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Journal Articles

Development of core and structural materials for fast reactors

Asayama, Tai; Otsuka, Satoshi

Proceedings of International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles; Next Generation Nuclear Systems for Sustainable Development (FR-17) (USB Flash Drive), 15 Pages, 2017/06

This paper summarizes ongoing efforts in Japan Atomic Energy Agency on the development of core and structural materials for sodium-cooled fast reactors. For core materials, oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steels and 11Cr ferritic steel (PNC-FMS) will be used for the fuel pin cladding and wrapper tube, respectively. As for ODS steel, 9Cr- and 11Cr-ODS steels have been extensively developed. Their laboratory-scale manufacturing technology has been developed including reliability improvement in tube microstructure and strength homogeneity. As for the PNC-FMS wrapper tube, the development of a dissimilar joining technique with type 316 steel and properties evaluation of dissimilar welds have been carried out. For structural materials, codification of 316FR stainless steel and Modified 9Cr-1Mo steel is ongoing. Acquisition and collection of long-term data of base metal and welded joints are continued and evaluation methodologies are being developed to establish a technical basis for 60-year design.

Oral presentation

R&D of advanced stainless steels for BWR fuel claddings, 3-3; Mechanical properties of FeCrAl ODS Steels

Aghamiri, M. S.*; Ukai, Shigeharu*; Ono, Naoko*; Hayashi, Shigenari*; Sowa, Takashi*; Sugawara, Naoya*; Sakamoto, Kan*; Yamashita, Shinichiro

no journal, , 

Both the grain structure and mechanical properties of the fuel cladding tubes are important issues to design the material for high temperature conditions and probable accident of nuclear reactor. In this study, we compared the microstructure and tensile properties of FeCrAl-ODS steels plates and cladding tubes in different extruded, recovered and recrystallized conditions and propose the material for the application.

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