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Simultaneous determination of neutron-induced fission and radiative capture cross sections from decay probabilities obtained with a surrogate reaction

P$'e$rez S$'a$nchez, R.*; Jurado, B.*; M$'e$ot, V.*; Roig, O.*; Dupuis, M.*; Bouland, O.*; Denis-Petit, D.*; Marini, P.*; Mathieu, L.*; Tsekhanovich, I.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 125(12), p.122502_1 - 122502_5, 2020/09

Reliable neutron-induced-reaction cross sections of unstable nuclei are essential for nuclear astrophysics and applications but their direct measurement is often impossible. The surrogate-reaction method is one of the most promising alternatives to access these cross sections. In this work, we successfully applied the surrogate-reaction method to infer for the first time both the neutron-induced fission and radiative capture cross sections of $$^{239}$$Pu in a consistent manner from a single measurement. This was achieved by combining simultaneously measured fission and $$gamma$$-emission probabilities for the $$^{240}$$Pu($$^{4}$$He, $$^{4}$$He') surrogate reaction with a calculation of the angular-momentum and parity distributions populated in this reaction. While other experiments measure the probabilities for some selected $$gamma$$-ray transitions, we measure the $$gamma$$-emission probability. This enlarges the applicability of the surrogate-reaction method.



中村 聡志; 木村 崇弘; 伴 康俊; 津幡 靖宏; 松村 達郎

JAEA-Technology 2020-009, 22 Pages, 2020/08


分離変換技術開発ディビジョンでは、マイナーアクチノイド(MA)核データの検証に資する核分裂反応率について、核分裂計数管を用いた測定を検討している。そのため、核分裂計数管用のMA線源の作製, 定量及び不確かさの評価を行った。電着法を採用して、$$^{237}$$Np, $$^{241}$$Am, $$^{243}$$Am及び$$^{244}$$Cmの4核種について電着量が異なるMA線源を7種類作製した。さらに、同位体希釈法を用いて放射能を定量した$$^{244}$$Cm線源元液から$$^{244}$$Cm作業標準線源を作製し、これを用いて算出した計数効率を適用して各MA線源の放射能を定量した。その結果、作製したMA線源の放射能として、$$^{237}$$Np線源は1461Bq, 2179Bq及び2938Bq、$$^{241}$$Am線源は1.428MBq、$$^{243}$$Am線源は370.5kBq及び89.57kBq並びに$$^{244}$$Cm線源は2.327MBqを得ると共に、不確かさを0.35%(1$$sigma$$)と評価した。本報告書では、MA線源の作製及び定量方法並びに不確かさ評価の過程についてまとめる。


First online operation of TRIGA-TRAP

Grund, J.*; 浅井 雅人; Blaum, K.*; Block, M.*; Chenmarev, S.*; D$"u$llmann, Ch. E.*; Eberhardt, K.*; Lohse, S.*; 永目 諭一郎*; Nagy, Sz.*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 972, p.164013_1 - 164013_8, 2020/08

ペニングトラップ型質量分析装置TRIGA-TRAPとTRIGA Mainz研究炉との結合に成功した。これにより、炉心近くに設置した$$^{235}$$U標的の中性子核分裂によって生成された短寿命核の高精度質量測定が可能となった。ターゲットチャンバから表面電離イオン源への短寿命核の効率的な輸送のためにエアロゾルガスジェットシステムを使用した。新規イオン光学系および改良型ビームモニタリングシステムを導入するとともに、実験装置のコミッショニングが終了した。表面イオン源の設計、実験装置の効率、および本装置を用いて得られた最初の結果を報告する。


$$beta$$-delayed fission of isomers in $$^{188}$$Bi

Andel, B.*; Andreyev, A. N.; Antalic, S.*; Al Monthery, M.*; Barzakh, A.*; Bissell, M. L.*; Chrysalidis, K.*; 他29名*

Physical Review C, 102(1), p.014319_1 - 014319_12, 2020/07

$$beta$$-delayed fission ($$beta$$DF) decay of a low-spin (ls) and a high-spin (hs) isomer in $$^{188}$$Bi was studied at the ISOLDE facility at CERN. Their $$beta$$DF partial half-lives were determined: $$T_{rm 1/2p}$$, $$beta$$DF($$^{188}$$Bi$$^{hs}$$)= 5.6(8) $$times$$ 10$$^{3}$$ s and $$T_{rm 1/2p}$$, $$beta$$DF($$^{188}$$Bi$$^{ls}$$)=1.7(6) $$times$$ 10$$^{3}$$ s. This work is the first $$beta$$DF study of two states in one isotope and allows the spin dependence of low-energy fission to be explored. The fission fragment mass distribution of a daughter nuclide $$^{188}$$Pb, following the $$beta$$ decay of the high-spin isomer, was deduced and indicates a mixture of symmetric and asymmetric fission modes.


Effects of multichance fission on isotope dependence of fission fragment mass distributions at high energies

田中 翔也; 有友 嘉浩*; 宮本 裕也*; 廣瀬 健太郎; 西尾 勝久

Physical Review C, 100(6), p.064605_1 - 064605_6, 2019/12

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Physics, Nuclear)

散逸揺動定理を採用した動力学模型を使用し、$$^{234-240}$$U, $$^{236-242}$$Np, $$^{238-244}$$Pu ($$E^{*}$$=15-55MeV)という広い範囲の核種および励起エネルギーにおいて核分裂片質量分布の評価を行った。本研究の特色は、原子核が分裂へ至るまでに中性子を放出するという、マルチチャンス核分裂の概念を理論計算へ導入していることである。その結果、実験データを系統的に再現する計算結果を得られた。特に、励起エネルギーが高い領域においても核分裂片質量分布がふた山構造を維持する傾向や、原子核の初期状態(特に中性子数)に依存するという実験データの傾向を再現することに成功した。またこの傾向が、核分裂前の中性子放出確率を支配している複合核の中性子結合エネルギーと相関を持つことを示した。


Validation of the multinucleon transfer method for the determination of the fission barrier height

Kean, K. R.; 西尾 勝久; 廣瀬 健太郎; Vermeulen, M. J.; 牧井 宏之; Orlandi, R.; 塚田 和明; Andreyev, A. N.; Tsekhanovich, I.*; 千葉 敏*

Physical Review C, 100(1), p.014611_1 - 014611_6, 2019/07

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Physics, Nuclear)

The validity of the multinucleon transfer (MNT) approach for deduction of fission barrier heights was investigated in an experiment carried out at the JAEA tandem accelerator facility. By using the $$^{18}$$O+$$^{237}$$Np reaction, fission barrier heights were inferred from fission probabilities of the nuclei $$^{239}$$Np and $$^{239,240}$$Pu produced in the $$2n$$ and $$pn/p2n$$ transfer channels, respectively. The deduced values of fission barriers agree well with the literature data, thus demonstrating the potential of the MNT reactions for obtaining fission-barrier data for nuclei not accessible for fission studies via neutron- or light charged particle-induced reactions.


Origin of the dramatic change of fission mode in fermium isotopes investigated using Langevin equations

宮本 裕也*; 有友 嘉浩*; 田中 翔也; 廣瀬 健太郎; 西尾 勝久

Physical Review C, 99(5), p.051601_1 - 051601_7, 2019/05

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:14.53(Physics, Nuclear)

The fission of even-even fermium nuclides $$^{250-260}$$Fm at low excitation energy was studied using Langevin equations of three-dimensional nuclear-shape parametrization. The mass distributions of fission fragments show a dramatic change from an asymmetric shape for the lighter fermium isotopes to sharp symmetric fission for the heavier isotopes. The time evolution of the nuclear shape on the potential surface reveals that the lighter fermium isotopes showing asymmetric fission are trapped in the second minimum for a substantial length of time before overcoming the second saddle point. This behavior changes dramatically for the compact symmetric fission found in the heavier neutron-rich fermium nuclei that disintegrate immediately after overcoming the first saddle point, without feeling the second barrier, resulting in a fission time two orders of magnitude shorter.


処分と資源化; より安全な処分と安心できるリサイクル

西原 健司

ImPACT藤田プログラム公開成果報告会「核変換による高レベル放射性廃棄物の大幅な低減・資源化」 成果報告書・資料集, p.28 - 31, 2019/03




西原 健司

ImPACT藤田プログラム公開成果報告会「核変換による高レベル放射性廃棄物の大幅な低減・資源化」 成果報告書・資料集, p.130 - 133, 2019/03



Observation of the competing fission modes in $$^{178}$$Pt

Tsekhanovich, I.*; Andreyev, A. N.; 西尾 勝久; Denis-Petit, D.*; 廣瀬 健太郎; 牧井 宏之; Matheson, Z.*; 森本 幸司*; 森田 浩介*; Nazarewicz, W.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 790, p.583 - 588, 2019/03

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:4.7(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Fragment mass distributions from fission of the excited compound nucleus $$^{178}$$Pt have been deduced from the measured fragment velocities. The $$^{178}$$Pt nucleus was created at the JAEA tandem facility in a complete fusion reaction $$^{36}$$Ar+$$^{142}$$Nd, at beam energies of 155, 170 and 180 MeV. The data are indicative of a mixture of the mass-asymmetric and mass-symmetric fission modes associated with higher and lower total kinetic energies of the fragments, respectively. The measured fragment yields are dominated by asymmetric mass splits, with the symmetric mode contributing at the level of $$approx$$ 1/3. This constitutes the first observation of a multimodal fission in the sub-lead region. Most probable experimental fragment-mass split of the asymmetric mode, $$A_{rm L}$$/$$A_{rm H}$$ $$approx$$ 79/99, is well reproduced by nuclear density functional theory using the UNEDF1-HFB and D1S potentials. The symmetric mode is associated by theory with very elongated fission fragments, which is consistent with the observed total kinetic energy/fragment mass correlation.


放射性廃棄物の処分と分離変換; ソースタームから考える処分

西原 健司

原子力バックエンド研究(CD-ROM), 25(2), p.131 - 134, 2018/12



A New detector system for the measurement of high-energy prompt $$gamma$$-rays for low-energy neutron induced fission

牧井 宏之; 西尾 勝久; 廣瀬 健太郎; Orlandi, R.; L$'e$guillon, R.*; 小川 達彦; Soldner, T.*; Hambsch, F.-J.*; A$"i$che, M.*; Astier, A.*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 906, p.88 - 96, 2018/10

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:36.93(Instruments & Instrumentation)



Role of breakup processes in deuteron-induced spallation reactions at 100-200 MeV/nucleon

中山 梓介; 古立 直也; 岩本 修; 渡辺 幸信*

Physical Review C, 98(4), p.044606_1 - 044606_8, 2018/10

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:22.78(Physics, Nuclear)



First accurate normalization of the $$beta$$-delayed $$alpha$$ decay of $$^{16}$$N and implications for the $$^{12}$$C($$alpha$$,$$gamma$$)$$^{16}$$O astrophysical reaction rate

Kirsebom, O. S.*; Tengblad, O.*; Andreyev, A. N.; 他41名*

Physical Review Letters, 121(14), p.142701_1 - 142701_6, 2018/10

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:39.6(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The $$^{12}$$C($$alpha$$,$$gamma$$)$$^{16}$$O reaction plays a central role in astrophysics, but its cross section at energies relevant for astrophysical applications is only poorly constrained by laboratory data. The reduced $$alpha$$ width, $$gamma_{rm 11}$$, of the bound 1$$^{-}$$ level in $$^{16}$$O is particularly important to determine the cross section. The magnitude of $$gamma_{11}$$ is determined via sub-Coulomb $$alpha$$-transfer reactions or the $$beta$$-delayed $$alpha$$ decay of $$^{16}$$N, but the latter approach is presently hampered by the lack of sufficiently precise data on the $$beta$$-decay branching ratios. Here we report improved branching ratios for the bound 1$$^{-}$$ level ($$b_{beta,11}$$) and for $$beta$$-delayed $$alpha$$ emission ($$b_{beta alpha}$$). Our value for $$b_{beta alpha}$$ is 33 $$%$$ larger than previously held, leading to a substantial increase in $$gamma_{11}$$. Our revised value for $$gamma_{11}$$ is in good agreement with the value obtained in $$alpha$$-transfer studies and the weighted average of the two gives a robust and precise determination of $$gamma_{11}$$, which provides significantly improved constraints on the $$^{12}$$C($$alpha$$,$$gamma$$)$$^{16}$$O cross section in the energy range relevant to hydro static He burning.


Release and transport behaviors of non-gamma-emitting fission products and actinides in steam and hydrogen atmospheres

三輪 周平; Ducros, G.*; Hanus, E.*; Bottomley, P. D. W.*; Van Winckel, S.*; 逢坂 正彦

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 326, p.143 - 149, 2018/01

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Nuclear fission; A Review of experimental advances and phenomenology

Andreyev, A.; 西尾 勝久; Schmidt, K.-H.*

Reports on Progress in Physics, 81(1), p.016301_1 - 016301_61, 2018/01

 被引用回数:48 パーセンタイル:7.68(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

In the last two decades, through technological, experimental and theoretical advances, the situation in experimental fission studies has changed dramatically. With the use of advanced production and detection techniques both much more detailed and precise information can now be obtained for the traditional regions of fission research and, crucially, new regions of nuclei have become routinely accessible for fission studies. This work first of all reviews the recent developments in experimental fission techniques, in particular the resurgence of transfer-induced fission reactions with light and heavy ions, the emerging use of inverse-kinematic approaches, both at Coulomb and relativistic energies, and of fission studies with radioactive beams. The emphasis on the fission-fragment mass and charge distributions will be made in this work, though some of the other fission observables, such as prompt neutron and $$gamma$$-ray emission will also be reviewed. The review will conclude with the discussion of the new experimental fission facilities which are presently being brought into operation, along with promising "next-generation" fission approaches, which might become available within the next decade.


核データ研究の最前線; たゆまざる真値の追及、そして新たなニーズへ応える為に,3; 核分裂データの最前線; 実験と理論

西尾 勝久; 千葉 敏*

日本原子力学会誌, 59(12), p.717 - 721, 2017/12



Four-dimensional Langevin approach to low-energy nuclear fission of $$^{236}$$U

石塚 知香子*; Usang, M. D.*; Ivanyuk, F. A.*; Maruhn, J. A.*; 西尾 勝久; 千葉 敏

Physical Review C, 96(6), p.064616_1 - 064616_9, 2017/12

 被引用回数:25 パーセンタイル:5.1(Physics, Nuclear)

We developed a four-dimensional (4D) Langevin model, which can treat the deformation of each fragment independently and applied it to low-energy fission of $$^{236}$$U, the compound system of the reaction n + $$^{235}$$U. The potential energy is calculated with the deformed two-center Woods-Saxon (TCWS) and the Nilsson-type potential with the microscopic energy corrections following the Strutinsky method and BCS pairing. The transport coefficients are calculated by macroscopic prescriptions. It turned out that the deformation for the light and heavy fragments behaves differently, showing a sawtooth structure similar to that of the neutron multiplicities of the individual fragments $$nu$$(A). Furthermore, the measured total kinetic energy TKE(A) and its standard deviation are reproduced fairly well by the 4D Langevin model based on the TCWS potential in addition to the fission fragment mass distributions. The developed model allows a multi-parametric correlation analysis among, e.g., the three key fission observables, mass, TKE, and neutron multiplicity, which should be essential to elucidate several longstanding open problems in fission such as the sharing of the excitation energy between the fragments.


Role of multichance fission in the description of fission-fragment mass distributions at high energies

廣瀬 健太郎; 西尾 勝久; 田中 翔也*; L$'e$guillon, R.*; 牧井 宏之; 西中 一朗*; Orlandi, R.; 塚田 和明; Smallcombe, J.*; Vermeulen, M. J.; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 119(22), p.222501_1 - 222501_6, 2017/12

 被引用回数:26 パーセンタイル:7.66(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

JAEAタンデム加速器施設で行った$$^{18}$$O+$$^{238}$$U反応における多核子移行チャンネルを用いた実験により、$$^{237-240}$$U, $$^{239-242}$$Np、および$$^{241-244}$$Puの核分裂質量分布を励起エネルギー10$$sim$$60MeVにおいて測定した。これらのうち、$$^{240}$$U, $$^{240,241,242}$$Npのデータは本実験により初めて観測された。原子核の殻効果の減衰によって対称分裂すると予想されていた高励起エネルギーにおいても、質量分布が非対称を示すことがわかった。搖動散逸定理に基づく動力学モデル計算との比較から、この振る舞いはマルチチャンス核分裂によるものであることを明らかにした。


Study of fission using multi-nucleon transfer reactions

西尾 勝久; 廣瀬 健太郎; Vermeulen, M. J.; 牧井 宏之; Orlandi, R.; 塚田 和明; 浅井 雅人; 豊嶋 厚史; 佐藤 哲也; 永目 諭一郎; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 163, p.00041_1 - 00041_6, 2017/11

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:100

We are promoting a study of fission using multi-nucleon transfer (MNT) reactions, where excited states in neutron-rich actinide nuclei, which cannot be accessed by particle capture and/or fusion reactions, are populated. Also, the excited states in the fissioning nucleus are widely populated by the MNT reactions, from which effects of excitation energy on fission properties can be investigated. Experiments were carried out at the JAEA tandem facility in Tokai, Japan. We studied reactions using the $$^{18}$$O beam and several actinide target nuclei such as $$^{232}$$Th, $$^{238}$$U, $$^{237}$$Np, $$^{248}$$Cm. Ejectile nucleus was identified by a silicon $$Delta$$E-E telescope to identify transfer channel and hence the compound nucleus. Fission fragments were detected by multi-wire proportional counters, and fission fragment mass distributions (FFMDs) were measured for each isotope. Measured FFMDs are reproduced by a calculation based on the fluctuation-dissipation model, and importance of multi-chance fission concept is investigated. Fission fragment angular distribution relative to the recoil direction suggested the increase of the spin of the fissioning nucleus with the number of transferred nucleons.

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