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Journal Articles

Application of laser Compton scattered $$gamma$$-ray beams to nondestructive detection and assay of nuclear material

Hajima, Ryoichi; Hayakawa, Takehito; Shizuma, Toshiyuki; Angell, C.; Nagai, Ryoji; Nishimori, Nobuyuki; Sawamura, Masaru; Matsuba, Shunya; Kosuge, Atsushi*; Mori, Michiaki; et al.

European Physical Journal; Special Topics, 223(6), p.1229 - 1236, 2014/05

 Times Cited Count:17 Percentile:48.69(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Crystal structure of martensite and intermediate phases in Ni$$_{2}$$MnGa studied by neutron diffraction

Kushida, Hiroaki*; Fukuda, Kodai*; Terai, Tomoyuki*; Fukuda, Takashi*; Kakeshita, Tomoyuki*; Oba, Takuya*; Osakabe, Toyotaka; Kakurai, Kazuhisa; Kato, Kenichi*

European Physical Journal; Special Topics, 158(1), p.87 - 92, 2008/05

 Times Cited Count:22 Percentile:72.39(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Structure of unstable nuclei in the sd-pf shell region by shell model with proper tensor force

Utsuno, Yutaka; Otsuka, Takaharu*; Mizusaki, Takahiro*; Homma, Michio*

European Physical Journal; Special Topics, 150(1), p.187 - 188, 2007/11

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:19.25(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

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Journal Articles

Isomeric decay studies around $$^{204}$$Pt and $$^{148}$$Tb

Podoly$'a$k, Zs.*; Steer, S. J.*; Pietri, S.*; Werner-Malento, E.*; Regan, P. H.*; Rudolph, D.*; Garnsworthy, A. B.*; Hoischen, R.*; G$'o$rska, M.*; Gerl, J.*; et al.

European Physical Journal; Special Topics, 150(1), p.165 - 168, 2007/11

 Times Cited Count:11 Percentile:56.08(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Relativistic energy projectile fragmentation of $$^{208}$$Pb has been used to produce a range of exotic nuclei. The nuclei of interest were studied by detecting delayed $$gamma$$ rays following the decay of isomeric states. Experimental information on the excited states of the neutron-rich $$^{204}$$Pt N=126 nucleus, following internal decay of two isomeric states, was obtained for the first time. In addition, decays from the previously reported isomeric $$I=27hbar$$ and $$I=(49/2)hbar$$ states in $$^{148}$$Tb and $$^{147}$$Gd, respectively, have been observed. These isomeric decays represent the highest discrete states observed to date following a prejectile fragmentation reaction, and opens up the possibilty of doing "high-spin physics" using this technique.

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