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Journal Articles

Variable-frequency nuclear monochromator using single-line pure nuclear Bragg reflection of oscillating $$^{57}$$FeBO$$_{3}$$ single crystal

Mitsui, Takaya; Seto, Makoto; Masuda, Ryo

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 46(38), p.L930 - L932, 2007/10

 Times Cited Count:14 Percentile:51.18(Physics, Applied)

A variable-frequency $$^{57}$$Fe nuclear monochromator has been developed using a pure nuclear Bragg reflection from an oscillating $$^{57}$$FeBO$$_{3}$$ single crystal at the N$'e$el temperature. The Doppler-shifted single-line $$^{57}$$Fe M$"o$ssbauer radiation at a fixed beam position was successfully filtered using the third-generation synchrotron radiation (SR) of SPring-8. We describe the principle of the variable-frequency M$"o$ssbauer filtering technique, the study on the beam characteristics, and some demonstrative experiments on energy-domain SR M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy.

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Synchrotron radiation M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy using Doppler-shifted 14.4 keV single line $$^{57}$$Fe-M$"o$ssbauer radiation

Mitsui, Takaya; Seto, Makoto; Masuda, Ryo; Kiriyama, Koji; Kobayashi, Yasuhiro*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 46(28), p.L703 - L705, 2007/07

 Times Cited Count:16 Percentile:55.33(Physics, Applied)

Synchrotron radiation M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy was performed using a pure nuclear Bragg reflection of a $$^{57}$$FeBO$$_{3}$$ singlecrystal at the N$'e$el temperature and a Bragg reflection of an oscillating Si single crystal. The developed optical systemfor nuclear diffraction could produce a Doppler-shifted 14.4 keV single-line $$^{57}$$Fe-M$"o$ssbauer radiation and it enabled us to observe the energy-domain synchrotron radiation M$"o$ssbauer spectrum with an absorber at rest.

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Ultrahigh-pressure measurement in the multimegabar range by energy-domain synchrotron radiation $$^{57}$$Fe-M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy using focused X-rays

Mitsui, Takaya; Seto, Makoto; Hirao, Naohisa*; Oishi, Yasuo*; Kobayashi, Yasuhiro*; Higashitaniguchi, Satoshi*; Masuda, Ryo*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 46(16), p.L382 - L384, 2007/04

 Times Cited Count:10 Percentile:41.17(Physics, Applied)

Energy-domain synchrotron radiation M$"o$ssbauer spectroscopy was performed by a single-line M$"o$ssbauer filtering technique and focusing X-ray optics. Pure nuclear Bragg reflection from a heated $$^{57}$$FeBO$$_{3}$$ single crystal was used for a neV order bandwidth ultrahigh energy resolution X-ray analyzer. As an example of small target research, the M$"o$ssbauer transmission spectrum of polycrystalline iron metal was observed using a diamond anvil cell at multimegabar pressures (252 GPa) for the first time.

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A Screening method for uranium particles in safeguards environmental samples based on etching behavior of fission tracks

Lee, C. G.; Iguchi, Kazunari; Esaka, Fumitaka; Magara, Masaaki; Sakurai, Satoshi; Usuda, Shigekazu

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 45(42), p.L1121 - L1123, 2006/11

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:17.99(Physics, Applied)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Direct identification of magnetic surface by a differential double probe in JFT-2M

Uehara, Kazuya; Tsuzuki, Kazuhiro; Amemiya, Hiroshi*; Nagashima, Yoshihiko*; Hoshino, Katsumichi; Sadamoto, Yoshiro*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 45(24), p.L630 - L633, 2006/07

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:13.67(Physics, Applied)

Data for detecting the magnetic flux surfaces at the edge plasma in tokamak are presented. When the magnetic surfaces are moved by the plasma jog, it is observed that a current increment appears in the two set of double probe whose front surfaces are shifted by a small distance and that the difference of these two currents through the differential amplifier giving a signal of the arrival of the separatrix also appears, where we refer the separatrix point as a typical position of the magnetic flux surfaces. It is confirmed that magnetic flux surfaces are located by a few cm outward from that calculated by the eqfit-code (EQFIT) and the absolute value of its deviation is identified. This identification is supported by the result of observation of the correlation of the floating potential fluctuation between two different points using one probe pin of the same differential double probe. The ion temperature and the space potential are observed by the another use of the differential double probe are modified following the estimated real magnetic surfaces positions.

Journal Articles

Energy spectra of electrons induced by MeV atom clusters

Kudo, Hiroshi*; Iwasaki, Wataru*; Uchiyama, Rumi*; Tomita, Shigeo*; Shima, Kunihiro*; Sasa, Kimikazu*; Ishii, Satoshi*; Narumi, Kazumasa; Naramoto, Hiroshi; Saito, Yuichi; et al.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 45(22), p.L565 - L568, 2006/06

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:46.8(Physics, Applied)

The first observation of the energy distribution of electrons emitted from solids bombarded by MeV atom clusters is reported. In the backward direction, using graphite and Si bombarded by C$$_{n}$$$$^{+}$$ and Al$$_{n}$$$$^{+}$$ (n $$leq$$ 8), an appreciable suppression of electron emission has been observed at electron energies lower than $$sim$$10 eV. Electron yield per atom decreases with increasing n, and becomes less than 50% at n $$geq$$ 3, relative to the case of n = 1. The experimental results cannot be explained in terms of projectile stopping cross sections nor by the clearing-the-way effect. It is probable that the suppressed electron emission is a result of the suppression of the transport or surface transmission of the produced low-energy electrons, rather than of the suppression of ionization.

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Improved method of fission track sample preparation for detecting particles containing fissile materials in safeguards environmental samples

Lee, C. G.; Iguchi, Kazunari; Esaka, Fumitaka; Magara, Masaaki; Sakurai, Satoshi; Watanabe, Kazuo; Usuda, Shigekazu

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 45(10), p.L294 - L296, 2006/03

 Times Cited Count:16 Percentile:53.37(Physics, Applied)

We have developed an effective method for fission track (FT) sample preparation to perform particle analysis of the safeguards environmental samples by the FT-thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS) method. In this method, a fission track detector and the layer containing particles are separated. The main feature of the developed FT sample is that the detection of a particle from the corresponding fission track can be performed correctly and in a simple manner by fixing each one end of the detector and the particle layer and by using an etching tool. It is expected that this method will enhance the effectiveness of particle analysis.

Journal Articles

Nucleation of oxides during dry oxidation of Si(001)-2$$times$$1 studied by scanning tunneling microscopy

Togashi, Hideaki*; Asaoka, Hidehito; Yamazaki, Tatsuya; Suemitsu, Maki*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 44(45), p.L1377 - L1380, 2005/10

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:14.36(Physics, Applied)

no abstracts in English

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Feasibility of electron density measurement using relativistic downshift frequency effect of electron cyclotron emission in tokamak plasmas

Sato, Masayasu; Isayama, Akihiko; Iwama, Naofumi*; Kawahata, Kazuo*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 44(21), p.L672 - L675, 2005/05

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:4.93(Physics, Applied)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Application of fission track technique for the analysis of individual particles containing uranium in safeguard swipe samples

Esaka, Konomi; Esaka, Fumitaka; Inagawa, Jun; Iguchi, Kazunari; Lee, C. G.; Sakurai, Satoshi; Watanabe, Kazuo; Usuda, Shigekazu

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 43(7A), p.L915 - L916, 2004/07

 Times Cited Count:37 Percentile:77.98(Physics, Applied)

An effective method for isotope ratio analysis of individual particles containing uranium in safeguards swipe samples was developed by using a fission track (FT) technique combined with thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS). The particles in the sample were directly recovered onto a polycarbonate membrane filter, which was set in a filtration system. After the particle recovery, the filter was dissolved to form a non-coated FT detector film containing the particles. Individual particles containing uranium were then identified by the observation of fission tracks created by thermal neutron irradiation. By combination of the FT technique with TIMS, isotope ratios of uranium for individual particles in the swipe sample prepared from a uranium standard reference material could be effectively determined.

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Synthesis of Al$$_{x}$$Ga$$_{1-x}$$N alloy by solid-phase reaction under high pressure

Saito, Hiroyuki; Utsumi, Wataru; Kaneko, Hiroshi*; Aoki, Katsutoshi

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 43(7B), p.L981 - L983, 2004/07

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:20.72(Physics, Applied)

Bulk specimens of Al$$_{x}$$Ga$$_{1-x}$$N alloys covering a composition range of 0$$leq$$${it x}$$$leq$$1 were synthesized by a solid-phase reaction under high pressure. ${it In situ}$ X-ray diffraction profiles were measured to observe the alloying process, which began at around 800$$^{circ}$$C under 6.0 GPa. SEM observation and X-ray analysis of the recovered specimen indicated a uniform distribution of Al and Ga and continuous variations of the lattice constants against the composition, which implies that a solid solution of AlN and GaN is formed regardless of atomic composition.

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Band structures of Wurtzite InN and Ga$$_{1-x}$$In$$_x$$N by all-electron $$GW$$ calculation

Usuda, Manabu; Hamada, Noriaki*; Shiraishi, Kenji*; Oshiyama, Atsushi*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 43(3B), p.L407 - L410, 2004/03

 Times Cited Count:31 Percentile:73.57(Physics, Applied)

We report first-principles electronic band-structure calculations of InN by using the all-electron full-potential linearized augmented-plane-wave (FLAPW) method in the $$GW$$ approximation (GWA), and provide the reliable theoretical bandgap of InN. Our calculation suggests that InN is a narrow-gap semiconductor and strongly supports the recently reported smaller bandgaps.

Journal Articles

A First-order matrix approach to the analysis of electron beam emittance growth caused by coherent synchrotron radiation

Hajima, Ryoichi

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 42(8A), p.L974 - L976, 2003/08

 Times Cited Count:19 Percentile:60.28(Physics, Applied)

A first-order transform matrix is proposed to calculate electron beam emittance dilution arising from coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) in a next-generation light source based on an energy-recovery linac. The matrix approach enable us to scan a lot of parameters for the design of achromatic cells of minimum emittance dilution. The emitatce dilution can be minimized when the CSR wake dispersion matches to the betatron function envelope at the achromatic cell exit.

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The Electrical characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors fabricated on cubic silicon carbide

Oshima, Takeshi; Lee, K. K.; Ishida, Yuki*; Kojima, Kazutoshi*; Tanaka, Yasunori*; Takahashi, Tetsuo*; Yoshikawa, Masahito; Okumura, Hajime*; Arai, Kazuo*; Kamiya, Tomihiro

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 42(6B), p.L625 - L627, 2003/06

 Times Cited Count:37 Percentile:77.51(Physics, Applied)

The n-channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) were fabricated on cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) epitaxial layers grown on 3C-SiC substrates. The gate oxide of the MOSFETs was formed using pyrogenic oxidation at 1100$$^{circ}$$C. The 3C-SiC MOSFETs showed enhancement type behaviors after annealing at 200$$^{circ}$$C for 30 min in argon atmosphere. The maximum value of the effective channel mobility of the 3C-SiC MOSFETs was 260 cm$$^{2}$$/Vs. The leakage current of gate oxide was of a few tens of nA/cm$$^{2}$$ at an electric field range below 8.5 MV/cm, and breakdown began around 8.5 MV/cm.

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Preparation of TiO$$_{2}$$ nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation; Ambient pressure dependence of crystallization

Matsubara, Masakazu*; Yamaki, Tetsuya; Ito, Hisayoshi; Abe, Hiroaki*; Asai, Keisuke*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 42(5A), p.L479 - L481, 2003/05

Pulsed laser ablation with a KrF excimer laser was used to prepare fine particles of titanium dioxide (TiO$$_{2}$$). The ablation in an atmosphere of Ar and O$$_{2}$$ (5:5) at total pressures of $$geq$$ 1 Torr led to the formation of TiO$$_{2}$$ nanoparticles composed of anatase and rutile structures without any suboxides. The weight fraction of the rutile/anatase crystalline phases was controlled by the pressure of the Ar/O$$_{2}$$ gas. The TiO$$_{2}$$ nanoparticles had a spherical shape and their size, ranging from 10 and 14 nm, also appeared to be dependent on the ambient pressure.

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Singular value decomposition analysis of multichannel electron cyclotron emission signals of tokamak plasma

Isayama, Akihiko; Iwama, Naofumi*; Hosoda, Yosuke*; Satake, Shinsuke*; Isei, Nobuaki; Ishida, Shinichi; Sato, Masayasu

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 42(3), p.L329 - L331, 2003/03

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:11.17(Physics, Applied)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Optical parametric oscillator with periodically poled KTiOPO$$_{4}$$ pumped by 100Hz Nd:YAG green laser

Oba, Masaki; Kato, Masaaki; Maruyama, Yoichiro

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 41(8A), p.L881 - L883, 2002/08

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Applied)

Optical parametric oscillator using a periodically poled KTP as a gain medium pumped by a pulsed Nd:YAG green laser of which maximum pulse repetition frequency is 100 Hz is demonstrated. Output energy of 5.8 mJ at the pulse repetition frequency of 100 Hz with the conversion efficiency of about 40% is obtained by double-pass pumping scheme. Threshold pumping energy is 1.6 mJ of which peak power is as low as 18 MW/cm$$^{2}$$. At the pulse repetition frequency between 10 Hz and 100 Hz, the conversion efficiency is almost constant and undesirable thermal effects are not observed.

Journal Articles

Annealing enhancement effect by light illumination on proton irradiated Cu(In,Ga)Se$$_{2}$$ thin-film solar cells

Kawakita, Shiro*; Imaizumi, Mitsuru*; Yamaguchi, Masafumi*; Kushiya, Katsumi*; Oshima, Takeshi; Ito, Hisayoshi; Matsuda, Sumio*

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 41(7A), p.L797 - L799, 2002/07

Recovery of electrical characteristics of Cu(In,Ga)Se$$_{2}$$ irradiated with protons was studied. A proton irradiation chamber which has a AM0 solar light was used for in-situ measurement in this study. The electrical characteristics of irradiated samples which were kept under a dark condition recovered. Furthermore,this recovery effect was enhanced by light illumination. The activation energy for the recovery was estimated to be 0.80 eV (light illumination case) and 0.92 eV (dark condition case).

Journal Articles

Electrochemical synthesis of superconductive boride MgB$$_{2}$$ from molten salts

Abe, Hideki*; Yoshii, Kenji

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 41(6B), p.L685 - L687, 2002/06

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:36.14(Physics, Applied)

no abstracts in English

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Demonstration of a transient high gain soft X-ray laser for neon-like Argon

Lu, P.; Kawachi, Tetsuya; Suzuki, M.*; Sukegawa, Kota*; Namba, Shinichi; Tanaka, Momoko; Hasegawa, Noboru; Nagashima, Keisuke; Daido, Hiroyuki; Arisawa, Takashi; et al.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 2, 41(2A), p.L133 - L135, 2002/02

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:39.12(Physics, Applied)

no abstracts in English

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