Physical)

We investigated the interplay between morphology and properties of a new graft-type of anion exchange membranes (AEMs) containing 2-methylimidazolium groups by using contrast variation small angle neutron scattering (SANS) technique. These AEMs prepared by radiation-induced grafting of 2-methyl-1-vinylimidazole and styrene into poly(ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene) (ETFE) films, possessed both high alkaline durability and high conductivity. The SANS measurement reveals that these membranes are consisted of three phases: crystalline lamellar and crystallite domains originating from the pristine ETFE, which offer good mechanical properties, hydrophobic amorphous domains, which offer a matrix to create conducting regions, and interconnected hydrated domains, which are composed of the entire graft chains and water and play a key role to promote the conductivity.


Monitoring of positron using high-energy gamma camera for proton therapy

山本 誠一*; 歳藤 利行*; 小森 雅孝*; 森下 祐樹*; 奥村 聡*; 山口 充孝; 齋藤 勇一; 河地 有木; 藤巻 秀

Annals of Nuclear Medicine, 29(3), p.268 - 275, 2015/04

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:57.86(Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging)

In proton therapy, imaging of proton-induced positrons is a useful method to monitor the proton beam distribution after therapy. We developed a small field-of-view gamma camera for high-energy gamma photons and used it for monitoring the proton-induced positron distribution. The gamma camera used 0.85 mm $$times$$ 0.85 mm $$times$$ 10 mm GAGG pixels arranged in 20 $$times$$ 20 matrix to form a scintillator block, which was optically coupled to a 1-inch-square position-sensitive photomultiplier tube. The GAGG detector was encased in a 20-mm-thick container and a pinhole collimator was mounted on its front. The gamma camera had spatial resolution of approximately 6.7 cm and sensitivity of 3.2 $$times$$ 10$$^{-7}$$ at 1.2 m from the collimator surface. The gamma camera was set 1 m from the 35 cm $$times$$ 35 cm $$times$$ 5 cm plastic phantom in the proton therapy treatment room, and proton beams were irradiated to the phantom with two proton energies. For both proton energies, positron distribution in the phantom could be imaged by the gamma camera with 10-min acquisition. The lengths of the range of protons measured from the images were almost identical to the calculation. These results indicate that the developed high-energy gamma camera is useful for imaging positron distributions in proton therapy.


Metabolic alterations in leaves of oxalate-rich plant ${it Rumex obtusifolius}$ L. irradiated by $$gamma$$ rays

北野 沙也佳*; 宮城 敦子*; 大野 豊; 長谷 純宏; 鳴海 一成*; 山口 雅利*; 内宮 博文*; 川合 真紀*

Metabolomics, 11(1), p.134 - 142, 2015/02

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:32.49(Endocrinology & Metabolism)

We investigated on the metabolic effectiveness of $$gamma$$ ray irradiation to seeds of ${it Rumex obtusifolius}$, which are known to accumulate high level of soluble oxalate, to lower oxalate accumulation in leaves. Reduced rate of germination, discoloration of cotyledons, and deformed true leaves were observed by elevated irradiation. Metabolome analysis of primary metabolites using capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry showed a decrease in oxalate contents in the leaves of plants from $$gamma$$ ray-irradiated seeds. Moreover, organic acids such as malate and 2-oxoglutarate also decreased, whereas amino acids such as glutamate and glutamine increased. These results indicated that seed irradiation by $$gamma$$ rays leads to dynamic changes in metabolic pathways as well as plant growth/development.


Hierarchical structure in microbial cellulose; What happens during the drying process

Zhao, Y.; 小泉 智; 山口 大輔; 近藤 哲男*

European Physical Journal E, 37(12), p.129_1 - 129_12, 2014/12

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:36.01(Chemistry, Physical)

We present a time-resolved investigation of the natural drying process of microbial cellulose (MC) by means of simultaneous small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), intermediate-angle neutron scattering (IANS) and weighing techniques. SANS was used to elucidate the microscopic structure of the MC sample. The coherent scattering length density of the water penetrating amorphous domains varied with time during the drying process to give a tunable scattering contrast to the water-resistant cellulose crystallites, thus the contrast variation was automatically performed by simply drying.


Development of level-1 PSA method applicable to Japan Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor

栗坂 健一; 堺 公明; 山野 秀将; 藤田 聡*; 皆川 佳祐*; 山口 彰*; 高田 孝*

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 269, p.268 - 280, 2014/04

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:43.74(Nuclear Science & Technology)




住谷 秀一; 渡辺 均; 宮河 直人; 中野 政尚; 藤田 博喜; 河野 恭彦; 井上 和美; 吉井 秀樹; 大谷 和義*; 檜山 佳典*; et al.

JAEA-Review 2013-041, 115 Pages, 2014/01




Deposition of hydroxyapatite on SiC nanotubes in simulated body fluid

田口 富嗣; 宮崎 敏樹*; 飯久保 智*; 山口 憲司

Materials Science & Engineering C, 34, p.29 - 34, 2014/01

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:20.1(Materials Science, Biomaterials)



Optimization of substrate pretreatment and deposition conditions for epitaxial growth of $$beta$$-FeSi$$_2$$ film on Si(100)

山口 憲司; 濱本 悟*; 北條 喜一

Physica Status Solidi (C), 10(12), p.1699 - 1703, 2013/12

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02




皆川 佳祐*; 藤田 聡*; 山口 彰*; 高田 孝*; 栗坂 健一

日本機械学会論文集,C, 79(804), p.2684 - 2693, 2013/08

Seismic isolation is one of effective and widespread technology that can reduce response acceleration of superstructure. The most popular isolation device is laminated rubber bearing. In general it has linear stiffness against seismic load in the design deformation range. However it has nonlinear stiffness in case of large deformation. That is a hardening property in horizontal direction and a softening property in vertical direction. In the meantime, application of probabilistic safety assessment to seismic evaluation is attracting attention in order to improve seismic resistant reliability. In seismic PSA, accurate numerical simulation is required for not only normal earthquakes but also huge earthquakes that have low occurrence frequency. Therefore to express above-mentioned nonlinearity of rubber bearings is required. Thus this paper describes nonlinear simulation of a seismic isolated structure. Both the hardening characteristics of horizontal direction and the softening characteristics of vertical direction are expressed by multilinear models. Additionally the analysis model of horizontal direction considers a habituation effect of rubber. Response of nonlinear simulation is compared with linear simulation. As a result, it was confirmed that nonlinearity of rubber bearings debases the isolation performance.


Nanoscale structures of radiation-grafted polymer electrolyte membranes investigated via a small-angle neutron scattering technique

澤田 真一; 山口 大輔; Putra, A.; 小泉 智*; 前川 康成

Polymer Journal, 45(8), p.797 - 801, 2013/08

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:26.96(Polymer Science)



Seismic response analysis of isolation system considering coupling effect between horizontal and vertical deformation of rubber bearings

皆川 佳祐*; 藤田 聡*; 山口 彰*; 高田 孝*; 栗坂 健一

Transactions of 22nd International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT-22) (CD-ROM), 9 Pages, 2013/08



Development of multi-purpose MW gyrotrons for fusion devices

南 龍太郎*; 假家 強*; 今井 剛*; 沼倉 友晴*; 遠藤 洋一*; 中林 英隆*; 江口 濯*; 下妻 隆*; 久保 伸*; 吉村 泰夫*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 53(6), p.063003_1 - 063003_7, 2013/06

The latest development achievements in University of Tsukuba of over-1 MW power level gyrotrons required in the present-day fusion devices, GAMMA 10, LHD, QUEST, Heliotron J and NSTX are presented. The obtained maximum outputs are 1.9 MW for 0.1 s on the 77 GHz LHD tube and 1.2 MW for 1 ms on the 28 GHz GAMMA 10 one, which are new records in these frequency ranges. In long pulse operation, 0.3 MW for 40 min at 77 GHz and 0.54 MW for 2 s at 28 GHz were achieved. A new program of 154 GHz 1 MW development has started for high density plasma heating in LHD. On the first 154 GHz tube, 1.0 MW for 1 s was achieved. As a next activity of 28 GHz gyrotron, we have already carried out the development of over-1.5 MW gyrotron and design study of the 28 GHz cavity and mode converter has shown the possibility of 2 MW level output and CW operation with several hundred kW. Besides, a new design study of dual frequency gyrotron at 28 GHz and 35 GHz has been started, which indicates the practicability of the multi-purpose gyrotron.


Development of multi-purpose MW gyrotrons for fusion devices

南 龍太郎*; 假家 強*; 今井 剛*; 沼倉 友晴*; 遠藤 洋一*; 中林 英隆*; 江口 濯*; 下妻 隆*; 久保 伸*; 吉村 泰夫*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 53(6), p.063003_1 - 063003_7, 2013/06

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:54.31(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

The latest development achievements in the University of Tsukuba of over-1 MW power level gyrotrons required in present-day fusion devices, GAMMA 10, Large Helical Device (LHD), QUEST, Heliotron J and NSTX, are presented. The obtained maximum outputs are 1.9 MW for 0.1 s on the 77 GHz LHD tube and 1.2 MW for 1ms on the 28 GHz GAMMA10 one, which are new records in these frequency ranges. In long-pulse operation, 0.3 MW for 40 min at 77 GHz and 0.54 MW for 2 s at 28 GHz are achieved. A new programme of 154 GHz 1 MW development has started for high-density plasma heating in LHD. On the first 154 GHz tube, 1.0 MW for 1 s is achieved. As a next activity of the 28 GHz gyrotron, an over-1.5 MW gyrotron is designed and fabricated to study the multi-MW oscillation. The possibility of 0.4 MW continuous wave and 2 MW level output in operations of a few seconds, after the improvements of output window and mode converter, is shown. Moreover, a new design study of dual-frequency gyrotron at 28 and 35 GHz has started, which indicates the practicability of the multi-purpose gyrotron.


Corrosion resistance of structural materials in high-temperature aqueous sulfuric acids in thermochemical water-splitting iodine-sulfur process

久保 真治; 二川 正敏; 井岡 郁夫; 小貫 薫; 山口 明久*

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38(16), p.6577 - 6585, 2013/05

 被引用回数:18 パーセンタイル:45.19(Chemistry, Physical)

熱化学法水素製造法ISプロセスに用いる硫酸濃縮器や硫酸蒸発器用の構造材料は高温かつ極めて腐食性の強い環境に曝される。そこで、材料腐食試験により、セラミックス材及び耐酸金属材の耐食性を評価した。腐食環境は、温度320, 380, 460$$^{circ}$$C、圧力2MPa、濃度75, 85, 95wt%の高温液相硫酸環境とした。供試材料の重量変化から、SiC, Si-SiC, Si$$_{3}$$N$$_{4}$$)の良好な耐食性("よく耐える"と格付け)を示した。高シリコン鉄(シリコン含有20%)の耐食性は"やや耐える"であったが、断面顕微鏡観察でクラックの生成が認められた。シリコン添加耐酸鋼は激しく腐食し、腐食速度は1gm$$^{-2}$$h$$^{-2}$$であった。これら腐食試験から、硫酸濃縮器や硫酸蒸発器用の構造材料にはシリコンを含有したセラミックス(SiC, Si-SiC, Si$$_{3}$$N$$_{4}$$)が適切であることを明らかにした。

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