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Journal Articles

Oxygen chemical diffusion coefficients of (U, Pu)O$$_{2-x}$$

Watanabe, Masashi; Sunaoshi, Takeo*; Kato, Masato

Defect and Diffusion Forum, 375, p.84 - 90, 2017/05

The oxygen chemical diffusion coefficient in (U, Pu)O$$_{2-x}$$ was determined by thermo-gravimetry as functions of the Pu content, oxygen-to-metal ratio and temperature. The surface reaction was considered in the diffusion coefficient determination. The activation energy for the chemical diffusion coefficient was 60 kJ/mol and 65 kJ/mol, respectively, in (U$$_{0.8}$$Pu$$_{0.2}$$)O$$_{2-x}$$ and (U$$_{0.7}$$Pu$$_{0.3}$$)O$$_{2-x}$$.

Journal Articles

Phase relations and crystal chemistry in the ternary UO$$_{2}$$-PrO$$_{1}$$$$_{.}$$$$_{5}$$-O$$_{2}$$ system

; Fujino, Takeo; Tagawa, Hiroaki

J.Nucl.Mater., 132, p.192 - 201, 1985/00

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Oral presentation

Raman spectra of non-stoichiometric (U$$_{1-y}$$Ce$$_{y}$$)O$$_{2}$$ solid solution

Watanabe, Masashi; Kato, Masato; Sunaoshi, Takeo*; Yato, Tadao*; Konashi, Kenji*

no journal, , 

Raman spectroscopy has been widely used to detect the oxygen vacancies and proven to be a very powerful characterization technique. The Raman spectral data of non-stoichiometric actinide oxides are very limited. The purpose of this work was to measure the Raman spectra of a non-stoichiometric (U$$_{1-y}$$Ce$$_{y}$$)O$$_{2}$$ solid solution. The Raman spectra of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric (U$$_{1-y}$$Ce$$_{y}$$)O$$_{2}$$ are successfully measured. The T$$_{2g}$$ peak of non-stoichiometric (U$$_{1-y}$$Ce$$_{y}$$)O$$_{2}$$ exhibited the same peak shift behavior as hypo-stoichiometric CeO$$_{2}$$.

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