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Nuclear structure of $$^{76}$$Ni from the ($$p$$,$$2p$$) reaction

Elekes, Z.*; Kripk$'o$, $'A$*; Sohler, D.*; Sieja, K.*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*; Yoshida, Kazuki; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Authelet, G.*; Baba, Hidetada*; et al.

Physical Review C, 99(1), p.014312_1 - 014312_7, 2019/01

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:24.4(Physics, Nuclear)

The nuclear structure of the $$^{76}$$Ni nucleus was investigated by ($$p$$,$$2p$$) reaction using a NaI(Tl) array to detect the deexciting prompt $$gamma$$ rays. A new transition with an energy of 2227 keV was identified by $$gamma gamma$$ and $$gamma gamma gamma$$ coincidences. Our shell-model calculations using the Lenzi, Nowacki, Poves, and Sieja interaction produced good candidates for the experimental proton hole states in the observed energy region, and the theoretical cross sections showed good agreement with the experimental values. Although we could not assign all the experimental states to the theoretical ones unambiguously, the results are consistent with a reasonably large Z = 28 shell gap for nickel isotopes in accordance with previous studies.

Oral presentation

Improvement of intra-nuclear cascade model implemented in PHITS using momentum distribution based on one-particle wave functions

Hashimoto, Shintaro; Sato, Tatsuhiko

no journal, , 

Intra-nuclear cascade model INCL implemented in PHITS can describe various processes occurred by proton-induced reactions at energies of between 10MeV and several GeV. However, INCL overestimate experimental data of proton-knockout reactions. It was pointed out that description of momentum distribution of protons at target surfaces in INCL causes the overestimation. In this study, we improved the momentum distribution by using results of Fourier transformation of simple-particle wave functions. We changed only the component of nucleons in the outer core. In the default INCL, the distribution of surface nucleons has a large component in the high-momentum region. On the other hand, introducing the single-particle model decreases the high-momentum component and suppresses the knockout reaction. By this improvement, INCL can reproduce the data very well. It is expected that PHITS with the improved model gives accurate results of the knockout reaction.

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