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J-PARC ANNRIビームラインにおける偏極熱外中性子利用

遠藤 駿典; 奥平 琢也*

波紋, 33(2), p.68 - 72, 2023/05



Covariance of resonance parameters ascribed to systematic uncertainties in experiments

遠藤 駿典; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 岩本 修; 岩本 信之; Rovira Leveroni, G.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 281, p.00012_1 - 00012_5, 2023/03

In resonance analysis, experimental uncertainties affect the accuracy of resonance parameters. A resonance analysis code REFIT can consider the statistical uncertainty of the experimental data in evaluation of the resonance parameter uncertainty. On the other hand, since the systematic uncertainties of the sample thickness and normalization, which is proportional to the cross-section, are not independent at each measurement point, they must be treated differently from the statistical uncertainty. However, their treatment has not been discussed in detail so far. In this study, we evaluated the effect of the systematic uncertainties of experimental data on deduced resonance parameters by varying sample-thickness values used for the REFIT code. Covariance of resonance parameters ascribed to systematic uncertainties were evaluated from the neutron transmission data of natural zinc measured at the J-PARC MLF ANNRI. We will introduce this evaluation method and discuss the feature of obtained correlations.


Laser-driven neutron generation realizing single-shot resonance spectroscopy

余語 覚文*; Lan, Z.*; 有川 安信*; 安部 勇輝*; Mirfayzi, S. R.*; Wei, T.*; 森 隆人*; Golovin, D.*; 早川 岳人*; 岩田 夏弥*; et al.

Physical Review X, 13(1), p.011011_1 - 011011_12, 2023/01

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Neutrons are powerful tools for investigating the structure and properties of materials used in science and technology. Recently, laser-driven neutron sources (LDNS) have attracted the attention of different communities, from science to industry, in a variety of applications, including radiography, spectroscopy, security, and medicine. However, the laser-driven ion acceleration mechanism for neutron generation and for establishing the scaling law on the neutron yield is essential to improve the feasibility of LDNS. In this paper, we report the mechanism that accelerates ions with spectra suitable for neutron generation. We show that the neutron yield increases with the fourth power of the laser intensity, resulting in the neutron generation of $$3times10^{11}$$ in $$4pi$$ at a maximum, with $$1.1times10^{19}$$ Wcm$$^{-2}$$, 900 J, 1.5 ps lasers. By installing a "hand-size" moderator, which is specially designed for the LDNS, it is demonstrated that the efficient generation of epithermal (0.1-100 eV) neutrons enables the single-shot analysis of composite materials by neutron resonance transmission analysis (NRTA). We achieve the energy resolution of 2.3% for 5.19-eV neutrons 1.8 m downstream of the LDNS. This leads to the analysis of elements and isotopes within sub-$$mu$$s times and allows for high-speed nondestructive inspection.


Measurement of the transverse asymmetry of $$gamma$$ rays in the $$^{117}$$Sn($$n,gamma$$)$$^{118}$$Sn reaction

遠藤 駿典; 奥平 琢也*; 安部 亮太*; 藤岡 宏之*; 広田 克也*; 木村 敦; 北口 雅暁*; 奥 隆之; 酒井 健二; 嶋 達志*; et al.

Physical Review C, 106(6), p.064601_1 - 064601_7, 2022/12

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Effect of sample density in prompt $$gamma$$-ray analysis

前田 亮; 瀬川 麻里子; 藤 暢輔; 遠藤 駿典; 中村 詔司; 木村 敦

Scientific Reports (Internet), 12(1), p.6287_1 - 6287_8, 2022/06

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:43.85(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

A high-accuracy analytical method is broadly required to obtain reliable research results. Thus, prompt $$gamma$$-ray analysis (PGA), one of the most accurate non-destructive analytical methods, has been employed in various fields. However, the measurement accuracy of PGA is also known to degrade in hydrogenous samples. The degradation is caused by variation in the measurement sensitivity (counts per milligram) following the change in neutron energy due to scattering with hydrogen nucleus. Number of scatterings is well known to depend on the hydrogen content in a sample. However, considering multiple scatterings, hydrogen density, which has not been taken into account as yet, may also lead to the accuracy degradation. In this research, the effect of the hydrogen density in PGA is investigated by evaluating the measurement sensitivity of samples with the same hydrogen content and different densities. The results showed that the measurement sensitivity varies by more than 30% depending on the hydrogen density even at the same hydrogen content. The variation is a particularly serious problem for PGA requiring a few percent accuracy in most cases. Additionally, although the variation is apparently observed in hydrogenous samples, the similar phenomenon can occur in other nuclides with a large scattering cross section; it may affect nuclear cross-section measurements using neutrons in such fields as astrophysics and nuclear energy.


Angular distribution of $$gamma$$ rays from the $$p$$-wave resonance of $$^{118}$$Sn

古賀 淳*; 高田 秀佐*; 遠藤 駿典; 藤岡 宏之*; 広田 克也*; 石崎 貢平*; 木村 敦; 北口 雅暁*; 新實 裕大*; 奥平 琢也*; et al.

Physical Review C, 105(5), p.054615_1 - 054615_5, 2022/05

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:56.18(Physics, Nuclear)

J-PACR MLFのパルス中性子源及びBL04 ANNRIに設置されたゲルマニウム検出器を用いて、$$^{117}$$Sn(n,$$gamma$$)反応により生じるガンマ線の中性子エネルギー依存する角度分布を測定した。$$^{117}$$Snの複合核状態から$$^{118}$$Snの基底状態への遷移で発生する9327keVのガンマ線に関して、角度によって1.33eVの$$p$$波共鳴の形状が変わることが明らかに確認できた。この共鳴の低エネルギー側の積分値と高エネルギー側の積分値をそれぞれ$$N_{L}, N_{H}$$で表したとき、非対称性$$A_{LH}=(N_{L}-N_{H})/(N_{L}+N_{H})$$$$A$$cos$$theta_{gamma}+B$$という角度依存をし、それぞれのパラメータ値が$$A=0.394pm0.073$$$$B=0.118pm0.029$$であることがわかった。


Investigation of radioactive samples for neutron capture reaction measurements using energy-resolved neutron imaging

瀬川 麻里子; 藤 暢輔; 甲斐 哲也; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 167, p.108828_1 - 108828_5, 2022/03

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To obtain accurate analytical results via neutron-capture reactions, the effects of sample shapes must be considered. However, the estimations of the effects were difficult to verify in some cases such as sealed samples and valuable objects. In this study, the shape effects for sealed radioactive samples were estimated experimentally. The significant localization of the $$^{129}$$I sample was confirmed only by an energy-resolved neutron imaging. It is revealed that the shape effect was necessary to be corrected at the neutron resonance peaks. Consequently, we conclude that the energy-resolved neutron imaging will be quite effective to improve the analytical accuracy.


Neutron capture and total cross-section measurements and resonance parameter analysis of niobium-93 below 400 eV

遠藤 駿典; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 岩本 修; 岩本 信之; Rovira Leveroni, G.; 寺田 和司*; 明午 伸一郎; 藤 暢輔; 瀬川 麻里子; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(3), p.318 - 333, 2022/03

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:25.87(Nuclear Science & Technology)

In order to improve the accuracy of the cross-section and the resonance parameters of $$^{93}$$Nb, neutron capture and total cross-sections were measured using the J-PARC MLF ANNRI. The thermal-neutron capture cross-section was deduced as 0.97$$pm$$0.12 b. The resonance parameters of 11 resonances below 400 eV were determined from obtained capture cross-sections and transmission ratios by using the resonance analysis code, REFIT.



山根 いくみ; 高橋 信雄; 澤山 兼吾; 西脇 大貴; 松本 孝志; 小川 潤平; 野村 光生; 有馬 立身*

JAEA-Technology 2021-038, 18 Pages, 2022/02


人形峠環境技術センターの設備解体撤去による解体物の発生予想量は全体で約13万トンである。そのうち放射性廃棄物でない廃棄物(以下NR: Nonradioactive wasteという)となる非放射性廃棄物は約80%である。しかしながら、このNR対象となる鋼材の一部には汚染された可能性を否定できないものがあり、これらについては汚染が疑われる部分の表面塗装膜を分離・除去させた後、搬出のためのサーベイを実施してからNRとしている。現在の分離・除去方法ではグラインダー等の回転研磨工具による手作業を採用しているが、この方法は粉塵の飛散と吸入防止のためのグリーンハウスの設置や作業員のタイベックスーツと全面マスクの着用を必要とする。このため、分離・除去方法のさらなる改良による作業の短時間化(低コスト化)、作業員への負荷低減、そして、過剰な研磨による二次廃棄物発生の抑制が望まれている。そこで本研究では、工事現場等で塗装膜分離・除去に使用されるレーザークリーニング技術に着目した。NR対象物の塗装膜分離・除去技術の向上を目的とし、レーザークリーニング装置を用いたNR鋼材表面塗装膜の分離・除去性能評価、高速度カメラによる塗装膜飛散挙動の観測と塗装膜回収方法の検討、鋼材表面の粉体に対するレーザー分離・除去性能評価、鋼材表面上のウラン化合物の熱力学的評価を行った。またこれらに基づいて、今後のレーザークリーニング技術の導入による実作業への適合性についても検討して今後の展開について整理した。


KeV-region analysis of the neutron capture cross-section of $$^{237}$$Np

Rovira Leveroni, G.; 片渕 竜也*; 登坂 健一*; 松浦 翔太*; 児玉 有*; 中野 秀仁*; 岩本 修; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 岩本 信之

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 59(1), p.110 - 122, 2022/01

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:25.87(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Neutron capture cross-section measurements for $$^{237}$$Np have been conducted with the Accurate Neutron Nucleus Reaction Measurement Instrument (ANNRI) at the Materials and Life Science Facility (MLF) of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) using neutrons with energy ranging from thermal energy to 1 MeV. A Time of Flight (TOF) method using a NaI(Tl) detector was employed for these measurements and the data were analyzed based on the pulse-height weighting technique in order to derive the neutron capture cross-section. The absolute capture cross-section was determined using the whole shape of the first resonance from JENDL-4.0 together with the total neutron flux derived from a $$^{197}$$Au sample measurement in which the first resonance was completely saturated. Both normalization techniques present agreement within 2%. The present results are also compared evaluated data libraries. There is a discrepancy of 10-25% discrepancy from 0.5 to 20 keV with JENDL-4.0. Nonetheless, above this energy, the JENDL-4.0 seems to reproduce the present data better as the results agree within uncertainties up to 500 keV. The cross-section results contain errors below 4% from 0.5 to 30 keV. However, the total uncertainty increases to over 8% over that energy. Along with the cross section measurement, theoretical calculations were performed to reproduce the present results.


Neutron total and capture cross-section measurements of $$^{155}$$Gd and $$^{157}$$Gd in the thermal energy region with the Li-glass detectors and NaI(Tl) spectrometer installed in J-PARC$$cdot$$MLF$$cdot$$ANNRI

木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 遠藤 駿典; Rovira Leveroni, G.; 岩本 修; 岩本 信之; 原田 秀郎; 片渕 竜也*; 寺田 和司*; 堀 順一*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 19 Pages, 2022/00

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:58.67(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Neutron total and capture cross-section measurements of $$^{155}$$Gd and $$^{157}$$Gd were performed in the ANNRI at the MLF of the J-PARC. The neutron total cross sections were determined in the energy region from 5 to 100 meV. At the thermal neutron energy, the total cross sections were obtained to be 59.4$$pm$$1.7 and 251.9$$pm$$4.6 kilobarn for $$^{155}$$Gd and $$^{157}$$Gd, respectively. The neutron capture cross sections were determined in the energy region from 3.5 to 100 meV with an innovative method by taking the ratio of the detected capture event rate between thin and thick samples. At the thermal energy, the capture cross sections were obtained as 59.0$$pm$$2.5 and 247.4$$pm$$3.9 kilobarn for $$^{155}$$Gd and $$^{157}$$Gd, respectively. The present total and capture cross sections agree well within the standard deviations. The results for $$^{155}$$Gd were found to be consistent with the values in JENDL-4.0 and the experimental data given by Mastromarco et al. and Leinweber et al. within one standard deviation. Moreover, the present results for $$^{157}$$Gd agreed with the evaluated data in JENDL-4.0 and the experimental data by M${o}$ller et al. within one standard deviation and agreed with the data by Mastromarco et al. within 1.4 standard deviations. However, they disagree (11% larger) with the experimental result by Leinweber et al.



弘中 浩太; 伊藤 史哲*; Lee, J.; 小泉 光生; 高橋 時音; 鈴木 敏*; 余語 覚文*; 有川 安信*; 安部 勇輝*

第42回日本核物質管理学会年次大会会議論文集(インターネット), 4 Pages, 2021/11



Development of a neutron sintillator for a compact NRTA system

伊藤 史哲*; Lee, J.; 弘中 浩太; 高橋 時音; 鈴木 敏*; 堀 順一*; 寺田 和司*; 小泉 光生

KURNS Progress Report 2020, P. 98, 2021/08



Nondestructive quantitative analysis of difficult-to-measure radionuclides $$^{107}$$Pd and $$^{99}$$Tc

藤 暢輔; 瀬川 麻里子; 前田 亮; 常山 正幸*; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 遠藤 駿典; 海老原 充*

Analytical Chemistry, 93(28), p.9771 - 9777, 2021/07

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:26.01(Chemistry, Analytical)

Considering the expanding demand for nuclear waste management of the spent nuclear fuel materials in near future, a non-destructive analytical scheme applicable to the most difficult-to-measure nuclide of $$^{107}$$Pd, which emits no decay gamma-rays and whose half-life is too long to be decayed out during a human lifetime, was designed. The scheme consists of a sophisticated instrument capable of the detection of gamma-rays by Ge detectors coupled with time-of-flight measurement of neutrons and a high-intensity pulsed neutron beam, and can simultaneously perform TOF-coupled prompt gamma-ray analysis (TOF-PGA) as well as PGA and NRCA. An analytical capability was evaluated by applying to simulated samples of the Tc-platinum group metals (Tc-PGMs) obtained by the group partitioning process of spent nuclear fuels, which contain not only $$^{107}$$Pd but also $$^{99}$$Tc and another difficult-to-measure fission product. It was confirmed that, although PGA and NRCA could accurately analyze both nuclides in individual single substances, only TOF-PGA can analyze $$^{107}$$Pd as well as $$^{99}$$Tc in the Tc-PGMs simulated sample. The TOF-PGA measurement technique can be widely used for the non-destructive analysis of $$^{107}$$Pd and $$^{99}$$Tc in nuclear wastes.


Neutron capture cross sections of curium isotopes measured with ANNRI at J-PARC

川瀬 頌一郎*; 木村 敦; 原田 秀郎; 岩本 信之; 岩本 修; 中村 詔司; 瀬川 麻里子; 藤 暢輔

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(7), p.764 - 786, 2021/07

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:25.87(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The neutron capture cross sections of $$^{244}$$Cm and $$^{246}$$Cm were measured for the neutron energy range of 1-1000 eV via the neutron time-of-flight method with ANNRI at MLF of the J-PARC. The world's most intense neutron pulses from the Japan Spallation Neutron Source enable the accurate measurement of neutron capture cross sections. Besides, single-bunched neutron pulses allow the analysis in a higher neutron energy region than the previous measurement at ANNRI. The resonance analyses were performed up to 1000 eV by using a resonance shape analysis code REFIT. The spectra of prompt gamma-rays from neutron capture reactions of $$^{244}$$Cm and $$^{246}$$Cm were also obtained, and 43 and 10 prompt gamma-ray peaks from $$^{244}$$Cm(n,$$gamma$$) and $$^{246}$$Cm(n,$$gamma$$) reactions were newly observed, respectively.


加速器施設の安全性向上の研究; 金属構造材の放射線損傷を高精度で評価

明午 伸一郎; 岩元 洋介; 松田 洋樹

Isotope News, (774), p.27 - 31, 2021/04

加速器駆動核変換システム(ADS)等の大強度陽子加速器施設では、ビーム窓や標的に用いられる材料の損傷評価が重要となる。放射線に起因する材料の弾き出し損傷は、弾き出し断面積と粒子束との積による原子あたりの弾き出し数(dpa)により評価される。弾き出し断面積の計算モデル評価には実験データが必要だが、20MeV以上のエネルギー領域に実験データはほとんど無かったため、本グループではJ-PARC 3GeVシンクロトロン加速器施設において、3GeVまでの陽子エネルギーにおける弾き出し断面積を測定し、計算モデルの精度評価を行った。


Isomer production ratio of the $$^{112}$$Cd($$n,gamma$$)$$^{113}$$Cd reaction in an $$s$$-process branching point

早川 岳人*; 藤 暢輔; 木村 敦; 中村 詔司; 静間 俊行*; 岩本 信之; 千葉 敏*; 梶野 敏貴*

Physical Review C, 103(4), p.045801_1 - 045801_5, 2021/04

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02(Physics, Nuclear)

A $$beta$$-decay unstable isomer with a half-life of 14.1 y at 264 keV in $$^{113}$$Cd is a branching point in the $$s$$ process, from which a weak branch reaches to a rare tin isotope $$^{115}$$Sn whose astrophysical origin has been an open problem. We have measured $$gamma$$ rays decaying to the ground state or the isomer in the $$^{112}$$Cd($$n,gamma$$)$$^{113}$$Cd reaction using high-energy resolution detectors in conjunction with a time-of-flight method. The relative production ratios of the isomer to the total following the neutron capture reactions on $$^{112}$$Cd have been evaluated in an energy region of up to 9 keV, and the spin and parity of several resonances have been assigned.


Measurement of displacement cross section for proton in the kinetic energy range from 0.4 GeV to 3 GeV

明午 伸一郎; 松田 洋樹; 岩元 洋介; 吉田 誠*; 長谷川 勝一; 前川 藤夫; 岩元 大樹; 中本 建志*; 石田 卓*; 牧村 俊助*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011050_1 - 011050_6, 2021/03




石仙 順也; 赤坂 伸吾*; 清水 修; 金沢 浩之; 本田 順一; 原田 克也; 岡本 久人

JAEA-Technology 2020-011, 70 Pages, 2020/10


日本原子力研究開発機構原子力科学研究所のウラン濃縮研究棟は、昭和47年に建設され、ウラン濃縮技術開発に関する研究等に用いられてきた。本施設では、平成元年度に発煙事象、平成9年度に火災事故が発生している。本施設は、平成10年度にウラン濃縮に関する研究は終了し、平成24年度に核燃料物質の搬出等を行い廃止措置に着手した。令和元年度、フード等の設備及び火災等による汚染が残存している管理区域の壁, 天井等の解体撤去を行い、管理区域内に汚染が残存していないことを確認して管理区域を解除し、廃止措置を完了した。解体撤去作業において発生した放射性廃棄物は、可燃性廃棄物が約1.7t、不燃性廃棄物が約69.5tである。今後は一般施設として、コールド実験等に利用される。


Measurement of displacement cross section of structural materials utilized in the proton accelerator facilities with the kinematic energy above 400 MeV

明午 伸一郎; 松田 洋樹; 岩元 洋介; 吉田 誠*; 長谷川 勝一; 前川 藤夫; 岩元 大樹; 中本 建志*; 石田 卓*; 牧村 俊助*

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.06006_1 - 06006_4, 2020/09

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