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Journal Articles

Improved cavitation resistance of structural materials in pulsed liquid metal targets by surface hardening

Koppitz, T.*; Jung, P.*; M$"u$ller, G.*; Weisenburger, A.*; Futakawa, Masatoshi; Ikeda, Yujiro

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 343(1-3), p.92 - 100, 2005/08

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:46.25(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Cavitation damage of structural materials due to pressure waves is expected to be one of the majior life-time limiting factors in high power liquid metal spallation targets under pulsed operation. Two methods are developed for the European Spallation Source (ESS) to mitigate this damage: Introduction of gas bubbles to surpress the pressure pulse and surface-hardening of structural materials. Surface-hardening of four 8-13%Cr martenstic steels was examined by thermal treatment with pulsed or scanned electron- and laser-beams as well as by nitriding in plasma. A specimens of the 12%Cr steel were tested in liquid mercury under pulsed proton irradiation, and under mechanical pulsed-loading. Surface damage was analysed by optical, confocal-laser, or scanning-electron microscopy, showing in both tests much better resistance of the hardened material compared to standard condition.

Journal Articles

Corrosion behavior of Al-surface-treated steels in liquid Pb-Bi in a pot

Kurata, Yuji; Futakawa, Masatoshi; Saito, Shigeru

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 335(3), p.501 - 507, 2004/12

 Times Cited Count:27 Percentile:84.9(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Corrosion tests were performed in oxygen-saturated liquid Pb-Bi at 450$$^{circ}$$C and 550$$^{circ}$$C in a pot for 3000h for Al-surface-treated steels containing various levels of Cr contents. The Al surface treatments were achieved using a gas diffusion method and a melt dipping method. Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$, FeAl$$_{2}$$ and AlCr$$_{2}$$ produced by the gas diffusion method exhibited corrosion resistance to liquid Pb-Bi, while the surface layer produced by the melt dipping method suffered a severe corrosion attack. Fe$$_{4}$$Al$$_{13}$$ and Fe$$_{2}$$Al$$_{5}$$ produced by the melt dipping method disappeared during the corrosion test at 550$$^{circ}$$C and only FeAl remained.

Journal Articles

Main results of static and dynamic corrosion tests in oxygen-saturated liquid lead-bismuth

Kurata, Yuji; Kikuchi, Kenji; Saito, Shigeru; Futakawa, Masatoshi; Sasa, Toshinobu

FZKA-6876, p.190 - 198, 2003/12

A report at MEGAPIE(Megawatt Pilot Experiment) Technical R & D Meeting is collected into an FZK report. According to the static corrosion tests, Al surface-treated layer produced by the gas diffusion method exhabited corrosion resistance to liquid Pb-Bi, while Al surface-treated layer produced by the melt dipping method suffered a severe corrosion attack. Furtheremore, it was found that a thick ferrite layer was formed in the surface of austenitic stainless steel at 550$$^{circ}$$C. Dissolution at high temperature parts, precipitation of Fe-Cr alloy and deposition of PbO at low temperature parts occured in the first loop corrosion test. These caused plugging of the narrow passage in electro-magnetic pumu(EMP) system. Adoption of filters and a wide passage in an EMP system, and the use of an inner-polished tube specimen brought about a good effect.

JAEA Reports

Measurement of Secondary Electron Emission Coefficient of Wall Materials Using Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Hiroki, S.; ; *; ; Murakami, Yoshio

JAERI-M 85-123, 23 Pages, 1985/08


no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

The Effect of heat treatment on density and structure of SiC

; Ikawa, Katsuichi; Iwamoto, K.

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 92(2), p.351 - 353, 1980/00

 Times Cited Count:20 Percentile:97.17(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

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