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Journal Articles

Silicon isotope separation utilizing infrared multiphoton dissociation of Si$$_{2}$$F$$_{6}$$ irradiated with two-frequency CO$$_{2}$$ laser lights

Yokoyama, Atsushi; Oba, Hironori; Hashimoto, Masashi; Katsumata, Keiichi; Akagi, Hiroshi; Ishii, Takeshi*; Oya, Akio*; Arai, Shigeyoshi*

Applied Physics B, 79(7), p.883 - 889, 2004/11

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:42.89(Optics)

Silicon isotope separation has been done utilizing the Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation of Si$$_{2}$$F$$_{6}$$ irradiated with two-frequency CO$$_{2}$$ laser lights. The two-frequency excitation method improved the separation efficiency with keeping the high enrichment factors. For example, Si$$_{2}$$F$$_{6}$$ with the $$^{28}$$Si fraction of 99.4 % was obtained at 40.0 % dissociation of Si$$_{2}$$F$$_{6}$$ after the simultaneous irradiation of 100 pulses with 966.23 cm$$^{-1}$$ photons (0.089 J/cm$$^{2}$$) and 954.55 cm$$^{-1}$$ photons (0.92 J/cm$$^{2}$$), while 1000 pulses were needed to obtain 99.0 % of $$^{28}$$Si at 27.2 % dissociation in the case of single frequency irradiation at 954.55 cm$$^{-1}$$ (0.92 J/cm$$^{2}$$). The single-step enrichment factors of $$^{29}$$Si and $$^{30}$$Si increased with increasing Si$$_{2}$$F$$_{6}$$ pressure. The reason for this enhancement has been discussed in terms of the rotational and vibrational relaxations by collisions with ambient gases.

JAEA Reports

Catalytic activity of catalysts for steam reforming reaction (Contract research)

Ohashi, Hirofumi; Inagaki, Yoshiyuki

JAERI-Tech 2003-046, 47 Pages, 2003/05


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