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Journal Articles

Preliminary criticality safety evaluation of long-term storage of spent nuclear fuels

Okuno, Hiroshi; Suyama, Kenya; Okuda, Yasuhisa*; Yoshiyama, Hiroshi*; Miyoshi, Yoshinori

Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety (ICNC 2007), p.140 - 143, 2007/05

In this research, a preliminary critical safe evaluation of a canister was performed, which stored either (1) four UO$$_{2}$$ fuel assemblies (initial uranium enrichment of 4.1 wt%) or (2) four mixed uranium and plutonium oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies (initial plutonium enrichment of 10 wt%) for pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) in the earth for 1000 years without a crash of a fuel bundle. Ten actinide nuclides were chosen, most of which based on "A Guide Introducing Burnup Credit, Preliminary Version", and their compositions were computed with the SWAT code system. Criticality calculations were carried out with the MVP code adopting the computed composition, and the neutron multiplication factor was calculated to be less than 0.9. Issues for consideration were finally summarized.

Journal Articles

Calculation of criticality condition data for single-unit homogeneous uranium materials in six chemical forms

Okuno, Hiroshi; Yoshiyama, Hiroshi; Miyoshi, Yoshinori

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 43(11), p.1406 - 1413, 2006/11

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Single-unit criticality condition data were calculated for homogeneous uranium materials in six chemical forms for revision of the Data Collection section that was attached as the appendix to the Nuclear Criticality Safety Handbook. The calculated criticality condition data were the estimated critical and the estimated lower-limit critical masses and volumes of spheres, diameters of infinitely-long cylinders and infinite slab thicknesses for uranium materials in six chemical forms encountered in criticality safety evaluation of nuclear fuel cycle facilities. The calculation was made with a continuous-energy Monte Carlo criticality calculation code MVP and the Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library JENDL-3.2. The values and precision of the present calculations were discussed in comparison with the literature and the previous results.

JAEA Reports

Benchmark analyses of criticality calculation codes based on the evaluated dissolver-type criticality experiment systems

Okuno, Hiroshi; Takada, Tomoyuki; Yoshiyama, Hiroshi; Miyoshi, Yoshinori

JAEA-Data/Code 2005-001, 117 Pages, 2005/11


Criticality calculation codes/code systems MCNP, MVP, SCALE and JACS, which are currently typically used in Japan for nuclear criticality safety evaluation, were benchmarked for so called dissolver-typed systems, i.e., fuel rod arrays immersed in fuel solution. The benchmark analyses were made for the evaluated critical experiments published in the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (ICSBEP) Handbook: one evaluation representing five critical configurations from heterogeneous core of low-enriched uranium dioxides at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and two evaluations representing 16 critical configurations from heterogeneous core of mixed uranium and plutonium dioxides (MOXs) at the Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories of the U.S.A.. The results of the analyses showed that the minimum values of the neutron multiplication factor obtained with MCNP, MVP, SCALE and JACS were 0.993, 0.990, 0.993, 0.972, respectively, which values are from 2% to 4% larger than the maximum permissible multiplication factor of 0.95.

Oral presentation

Function test and critical experiment on uranyl nitrate solution with STACY, 34; Reactivity effect of FP material on heterogeneous core with 1.5 cm lattice pitch

Watanabe, Shoichi; Tonoike, Kotaro; Yoshiyama, Hiroshi; Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Izawa, Kazuhiko; Miyoshi, Yoshinori

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