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Journal Articles

Compressive deformation behavior of AZ31 alloy at 21K; An ${it In situ}$ neutron diffraction study

Gong, W.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Zheng, R.*; Mayama, Tsuyoshi*; Sun, B.*; Aizawa, Kazuya; Harjo, S.; Tsuji, Nobuhiro*

Scripta Materialia, 225, p.115161_1 - 115161_5, 2023/03

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.05(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Stress partitioning between bcc and cementite phases discussed from phase stress and dislocation density in martensite steels

Tsuchida, Noriyuki*; Ueji, Rintaro*; Gong, W.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Harjo, S.

Scripta Materialia, 222, p.115002_1 - 115002_6, 2023/01

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.05(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Regulation of strength and ductility of single-phase twinning-induced plasticity high-entropy alloys

Wei, D.*; Gong, W.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Harjo, S.; Kato, Hidemi*

Scripta Materialia, 216, p.114738_1 - 114738_6, 2022/07

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:97.04(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Grain-size-dependent microstructure effects on cyclic deformation mechanisms in CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy-alloys

Luo, M.-Y.*; Lam, T.-N.*; Wang, P.-T.*; Tsou, N.-T.*; Chang, Y.-J.*; Feng, R.*; Kawasaki, Takuro; Harjo, S.; Liaw, P. K.*; Yeh, A.-C.*; et al.

Scripta Materialia, 210, p.114459_1 - 114459_7, 2022/03

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:94.23(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Artificial neural network molecular mechanics of iron grain boundaries

Shiihara, Yoshinori*; Kanazawa, Ryosuke*; Matsunaka, Daisuke*; Lobzenko, I.; Tsuru, Tomohito; Koyama, Masanori*; Mori, Hideki*

Scripta Materialia, 207, p.114268_1 - 114268_4, 2022/01

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:33.62(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

This study reports grain boundary (GB) energy calculations for 46 symmetric-tilt GBs in $$alpha$$-iron using molecular mechanics based on an artificial neural network (ANN) potential and compares the results with calculations based on the density functional theory (DFT), the embedded atom method (EAM), and the modified EAM (MEAM). The results by the ANN potential are in excellent agreement with those of the DFT (5% on average), while the EAM and MEAM significantly differ from the DFT results (about 27% on average). In a uniaxial tensile calculation of GB, the ANN potential reproduced the brittle fracture tendency of the GB observed in the DFT while the EAM and MEAM mistakenly showed ductile behaviors. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the ANN potential in calculating grain boundaries of iron, which is in high demand in modern industry.

Journal Articles

Extremely high dislocation density and deformation pathway of CrMnFeCoNi high entropy alloy at ultralow temperature

Naeem, M.*; He, H.*; Harjo, S.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Zhang, F.*; Wang, B.*; Lan, S.*; Wu, Z.*; Wu, Y.*; Lu, Z.*; et al.

Scripta Materialia, 188, p.21 - 25, 2020/11

 Times Cited Count:38 Percentile:97.39(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Role of retained austenite in low alloy steel at low temperature monitored by neutron diffraction

Yamashita, Takayuki; Morooka, Satoshi; Harjo, S.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Koga, Norimitsu*; Umezawa, Osamu*

Scripta Materialia, 177, p.6 - 10, 2020/03

 Times Cited Count:22 Percentile:91.25(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Study on formation mechanism of {332}$$<$$113$$>$$ deformation twinning in metastable $$beta$$-type Ti alloy focusing on stress-induced $$alpha"$$ martensite phase

Cho, K.*; Morioka, Ryota*; Harjo, S.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Yasuda, Hiroyuki*

Scripta Materialia, 177, p.106 - 111, 2020/03

 Times Cited Count:26 Percentile:93.66(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Neutron computed tomography of phase separation structures in solidified Cu-Co alloys and investigation of relationship between the structures and melt convection during solidification

Shoji, Eita*; Isogai, Shosei*; Suzuki, Rikuto*; Kubo, Masaki*; Tsukada, Takao*; Kai, Tetsuya; Shinohara, Takenao; Matsumoto, Yoshihiro*; Fukuyama, Hiroyuki*

Scripta Materialia, 175, p.29 - 32, 2020/01

 Times Cited Count:12 Percentile:76.05(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Nature of dynamic ferrite transformation revealed by ${it in-situ}$ neutron diffraction analysis during thermomechanical processing

Shibata, Akinobu*; Takeda, Yasunari*; Park, N.*; Zhao, L.*; Harjo, S.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Gong, W.*; Tsuji, Nobuhiro*

Scripta Materialia, 165, p.44 - 49, 2019/05

 Times Cited Count:21 Percentile:84.35(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Deformation of CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy at large strain

Wang, B.*; He, H.*; Naeem, M.*; Lan, S.*; Harjo, S.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Nie, Y.*; Wang, X.-L.*; 7 of others*

Scripta Materialia, 155, p.54 - 57, 2018/10

 Times Cited Count:49 Percentile:95.53(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Reverse austenite transformation behavior in a tempered martensite low-alloy steel studied using ${it in situ}$ neutron diffraction

Tomota, Yo*; Gong, W.*; Harjo, S.; Shinozaki, Tomoya*

Scripta Materialia, 133, p.79 - 82, 2017/05


 Times Cited Count:18 Percentile:70.94(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Effect of twin boundary on crack propagation behavior in magnesium binary alloys; Experimental and calculation studies

Somekawa, Hidetoshi*; Tsuru, Tomohito

Scripta Materialia, 130, p.114 - 118, 2017/03

 Times Cited Count:21 Percentile:75.16(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

The impact of alloying elements on crack propagation and atomistic phenomenon at {10$$bar{1}$$2}-type twin boundaries in magnesium was investigated via both experiments and calculations. The alloying elements clearly affected crack propagation behavior. Cracks were difficult to propagate along matrix-deformation twinning interfaces in alloys that had high fracture toughness. In such magnesium alloys, the solute atoms, e.g., silver, manganese and zinc atoms, create adhesive interactions between magnesium atoms. Closed-shell and covalent-like bonding of these kinds of solute atoms would influence strong adhesion, which impedes the nucleation of a new surface at the twin boundary.

Journal Articles

Orientation relationship between $$alpha$$-phase and high-pressure $$omega$$-phase of pure group IV transition metals

Adachi, Nozomu*; Todaka, Yoshikazu*; Suzuki, Hiroshi; Umemoto, Minoru*

Scripta Materialia, 98, p.1 - 4, 2015/03

 Times Cited Count:10 Percentile:49.26(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

The deformation texture of the high-pressure $$omega$$-phase of pure group IV metals was investigated using neutron diffraction analysis. The $$<$$0001$$>$$$$omega$$ direction gradually aligned to the shear direction with an increase in the shear strain introduced by the high-pressure torsion process. The deformation texture suggested that the main slip system of the $$omega$$-phase was {11-20}$$<$$0001$$>$$$$omega$$. We experimentally observed the orientation relationships of the mechanically stabilized $$omega$$-phase with respect to the reverse-transformed $$alpha$$-phase, and determined that the relationship was similar to that proposed by Silcock and Rabinkin.

Journal Articles

Evaluation of compressive deformation behavior of Zr$$_{55}$$Al$$_{10}$$Ni$$_{5}$$Cu$$_{30}$$ bulk metallic glass containing ZrC particles by synchrotron X-ray diffraction

Suzuki, Hiroshi; Saida, Junji*; Shobu, Takahisa; Katsuyama, Jinya; Kato, Hidemi*; Imafuku, Muneyuki*; Sato, Shigeo*

Scripta Materialia, 66(10), p.801 - 804, 2012/05

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:39.42(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Compressive deformation mechanism of a Zr$$_{55}$$Al$$_{10}$$Ni$$_{5}$$Cu$$_{30}$$ bulk metallic glass containing 10vol.%ZrC (ZrC-BMG) was evaluated by measuring the residual strains in the compressive deformed samples using the synchrotron X-ray diffraction and also evaluating the localized deformation behavior around the ZrC particles by the finite element analysis. Phase stress shared by the metallic glass matrix was increased before macroscopic yielding due to local plastic deformation around the ZrC particles. After macroscopic yielding, the phase stress shared by the ZrC phase was drastically increased, and finally the ZrC-BMG was fractured by breaking the ZrC particles reaching its fracture strength.

Journal Articles

Stress partitioning behavior of multilayered steels during tensile deformation measured by in situ neutron diffraction

Ojima, Mayumi*; Inoue, Junya*; Nambu, Shoichi*; Xu, P. G.; Akita, Koichi; Suzuki, Hiroshi; Koseki, Toshihiko*

Scripta Materialia, 66(3-4), p.139 - 142, 2012/02

 Times Cited Count:65 Percentile:94.12(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Bainitic transformation behavior studied by simultaneous neutron diffraction and dilatometric measurement

Koo, M.*; Xu, P. G.; Tomota, Yo*; Suzuki, Hiroshi

Scripta Materialia, 61(8), p.797 - 800, 2009/10

 Times Cited Count:22 Percentile:72.21(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Bainitic transformation behavior has firstly been observed using in situ neutron diffraction with an angular dispersive method for a hard bainite steel. The dilatometric measurement was carried out simultaneously with the neutron experiment where changes in (1 1 1) austenite and (1 1 0) ferrite diffraction profiles were monitored during heating, cooling and holding at a transformation temperature. The neutron experiments results agree with dilatometry results. They appear to have found that the austenite peak broadening occurs after the onset of bainitic transformation but not before.

Journal Articles

Neutron diffraction study on stress-induced X-phase in Ni$$_{2}$$MnGa

Kushida, Hiroaki*; Terai, Tomoyuki*; Fukuda, Takashi*; Kakeshita, Tomoyuki*; Osakabe, Toyotaka; Kakurai, Kazuhisa

Scripta Materialia, 60(4), p.248 - 250, 2009/02

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:46.83(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

Journal Articles

Direct observation of hydrogen trapped by NbC in steel using small-angle neutron scattering

Onuma, Masato*; Suzuki, Junichi; Wei, F.*; Tsuzaki, Kaneaki*

Scripta Materialia, 58(2), p.142 - 145, 2008/01

 Times Cited Count:61 Percentile:91.53(Nanoscience & Nanotechnology)

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