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Atomic processes for the damage on bio-molecules irradiated by XFEL

森林 健悟; 甲斐 健師

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012097_1 - 012097_4, 2009/06

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In the analysis of three dimensional structure of bio-molecules by the irradiation of XFEL, the required X-ray flux is so large that the bio-molecules are damaged, that is, the atoms in the bio-molecules are more often ionized. This damage appears as noise for the analysis of three dimensional structure. Therefore, it is indispensable to estimate the damage. We treat C, N, O atoms which are main elements of bio-molecules and some atomic processes such as photo-ionization, Compton scattering, Auger, electron impact ionization, and radiative transition. We have calculated the change of electronic states as a function of time for various parameters such as X-ray flux, X-ray pulses, wavelength of XFEL, and the size of bio-molecules. In our presentation, we will show the results for various parameters and suitable parameters for the experiment of diffraction pattern of bio-molecules.


Effects of electron-impact ionization on the damage to biomolecules irradiated by XFEL

甲斐 健師; 森林 健悟

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012035_1 - 012035_4, 2009/06

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In X-ray free electron laser applications, the analysis of the three-dimensional structure of single bio-molecules is one of the critical issues. In this case, target samples are damaged by high-intense X-rays as well as ionization processes by electron impact. The processes are very significant to investigate the damage in the electron density in the bio-molecule since secondary electrons produced by the high-intense X-rays make the targets ionized again. Available ionization-cross sections for inner-shell excited states produced by high-intense X-rays have never been reported. We address ionization processes by electron impact for the ground states as well as those for the inner-shell excited states to investigate the damage of the target samples. We will discuss the effect of electron-impact ionization for the damage by solving rate equations using the present results.


The Atomic model of the Sn plasmas for the EUV sources

佐々木 明; 砂原 淳*; 西原 功修*; 西川 亘*; 小池 文博*; 田沼 肇*

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012107_1 - 012107_4, 2009/06

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:85.85

EUV光源の多価イオン物理について報告する。次世代半導体製造技術で用いられるEUV光源には、波長13.5nmにおいて180Wの出力を発生することが要求されている。媒質として用いられるSn, XeなどのEUV波長域での発光は、10価前後の価数の多価イオンの線スペクトル放射であるが、これらのイオンは複雑な内部構造を持つので、これまではエネルギー準位や遷移確率などのデータが乏しく、主要な発光線の同定も行われていなかった。本研究では数値計算による原子データをもとに原子モデルを構築し、輻射流体シミュレーションと組合せ、光源の特性の解析,最適化を行った。計算結果を、電荷交換分光法によって精密に測定された各イオンの発光スペクトルや、オパシティ実験の結果と比較し、データを校正することにより、計算は実験をよく再現するようになった。


Highly charged ion injector in the terminal of tandem accelerator

松田 誠; 遊津 拓洋; 仲野谷 孝充; 沓掛 健一; 花島 進; 竹内 末広

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012112_1 - 012112_4, 2009/06

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:76.56

Electron cyclotron resonance ion sources (ECRIS) are able to produce intense beams of highly charged positive ions. It is possible to increase beam intensity, beam energy and beam species by utilizing an ECRIS in the tandem accelerator. A 14.5 GHz all permanent magnet ECRIS has been installed in the high voltage terminal of the tandem accelerator at Japan Atomic Energy Agency at Tokai. The high voltage terminal is in a severe environment, i.e. it is filled with the pressurized insulation gas of 5.5 atm and itself is held at a voltage of 20 MV at maximum. The components of the injector have been confirmed to be pressure-resistant. A control system and circuits were designed to prevent damages from electrical discharges, and these electrical devices were heavily shielded. For the reason that ion pumps do not work for inert rare gases, a turbo molecular pump and a rotary pump were newly developed for the use in the high pressure gas. As a result of their developments, highly charged ions of Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe have been accelerated from the new injector. The rare gas ions have been available, and the intensities have been ten times higher than those before. Xe ion can be accelerated up to 400 MeV.


High-precision measurement of the spectral width of the nickel-like molybdenum X-ray laser

長谷川 登; 河内 哲哉; 佐々木 明; 山谷 寛; 岸本 牧; 越智 義浩; 田中 桃子; 錦野 将元; 國枝 雄一; 永島 圭介; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163(1), p.012062_1 - 012062_4, 2009/06

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Optical emission spectroscopy of excited atoms sputtered on a Ti surface under irradiation with multicharged Ar ions

本橋 健次*; 齋藤 勇一; 北澤 真一

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012079_1 - 012079_4, 2009/06

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:85.85

Optical emission spectroscopy of excited atoms was carried out in order to investigate the sputtering processes on solid surfaces under irradiation of slow, multicharged ions. Many atomic lines of Ti I (neutral) and Ti II (single-charged ions) were observed in wavelengths from 250 to 750 nm with irradiation by Ar$$^{3+}$$ (30 keV) on a Ti surface which was placed in a low pressure O$$_2$$ atmosphere. The emission intensity of Ti I (520 nm) decreased monotonically with an increase of O$$_2$$ partial pressure, whereas that of Ti I / II (670 nm, a 2$$^{nd}$$ order wavelength of 335 nm) slightly increased. From a semi-logarithmic plot of emission intensity for the 670 nm spectrum as a function of distance from the surface, the mean velocity of the excited Ti atoms and ions in a normal direction parallel to the surface, or $$<$$v$$_{bot}$$$$>$$, is estimated.


Complementary spectroscopy of tin ions using ion and electron beams

大橋 隼人*; 須田 慎太郎*; 田沼 肇*; 藤岡 慎介*; 西村 博明*; 西原 功修*; 甲斐 健師; 佐々木 明; 坂上 裕之*; 中村 信行*; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012071_1 - 012071_4, 2009/06

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:90.19



EUV spectra from highly charged tin ions observed in low density plasma in LHD

鈴木 千尋*; 加藤 隆子*; 佐藤 国憲*; 田村 直樹*; 加藤 太治*; 須藤 滋*; 山本 則正*; 田沼 肇*; 大橋 隼人*; 須田 慎太郎*; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 163, p.012019_1 - 012019_4, 2009/06

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:93.21


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