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Journal Articles

XUV diagnostics of preformed plasma in laser-driven proton acceleration experiments

Ragozin, E. N.*; Pirozhkov, A. S.; Yogo, Akifumi; Ma, J.-L.; Ogura, Koichi; Orimo, Satoshi; Sagisaka, Akito; Mori, Michiaki; Li, Z.*; Nishiuchi, Mamiko; et al.

Proceedings of 11th Annual Symposium of Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics (Internet), 2 Pages, 2007/03

Oral presentation

Soft X-ray generation by the light reflection from the relativistic mirror in plasma

Pirozhkov, A. S.; Bulanov, S. V.; Daido, Hiroyuki; Daito, Izuru; Esirkepov, T. Z.; Kando, Masaki; Kato, Yoshiaki; Kimura, Toyoaki; Koga, J. K.; Kotaki, Hideyuki; et al.

no journal, , 

Electromagnetic wave frequency upshifting upon the reflection from a mirror moving with relativistic velocity can be used for the generation of coherent high-frequency radiation. We present the results of experimental and theoretical study of the novel soft X-ray source based on the reflection of a laser pulse from a nonlinear plasma wave (relativistic flying mirror). In the experiment, the breaking wake wave is created by a Ti:S laser pulse (2 TW, 76 fs) in helium plasma with the electron density of $$5 times 10^{19}$$ cm$$^{-3}$$. The reflection of a second laser pulse is measured with a grazing-incidence spectrograph. The measured wavelength of reflected radiation is 14.3 nm, which corresponds to the frequency upshifting factor of 56. The new source promises the generation of coherent ultrashort X-ray pulses with tunable wavelength and duration. In the presentation we also discuss requirements to X-ray optical elements for effective use of the new radiation source.

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