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Journal Articles

Heavy hadronic molecules coupled with multiquark states

Yamaguchi, Yasuhiro; Garc$'i$a-Tecocoatzi, H.*; Giachino, A.*; Hosaka, Atsushi; Santopinto, E.*; Takeuchi, Sachiko*; Takizawa, Makoto*

Few-Body Systems, 62(3), p.33_1 - 33_7, 2021/09

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

We investigate the hidden-charm pentaquarks as hadronic molecules of $$Lambda_cbar{D}^{(ast)}$$ and $$Sigma_c^{(ast)}bar{D}^{(ast)}$$ coupled to a $$uudcbar{c}$$ compact core by employing an interaction satisfying the heavy quark and chiral symmetries. Our model can consistently explain the masses and decay widths of $$P_c^+(4312)$$, $$P_c^+(4440)$$ and $$P_c^+(4457)$$ with spin parity assignments $$J^P=1/2^-$$, $$3/2^-$$ and $$1/2^-$$, respectively. We find that the mass ordering is dominantly determined by the short-range interaction given by coupling to the compact core, while the decay widths by the tensor force of the one-pion exchange.

Oral presentation

Bound state properties studied by the knockout reaction

Yoshida, Kazuki

no journal, , 

I will introduce how the knockout reaction is described within a three-body reaction model, and how a bound state property is reflected in reaction observables. Thanks to the development of reaction techniques, nucleon knockout reactions have been performed on a wide range of unstable nuclei and revealed their interesting single-particle structure (so-called shell evolution). As for the $$alpha$$ knockout reaction, I will show our recent success in obtaining a consistency between a cluster structure theory and the $$alpha$$-knockout reaction cross section data.

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