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Journal Articles

Temporal change in radiological environments on land after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident

Saito, Kimiaki; Mikami, Satoshi; Ando, Masaki; Matsuda, Norihiro; Kinase, Sakae; Tsuda, Shuichi; Sato, Tetsuro*; Seki, Akiyuki; Sanada, Yukihisa; Wainwright-Murakami, Haruko*; et al.

Journal of Radiation Protection and Research, 44(4), p.128 - 148, 2019/12

JAEA Reports

Survey results for the transition of the air dose rate after the Cabinet Office decontamination model demonstration project; 1st-11th survey results summary (Contract research)

Kawase, Keiichi; Kitano, Mitsuaki; Watanabe, Masanori; Yoshimura, Shuichi; Kikuchi, Shiro; Nishino, Katsumi*

JAEA-Review 2017-006, 173 Pages, 2017/03


Survey of a transition of the air and surface dose rate was conducted for the area where the Cabinet Office decontamination model demonstration project was implemented. The area includes 15 districts in 9 municipalities identified by the Ministry of the Environment. We investigated 11 times from October, 2012 to October, 2015. Measurement of the air dose rate in this study was carried out in two methods using the fixed-point measurement and gamma plotter H using a NaI scintillation survey meter etc. As fixed-point measurement, set measurement point in the first survey for (fixed point), it was subjected to measurement of the surface dose rate to continue (1cm height) and space dose rate (1m height). In addition surface specific dose rate distribution measurement using a gamma plotter H (5cm and 1m height) was also performed together. As a result of the fixed-point measurement and gamma plotter H surface measurements, space dose rate from the first survey to the 11th survey shows the downward trend. We consider that there is no movement of radioactive pollutants from outside decontamination model project area into decontamination model project area.

Journal Articles

Software development of MT3-D for site investigation, 6; Audio frequency MT3-D inversion study in Horonobe, Hokkaido

Yoshimura, Kimitaka*; Sakashita, Susumu*; Okubo, Shuichi*; Yamane, Kazunobu*; Seya, Masami

Shadan Hojin Butsuri Tansa Gakkai Dai-115-Kai (Heisei-18-Nendo Shuki) Gakujutsu Koenkai Rombunshu, p.209 - 212, 2006/10

3D MT inversion development has been conducted to solve issues in electromagnetic exploration in the radioactive waste disposal area. Radioactive Waste Management Funding and Research Center (RWMC) operated field work to confirm how the 3D inversion code worked in low resistivity geology at Horonobe area, Hokkaido in 2005 and applied the code to AMT data. Data suggests possibility to estimate salinity of groundwater in the area of lower resistivety than 1ohm-m.

Journal Articles

Photoemission spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of the superconducting pyrochlore oxide Cd$$_{2}$$Re$$_{2}$$O$$_{7}$$

Irizawa, Akinori*; Higashiya, Atsushi*; Kasai, Shuichi*; Sasabayashi, Takehisa*; Shigemoto, Akihiko*; Sekiyama, Akira*; Imada, Shin*; Suga, Shigemasa*; Sakai, Hironori; Ono, Hiroyuki*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 75(9), p.094701_1 - 094701_5, 2006/09

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:42.38(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Photoemission spectroscopy (PES) and O $$1s$$ X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) measurements have been performed for Cd$$_2$$ Re$$_2$$ O$$_7$$ single crystals. Temperature variations of their spectra reveal that the phase transition at 120 K directly changes the band structure near the Fermi level compared with another transition near 200 K. The roles of the transitions are discussed in terms of the changes in the Re-O orbital hybridization.

Oral presentation

Mapping project in Fukushima and related researches, 1; Summary on temporal change of air dose rates and radionuclide deposition densities in the 80 km zone

Saito, Kimiaki; Mikami, Satoshi; Ando, Masaki; Matsuda, Norihiro; Tsuda, Shuichi; Yoshida, Tadayoshi; Yoshimura, Kazuya; Sato, Tetsuro*; Kanno, Takashi; Yamamoto, Hideaki

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