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Journal Articles

Extraction and separation of Am(III) and Sr(II) by N,N,N',N'-tetraoctyl-3-oxapentanediamide (TODGA)

Suzuki, Hideya*; Sasaki, Yuji; Sugo, Yumi; Apichaibukol, A.; Kimura, Takaumi

Radiochimica Acta, 92(8), p.463 - 466, 2004/08

 Times Cited Count:80 Percentile:97.75(Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear)

The promising extractant for the partitioning of HLLW, TODGA, was used and investigated for the extraction of Sr(II) and separation from Am(III). Both metal ions can be extracted by TODGA based on the extraction reaction accompanying the neutral HNO$$_{3}$$ as well as the counter anion, NO$$_{3}$$$$^{-}$$. The mixture of TODGA and monoamide can reduce the distribution ratio of Sr(II), compared to the D(Sr) without monoamide, this solvent may extract only Am(III) with holding Sr(II) in the aqueous phase. After extraction of An by TODGA and monoamide, Sr(II) remaining in HLLW can be extracted by using enough high concentration of TODGA at the next step. Because of its high D value, Sr(II) can be coextracted with An by TODGA. It was observed that D(Sr) decrease with an increase of HNO$$_{3}$$ from 3M to 6M HNO$$_{3}$$ at the same TODGA concentration, while Am(III) has still high D values at least until 6M HNO$$_{3}$$. By using 6M HNO$$_{3}$$ of aqueous phase, An and Sr(II) can be separated after coextraction.

JAEA Reports

ARTIST process; A Novel chemical process for treatment of spent nuclear fuel

Tachimori, Shoichi

JAERI-Research 2001-048, 23 Pages, 2001/10


A new chemical process, ARTIST process, is proposed for the treatment of spent nuclear fuel. The main concept of the ARTIST process is to recover and stock all actinides (Ans) in two groups, uranium (U) and a mixture of transuranics (TRU), to preserve their resource value and to dispose solely fission products (FPs). The process composed of two main steps, an U exclusive isolation and a total recovery of TRU; which copes with the nuclear non-proliferation measures, and additionally Pu separation process and soft N-donor process if requested, and optionally processes for separation of long-lived FPs. These An products: U-product and TRU-product, are to be solidified by calcination and allowed to the interim stockpile for future utilization. These separations are achieved by use of amidic extractants in accord with the CHON principle. The technical feasibility of the ARTIST process was explained by the performance of both the branched-alkyl monoamides the diglycolic amide (TODGA) in thorough extraction of all TRU by tridentate fashon.

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