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Journal Articles

Nuclear technology and potential ripple effect of superconducting magnets for fusion power plant

Nishimura, Arata*; Muroga, Takeo*; Takeuchi, Takao*; Nishitani, Takeo; Morioka, Atsuhiko

Fusion Engineering and Design, 81(8-14), p.1675 - 1681, 2006/02

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:25.6(Nuclear Science & Technology)

In a fusion reactor plant, a neutral beam injector (NBI) will be operated for a long time, and it will allow neutron streaming from NBI ports to outside of the plasma vacuum vessel. It requires the superconducting magnet to develop nuclear technology to produce stable magnetic field and to reduce activation of the magnet components. In this report, the back ground of the necessity and the contents of the nuclear technology of the superconducting magnets for fusion application are discussed and some typical investigation results are presented, which are the neutron irradiation effect on Nb$$_{3}$$Sn wire, the development of low activation superconducting wire, and the design concept to reduce nuclear heating and nuclear transformation by streaming. In addition, recent activities in high energy particle physics are introduced and potential ripple effect of the technology of the superconducting magnets is described briefly.

Journal Articles

Characterization of radionuclides formed by high-energy neutron irradiation

Yokoyama, Sumi; Sato, Kaoru; Noguchi, Hiroshi; Tanaka, Susumu; Iida, Takao*; Furuichi, Shinya*; Kanda, Yukio*; Oki, Yuichi*; Kaneto, Taihei*

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 116(1-4), p.401 - 405, 2005/12

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:11.17(Environmental Sciences)

The physicochemical property of radionuclides suspended in the air is an important parameter to evaluate internal doses due to the inhalation of the airborne radionuclides and to develop the air monitoring system in high-energy proton accelerator facilities. This study focuses on the property of radioactive airborne chlorine ($$^{38}$$Cl and $$^{39}$$Cl) and sulfur ($$^{38}$$S) formed from Ar gas by irradiation with high-energy neutrons. As a result of the irradiation to a mixture of Ar gas and dry air, $$^{38}$$Cl and $$^{39}$$Cl existed as non-acidic gas and $$^{38}$$S was present as acidic gas. Further, it was found that in the high-energy neutron irradiation to aerosol containing-Ar gas, the higher the amount of radioactive aerosols becomes, the lower that of radioactive acidic gas becomes.

Journal Articles

Radiation safety design for the J-PARC project

Nakashima, Hiroshi; Nakane, Yoshihiro; Masukawa, Fumihiro; Matsuda, Norihiro; Oguri, Tomomi*; Nakano, Hideo*; Sasamoto, Nobuo*; Shibata, Tokushi*; Suzuki, Takenori*; Miura, Taichi*; et al.

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 115(1-4), p.564 - 568, 2005/12

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:47.08(Environmental Sciences)

The High Intensity Proton Accelerator Project, named as J-PARC, is in progress, aiming at studies on the latest basic science and the advancing nuclear technology. In the project, the high-energy proton accelerator complex of the world highest intensity is under construction. In order to establish a reasonable shielding design, both simplified and detailed design methods were used in the shielding design of J-PARC. This paper reviews the present status of the radiation safety design study for J-PARC.

JAEA Reports

Measurement of radioactivity induced by GeV-protons and spallation neutrons using AGS accelerator

Kasugai, Yoshimi; Kai, Tetsuya; Maekawa, Fujio; Nakashima, Hiroshi; Takada, Hiroshi; Konno, Chikara; Numajiri, Masaharu*; Ino, Takashi*; Takahashi, Kazutoshi*

JAERI-Research 2003-034, 115 Pages, 2004/01


Measurement of radioactivity induced by high-energy protons with energy of 2.83 and 24 GeV and spallation neutrons produced by bombarding a mercury target with the high-energy protons were performed by using the AGS (Alternative Gradient Synchrotron) accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The samples of boron, carbon, aluminum, iron, copper, niobium, mercury-oxide, lead, bismuth, acrylic resin, SS-316, Inconel-625 and Inconel-718 were irradiated around the mercury target. After the irradiation, the radioactivity of each sample was measured by using HPGe detectors at the cooling time between 2 h and 200 d. In the processing of the measured $$gamma$$-ray spectra, more than 90 radioactive nucleus were identified, and the radioactivity data were obtained. This report gives the experimental procedure, the data processing and the experimental results in detail.

JAEA Reports

Design concept of radiation control system for the high intensity proton accelerator facility

Miyamoto, Yukihiro; Ikeno, Koichi; Akiyama, Shigenori*; Harada, Yasunori

JAERI-Tech 2002-086, 43 Pages, 2002/11


Description is given for the characteristic radiation environment for the High Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility and the design concept of the radiation control system of it. The facility is a large scale accelerator complex consisting of high energy proton accelerators carrying the highest beam intensity in the world and the related experimental facilities and therefore provides various issues relevant to the radiation environment. The present report describes the specifications for the radiation control system for the facility, determined in consideration of these characteristics.

JAEA Reports

Dose coefficients for radionuclides produced in high energy proton accelerator facilities; Coefficients for radionuclides not listed in ICRP publications

Kawai, Katsuo; Endo, Akira; Noguchi, Hiroshi

JAERI-Data/Code 2002-013, 66 Pages, 2002/05


Effective dose coefficients by inhalation and ingestion have been calculated for 334 nuclides, including (1) nuclides with half-lives $$ge$$ 10min and their daughters that are not listed in ICRP Publications and (2) nuclides with half-lives $$<$$ 10min that are produced in a spallation target. Dose calculation was carried out using a nuclear decay database DECDC and a decay data library newly compiled from the ENSDF. The dose coefficients were calculated with the computer code DOCAP based on the respiratory tract model and biokinetic model of ICRP. The calculated results are presented as tables, which are the same forms as those in ICRP Publs.68 and 72. The complete listings of the dose coefficients are arranged on a CD-ROM, DoseCD, as indexed tables for inhalation of ten particle sizes, ingestion and injection into blood for workers and members of the public. The dose coefficients calculated in the present study are useful to calculate internal doses for a variety of radionuclides produced in high energy proton accelerator facilities.

Journal Articles

Evaluation of internal and external doses from $$^{11}$$C produced in the air in high energy proton accelerator tunnels

Endo, Akira; Oki, Yuichi*; Kanda, Yukio*; Oishi, Tetsuya; Kondo, Kenjiro*

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 93(3), p.223 - 230, 2001/00

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:45.58(Environmental Sciences)

no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

HETC-3STEP calculations of proton induced nuclide production cross sections at incident energies between 20 MeV and 5 GeV

Takada, Hiroshi; Yoshizawa, Nobuaki*; *

JAERI-Research 96-040, 91 Pages, 1996/08


no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

The evaluation of radiation damage to the target material due to the injection of medium-and high-energy protons

*; X.Chen*; *; Harada, Hideo*; ; Takizuka, Takakazu; Sasa, Toshinobu

Proc. of 2nd Int. Conf. on Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies and Applications, 2, p.960 - 966, 1996/00

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Production of useful radioisotopes with a high-energy proton accelerator

Sekine, Toshiaki

JAERI-Conf 95-017, 0, p.209 - 214, 1995/09

no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

Production of a high proton yield beam in a semi-cylindrical plasma generator

Watanabe, Kazuhiro; Araki, Masanori; Dairaku, Masayuki; Horiike, Hiroshi; Ohara, Yoshihiro; Okumura, Yoshikazu; Tanaka, Shigeru; ; J.Pamela*

JAERI-M 90-212, 56 Pages, 1990/12


no abstracts in English

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