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Journal Articles

Quantitative determination of total cesium in highly active liquid waste by using liquid electrode plasma optical emission spectrometry

Do, V. K.; Yamamoto, Masahiko; Taguchi, Shigeo; Takamura, Yuzuru*; Surugaya, Naoki; Kuno, Takehiko

Talanta, 183, p.283 - 289, 2018/06

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:46.82(Chemistry, Analytical)

We develop a novel analytical method employing liquid electrode plasma optical emission spectrometry for measurement of total cesium in highly active liquid wastes. Limit of detection and limit of quantification are 0.005 mg/L and 0.02 mg/L, respectively. The method is validated and applied to the real samples.

Journal Articles

Accomplishment of 10-year research in NUCEF and future development; Process safety and development research

Morita, Yasuji; Asakura, Toshihide; Mineo, Hideaki; Hotoku, Shinobu; Uchiyama, Gunzo

JAERI-Conf 2005-007, p.25 - 30, 2005/08

Researches on process safety of reprocessing, development of an advanced reprocessing and partitioning of high-level liquid waste(HLLW) have been conducted in NUCEF - BECKY (Back-end Fuel Cycle Key Elements Research Facility), which has alpha-gamma concrete cells and many glove-boxes. This paper presents 10 year accomplishment of the above researches and future activities to be conducted in the field of separation process development.

JAEA Reports

Elemental separation simulation in the ARTIST process; Separation simulation of counter-current extractor by commercial software

Yamaguchi, Isoo*; Suzuki, Shinichi; Sasaki, Yuji; Yamagishi, Isao; Matsumura, Tatsuro; Kimura, Takaumi

JAERI-Tech 2005-037, 56 Pages, 2005/07


For the development of the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels, the solvent extraction using the mixer-settler equipment is greatly available. This method has the advantages of the treatment of the large mass of materials and continuous operations. In case of the application of the mixer-settler devise, the precise calculation using the distribution ratio of metals in order to determine the metal concentration at each stage is indispensable. This calculation is performed in the development of ARTIST process. The metal concentration in each stage of ARTIST process is calculated by the simulation using excel software equipped with counter-current equations. This method is not taken into consideration of the change of acid concentration, therefore, we developed the new method to calculate the metal concentration even after acidity change. This method can calculate not only the metal concentration at each extraction step but also at each stage of mixer-settler. Using this calculation, we evaluated the optimum condition of solvent extraction in ARTIST process.

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