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Journal Articles

Arsenic removal from contaminated water utilizing novel green composite ${it Chlorella vulgaris}$ and nano zero-valent iron

Islam, M. S.*; Maamoun, I.; Falyouna, O.*; Eljamal, O.*; Saha, B. B.*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 370, p.121005_1 - 121005_11, 2023/01

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Sustainable technologies for the removal of Chloramphenicol from pharmaceutical industries Effluent; A Critical review

Falyouna, O.*; Maamoun, I.; Ghosh, S.*; Malloum, A.*; Othmani, A.*; Eljamal, O.*; Amen, T. W. M.*; Oroke, A.*; Bornman, C.*; Ahmadi, S.*; et al.

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 368, Part B, p.120726_1 - 120726_25, 2022/12

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.52(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Neutron scattering on an aqueous sodium chloride solution in the gigapascal pressure range

Yamaguchi, Toshio*; Yoshida, Koji*; Machida, Shinichi*; Hattori, Takanori

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 365, p.120181_1 - 120181_10, 2022/11

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

Neutron scattering measurements were performed on an aqueous 3 mol/kg NaCl solution in D$$_2$$O at temperature and pressure conditions of 0.1 MPa/298K, 1 GPa/298K, 1 GPa/523K, and 4 GPa/523K. The empirical potential structure refinement method was applied to the obtained data to extract the pair correlation function, coordination number distribution, angular distribution (orientation correlation), and spatial density function (3-D structure). From those results, pressure and temperature dependence of solvation and association of ions and solvent-water structure were discussed.

Journal Articles

The Translational, rotational, and phonon dynamics of water in ZrO$$_{2}$$/water nanofluid

Yoshida, Koji*; Sanada, Yusuke*; Yamaguchi, Toshio*; Matsuura, Masato*; Tamatsukuri, Hiromu; Uchiyama, Hiroshi*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 366, p.120218_1 - 120218_9, 2022/11

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Promotion of ciprofloxacin adsorption from contaminated solutions by oxalate modified nanoscale zerovalent iron particles

Falyouna, O.*; Idham, M. F.*; Maamoun, I.; Bensaida, K.*; Ashik, U. P. M.*; Sugihara, Yuji*; Eljamal, O.*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 359, p.119323_1 - 119323_20, 2022/08

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:97.59(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Rapid and efficient chromium (VI) removal from aqueous solutions using nickel hydroxide nanoplates (nNiHs)

Maamoun, I.; Bensaida, K.*; Eljamal, R.*; Falyouna, O.*; Tanaka, Kazuya; Tosco, T.*; Sugihara, Yuji*; Eljamal, O.*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 358, p.119216_1 - 119216_13, 2022/07

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:96.72(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Structure of an aqueous RbCl solution in the gigapascal pressure range by neutron diffraction combined with empirical potential structure refinement modeling

Zhang, W. Q.*; Yamaguchi, Toshio*; Fang, C. H.*; Yoshida, Koji*; Zhou, Y. Q.*; Zhu, F. Y.*; Machida, Shinichi*; Hattori, Takanori; Li, W.*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 348, p.118080_1 - 118080_11, 2022/02

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:50.33(Chemistry, Physical)

The ion hydration and association and hydrogen-bonded water structure in an aqueous 3 mol/kg RbCl solution were investigated at 298 K/0.1 MPa, 298 K/1 GPa, 523 K/1 GPa, and 523 K/4 GPa by neutron diffraction combined with EPSR methods. The second hydration layer of Rb$$^+$$ and Cl$$^-$$ becomes evident under elevated pressure and temperature conditions. The average oxygen coordination number of Rb$$^+$$ (Cl$$^-$$) in the first hydration layer increases from 6.3 (5.9) ambient pressure to 8.9 (9.1) at 4 GPa, while decreasing coordination distance from 0.290 nm (0.322 nm) to 0.288 nm (0.314 nm). The orientation of the water dipole in the first solvation shell of Rb$$^+$$ and a central water molecule is sensitive to pressure, but that in the first solvation shell of Cl$$^-$$ does not change very much. The number of contact-ion pairs Rb$$^+$$-Cl$$^-$$ decreases with elevated temperature and increases with elevated pressure. Water molecules are closely packed, and the tetrahedral hydrogen-bonded network of water molecules no longer exists in extreme conditions.

Journal Articles

Experimental analysis on dynamics of liquid molecules adjacent to particles in nanofluids

Hashimoto, Shunsuke*; Nakajima, Kenji; Kikuchi, Tatsuya*; Kamazawa, Kazuya*; Shibata, Kaoru; Yamada, Takeshi*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 342, p.117580_1 - 117580_8, 2021/11

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

Quasi-elastic neutron scattering (QENS) and pulsed-field-gradient nuclear magnetic resonance (PFGNMR) analyses of a nanofluid composed of silicon dioxide (SiO$$_{2}$$) nanoparticles and a base fluid of ethylene glycol aqueous solution were performed. The aim was to elucidate the mechanism increase in the thermal conductivity of the nanofluid above its theoretical value. The obtained experimental results indicate that SiO$$_{2}$$ particles may decrease the self-diffusion coefficient of the liquid molecules in the ethylene glycol aqueous solution because of their highly restricted motion around these nanoparticles. At a constant temperature, the thermal conductivity increases as the self-diffusion coefficient of the liquid molecules decreases in the SiO$$_{2}$$ nanofluids.

Journal Articles

Dynamic properties of nano-confined water in an ionic liquid

Abe, Hiroshi*; Yamada, Takeshi*; Shibata, Kaoru

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 264, p.54 - 57, 2018/08

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:63.27(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Chemical state analysis of high-temperature molten slag components by using high-energy XAFS

Okamoto, Yoshihiro; Osugi, Takeshi; Akabori, Mitsuo; Kobayashi, Toru; Shiwaku, Hideaki

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 232, p.285 - 289, 2017/04

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:13.86(Chemistry, Physical)

High energy XAFS measurement using cerium K-edge was performed to study the chemical state of cerium in high-temperature molten slag (SiO$$_{2}$$-CaO-Fe$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$-CeO$$_{2}$$). It was found from the change in the nearest Ce-O distance obtained from EXAFS analysis and the energetic shift of the white line peak observed in XANES analysis that oxidation state of cerium was tetravalent in the molten state and trivalent in solid state. The Debye-Waller factor of the nearest Ce-O pair in solid slag was very large even at room temperature, and the change in its value upon heating and melting was very small. This result suggests that cerium is highly disordered and stable in solid slag.

Journal Articles

Terahertz dynamics of water before and after water shedding from reverse micelles

Murakami, Hiroshi

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 210(Part.A), p.37 - 43, 2015/10

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:33.77(Chemistry, Physical)

Picosecond relaxation dynamics of water before and after water shedding from reverse micelles are studied using temperature-dependent terahertz time-domain spectroscopy measurements to clarify the confinement effect of the reverse micelle on the dynamics of water. Before water shedding, the relaxation process due to the collective motion of bulk-like water in the core of the reverse micelle exhibits a considerable slowing down in comparison with that in liquid water as the temperature decreases. This is attributed to the confinement effect of reverse micelles. Moreover, the time constant abruptly drops at the water shedding, and its temperature behavior is similar to that of liquid water afterwards. These results demonstrate that the water extracted from the reverse micelle attains the property of liquid water by reduction in the confinement imposed on the motion of the water.

Journal Articles

High-energy EXAFS study of molten GdCl$$_3$$ systems

Okamoto, Yoshihiro; Shiwaku, Hideaki; Yaita, Tsuyoshi; Suzuki, Shinichi; Gaune-Escard, M.*

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 187, p.94 - 98, 2013/11

 Times Cited Count:12 Percentile:44.12(Chemistry, Physical)

The local structure of molten GdCl$$_3$$ and its mixture in LiCl-KCl eutectic was investigated by Gd K-edge extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) technique. As the result of curve fitting analysis, the nearest Gd$$^{3+}$$-Cl$$^-$$ distance was 2.74$$pm$$0.02${AA}$ with coordination number 6.5$${pm}$$0.3 in the pure melt. On the other hand, those in the 10%GdCl$$_{3}$$ mixture melt decreased to 2.70$$pm$$0.01${AA}$ and 6.1$${pm}$$0.3, respectively. These results suggest that octahedral coordination (GdCl$$_6$$)$$^{3-}$$ structure is formed and stabilized by mixing with the alkali chlorides. The result was compared with that of YCl$$_3$$ and LaCl$$_3$$ in LiCl-KCl eutectic melt.

Journal Articles

Structure of water from ambient to 4 GPa revealed by energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction combined with empirical potential structure refinement modeling

Yamaguchi, Toshio*; Fujimura, Koji*; Uchi, Kazuya*; Yoshida, Koji*; Katayama, Yoshinori

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 176, p.44 - 51, 2012/12

 Times Cited Count:17 Percentile:55.09(Chemistry, Physical)

X-ray diffraction measurements in an energy-dispersive mode have been made on water under various thermodynamic conditions of 298 K/30 MPa, 473 K/30 MPa and 573 K/30 MPa on a laboratory X-ray diffractometer. All the X-ray structure factors as well as those of water already measured at 298 K/1 GPa, 473 K/0.35 GPa and 486 K/4 GPa by using synchrotron X-ray radiation were subjected to empirical potential structure refinement (EPSR) modeling to reveal the detailed hydrogen bonding features in terms of partial pair correlation function, coordination number and three-dimensional spatial density function as a function of temperature and pressure. It has been shown to what extent the tetrahedral hydrogen-bonded network of water is perturbed by pressure and temperature.

Journal Articles

Femtosecond time-resolved fluorescence spectra of a coumarin dye in glycerol

Murakami, Hiroshi

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 89(1-3), p.33 - 45, 2000/12

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:27.87(Chemistry, Physical)

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