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Non-reciprocal pumping of surface acoustic waves by spin wave resonance

山本 慧; Yu, W.*; Yu, T.*; Puebla, J.*; Xu, M.*; 前川 禎通*; Bauer, G.*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 89(11), p.113702_1 - 113702_5, 2020/11

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:66.85(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

We predict that surface acoustic waves are generated preferentially in one direction in a heterostructure of a thin magnetic film on a non-magnetic substrate. The non-reciprocity arises from magneto-elastic coupling and magneto-rotation coupling, the former being dominant for YIG/GGG heterostructures. For YIG films thinner than about 100 nm, the surface acoustic wave amplitude is nearly unidirectional at certain angles of the in-plane equilibrium magnetisation. We compute the full magnetic field dependence of the effect for a selected device.


Experimental realization of a passive Gigahertz frequency-division demultiplexer for magnonic logic networks

Heussner, F.*; Talmelli, G.*; Geilen, M.*; Heinz, B.*; Br$"a$cher, T.*; Meyer, T.*; Ciubotaru, F.*; Adelmann, C.*; 山本 慧; Serga, A. A.*; et al.

Physica Status Solidi; Rapid Research Letters, 14(4), p.1900695_1 - 1900695_6, 2020/04

 被引用回数:28 パーセンタイル:88.84(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

The emerging field of magnonics employs spin waves and their quanta, magnons, to implement wave-based computing on the micro- and nanoscales. Multi-frequency magnon networks would allow for parallel data processing within single logic elements whereas this is not the case with conventional transistor-based electric logic. However, a lack of experimental proven solutions to efficiently combine and separate magnons of different frequencies has impeded the intensive use of this concept. In this Letter, the experimental realization of a spin-wave demultiplexer enabling frequency-dependent separation of magnetic signals in the GHz range is demonstrated. The device is based on two-dimensional magnon transport in the form of spin-wave beams in unpatterned magnetic films. The intrinsic frequency-dependence of the beam direction is exploited to realize a passive functioning obviating an external control and additional power consumption. This approach paves the way to magnonic multiplexing circuits enabling simultaneous information transport and processing.


The $$f$$-electron state of the heavy fermion superconductor NpPd$$_5$$Al$$_2$$ and the isostructural family

目時 直人; Aczel, A. A.*; 青木 大*; Chi, S.*; Fernandez-Baca, J. A.*; Griveau, J.-C.*; 萩原 雅人*; Hong, T.*; 芳賀 芳範; 池内 和彦*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 30, p.011123_1 - 011123_6, 2020/03



Observation of momentum-dependent charge excitations in hole-doped cuprates using resonant inelastic X-ray scattering at the oxygen $$K$$ edge

石井 賢司*; 遠山 貴巳*; 浅野 駿*; 佐藤 研太朗*; 藤田 全基*; 脇本 秀一; 筒井 健二*; 曽田 繁利*; 宮脇 淳*; 丹羽 秀治*; et al.

Physical Review B, 96(11), p.115148_1 - 115148_8, 2017/09


 被引用回数:28 パーセンタイル:76.98(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We investigate electronic excitations in La$$_{2-x}$$(Br,Sr)$$_x$$CuO$$_4$$ using resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) at the oxygen $$K$$ edge. We observed momentum-dependent spectral weight below 1 eV, which is consistent with theoretical calculation of the dynamical charge structure factor on oxygen orbitals in a three-band Hubbard model. Our results confirm that the momentum-dependent charge excitations exist on the order of the transfer energy ($$t$$), and the broad spectral line shape indicates damped and incoherent character of the charge excitations at the energy range in the doped Mott insulators.


Observation of spin-dependent charge symmetry breaking in $$Lambda N$$ interaction; $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of $$^4_{Lambda}$$He

山本 剛史*; 長谷川 勝一; 早川 修平; 細見 健二; Hwang, S.; 市川 裕大; 今井 憲一; 金原 慎二; 中田 祥之; 佐甲 博之; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 115(22), p.222501_1 - 222501_5, 2015/11


 被引用回数:65 パーセンタイル:92.91(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The energy spacing between the spin-doublet bound state of $$^4_{Lambda}$$He$$(1^+,0^+)$$ was determined to be $$1406 pm 2 pm 2$$ keV, by measuring $$gamma$$ rays for the $$1^+ to 0^+$$ transition with a high efficiency germanium detector array in coincidence with the $$^4{rm He}(K^-,pi^-)^4_{Lambda}$$He reaction at J-PARC. In comparison to the corresponding energy spacing in the mirror hypernucleus $$^4_{Lambda}$$H, the present result clearly indicates the existence of charge symmetry breaking (CSB) in $$Lambda N$$ interaction. By combining the energy spacings with the known ground-state binding energies, it is also found that the CSB effect is large in the $$0^+$$ ground state but is vanishingly small in the $$1^+$$ excited state, demonstrating that the $$Lambda N$$ CSB interaction has spin dependence.


Study of $$Lambda N$$ interaction via the $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of $$^4_{Lambda}$$He and $$^{19}_{Lambda}$$F (E13-1st)

山本 剛史*; 江川 弘行; 長谷川 勝一; 早川 修平; 細見 健二; 市川 裕大; 今井 憲一; 佐甲 博之; 佐藤 進; 杉村 仁志; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.021017_1 - 021017_6, 2015/09

A $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy experiment via the $$(K^-, pi^-)$$ reaction (J-PARC E13-1st) will be performed at the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility using a newly developed Ge detector array, Hyperball-J. Spin-dependent $$Lambda N$$ interactions will be studied through the precise measurement of the structure of hypernuclei, $$^4_{Lambda}$$He and $$^{19}_{Lambda}$$F. In May 2013, commissioning of whole detector system was carried out and calibration data were taken. In particular, production cross sections of $$Sigma^+$$ and $$^{12}_{Lambda}$$C via the $$(K^-, pi^-)$$ reaction on the CH$$_2$$ target for $$p_K = 1.5$$ and 1.8 GeV/$$c$$ were obtained.


Progress with DC photoemission electron sources

Dunham, B.*; Benson, S.*; Hernandez-Garcia, C.*; Suleiman, R.*; 西森 信行; Rao, T.*; 山本 将博*

Proceedings of 50th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL '11) (Internet), p.10 - 29, 2011/10

This paper summarizes the recent progress made with DC photoemission electron sources for high average power energy recovery linac-based light sources (ERL) and free electron lasers (FEL). The progress during the past two years is discussed along with the remaining technical challenges for producing reliable, high-brightness, high average-power electron injectors.


Does Gd@C$$_{82}$$ have an anomalous endohedral structure? Synthesis and single crystal X-ray structure of the carbene adduct

赤阪 健*; 河野 孝佳*; 竹松 裕司*; 二川 秀史*; 仲程 司*; 若原 孝次*; 石塚 みどり*; 土屋 敬広*; 前田 優*; Liu, M. T. H.*; et al.

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130(39), p.12840 - 12841, 2008/10

 被引用回数:75 パーセンタイル:84.27(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

Gd@C$$_{82}$$のcarbene付加体(Gd@C$$_{82}$$(ad), Ad=adamantylidene)の単結晶を用いたX線結晶構造解析について報告する。Gd@C$$_{82}$$(ad)におけるGd原子は、C2v-C$$_{82}$$フラーレンケージの中心から六員環方向に接近した場所に位置しており、この位置はM@C$$_{82}$$(M=Sc and La)やLa@C$$_{82}$$(Ad)で確認されている金属原子の位置とほぼ等しいことがわかった。理論計算の結果からも、X線結晶構造解析の結果を支持する結果が得られた。


New method to measure the rise time of a fast pulse slicer for laser ion acceleration research

森 道昭; 余語 覚文; 桐山 博光; 西内 満美子; 小倉 浩一; 織茂 聡; Ma, J.*; 匂坂 明人; 金沢 修平; 近藤 修司; et al.

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 36(4), p.1872 - 1877, 2008/08

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:29.01(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



The H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB); A Comprehensive annotation resource for human genes and transcripts

山崎 千里*; 村上 勝彦*; 藤井 康之*; 佐藤 慶治*; 原田 えりみ*; 武田 淳一*; 谷家 貴之*; 坂手 龍一*; 喜久川 真吾*; 嶋田 誠*; et al.

Nucleic Acids Research, 36(Database), p.D793 - D799, 2008/01

 被引用回数:51 パーセンタイル:71.93(Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)



Simultaneous proton and X-ray imaging with femtosecond intense laser driven plasma source

織茂 聡; 西内 満美子; 大道 博行; 余語 覚文; 小倉 浩一; 匂坂 明人; Li, Z.*; Pirozhkov, A. S.; 森 道昭; 桐山 博光; et al.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1, 46(9A), p.5853 - 5858, 2007/09

 被引用回数:16 パーセンタイル:53.63(Physics, Applied)



Development of laser driven proton sources and their applications

大道 博行; 匂坂 明人; 小倉 浩一; 織茂 聡; 西内 満美子; 森 道昭; Ma, J.-L.; Pirozhkov, A. S.; 桐山 博光; 金沢 修平; et al.

Proceedings of 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-PR 2007) (CD-ROM), p.77 - 79, 2007/00



Long-term simulation of ambient groundwater chemistry at Horonobe underground research laboratory, Japan; Application of coupled hydro-geochemical model

山本 肇*; 國丸 貴紀; 操上 広志; 下茂 道人*; Xu, T.*

Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Coupled T-H-M-C Processes in Geo-systems; Fundamentals, Modeling, Experiments and Applications (GeoProc 2006), p.382 - 387, 2006/05



Combination of boron and gadolinium compounds for neutron capture therapy; An $$in Vitro$$ study

松村 明*; Zhang, T.*; 中井 啓*; 遠藤 聖*; 熊田 博明; 山本 哲哉*; 吉田 文代*; 櫻井 良憲*; 山本 和喜; 能勢 忠男*

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research, 24(1), p.93 - 98, 2005/03

中性子捕捉療法においては、ホウ素化合物による治療効果はアルファ粒子によるものであるのに対し、ガドリニウム化合物はGd(n,$$gamma$$)反応による$$gamma$$線量の効果である。また、これらの化合物は腫瘍内への取り込み特性も異なっている。2つの化合物を混合したときの効果を調べるため、チャイニーズ・ハムスターのV79細胞を用いて、10B(BSH)を0, 5, 10, 15ppmと、ガドリニウム(Gd-BOPTA)を800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800ppmの組合せで取り込ませ、熱中性子ビームによる照射を行い細胞生存率を評価した。その結果、ホウ素化合物とガドリニウム化合物を最適な濃度割合で混合することによって治療効果を増強することができることが明らかとなった。ガドリニウム濃度が高すぎる場合、Gdの断面積が大きいために、ホウ素の中性子捕獲効果を減衰させてしまうと考えられる。


Steady state high $$beta_{rm N}$$ discharges and real-time control of current profile in JT-60U

鈴木 隆博; 諫山 明彦; 坂本 宜照; 井手 俊介; 藤田 隆明; 竹永 秀信; Luce, T. C.*; Wade, M. R.*; 及川 聡洋; 内藤 磨; et al.

Proceedings of 20th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2004) (CD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2004/11



Progress in physics and technology developments for the modification of JT-60

玉井 広史; 松川 誠; 栗田 源一; 林 伸彦; 浦田 一宏*; 三浦 友史; 木津 要; 土屋 勝彦; 森岡 篤彦; 工藤 祐介; et al.

Plasma Science and Technology, 6(1), p.2141 - 2150, 2004/02

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:6.54(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



Objectives and design of the JT-60 superconducting tokamak

石田 真一; 阿部 勝憲*; 安藤 晃*; Chujo, T.*; 藤井 常幸; 藤田 隆明; 後藤 誠一*; 花田 和明*; 畑山 明聖*; 日野 友明*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 43(7), p.606 - 613, 2003/07



Objectives and design of the JT-60 superconducting tokamak

石田 真一; 阿部 勝憲*; 安藤 晃*; Cho, T.*; 藤井 常幸; 藤田 隆明; 後藤 誠一*; 花田 和明*; 畑山 明聖*; 日野 友明*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 43(7), p.606 - 613, 2003/07

 被引用回数:33 パーセンタイル:69.75(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



Intraoperative boron neutron capture therapy using thermal/epithermal mixed beam

松村 明*; 山本 哲哉*; 柴田 靖*; 中井 敬*; Zhang, T.*; 松下 明*; 高野 晋吾*; 遠藤 聖*; 阿久津 博義*; 山本 和喜; et al.

Research and Development in Neutron Capture Therapy, p.1073 - 1078, 2002/09



Failure pattern in the patients who underwent intraoperative boron neutron capture therapy (IOBNCT)

中井 敬*; 松村 明*; 山本 哲哉*; 柴田 靖*; Zhang, T.*; 阿久津 博義*; 松田 真秀*; 松下 明*; 安田 貢*; 高野 晋吾*; et al.

Research and Development in Neutron Capture Therapy, p.1135 - 1138, 2002/09


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