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Journal Articles

Development of a robot simulator for remote operations for nuclear decommissioning

Kawabata, Kuniaki; Suzuki, Kenta

Proceedings of 16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots (UR 2019) (USB Flash Drive), p.501 - 504, 2019/06

JAEA Reports

Improvement works report on mock-up model test facility with a full-scale reaction tube for HTTR hydrogen production system (Contract research)

Sakaki, Akihiro*; Kato, Michio; Hayashi, Koji; Fujisaki, Katsuo*; Aita, Hideki; Ohashi, Hirofumi; Takada, Shoji; Shimizu, Akira; Morisaki, Norihiro; Maeda, Yukimasa; et al.

JAERI-Tech 2005-023, 72 Pages, 2005/04


In order to establish the system integration technology to connect a hydrogen production system to a high temperature gas cooled reactor, the mock-up test facility with a full-scale reaction tube for the steam reforming HTTR hydrogen production system was constructed in fiscal year 2001 and its functional test operation was performed in the year. Seven experimental test operations were performed from fiscal year 2001 to 2004. On a period of each test operation, there happened some troubles. For each trouble, the cause was investigated and the countermeasures and the improvement works were performed to succeed the experiments. The tests were successfully achieved according to plan.This report describes the improvement works on the test facility performed from fiscal year 2001 to 2004.

JAEA Reports

Oral presentation

Development of inspection process scheduling system for analyzing operability of fast reactor

Suzuki, Masaaki*; Ito, Mari*; Hashidate, Ryuta; Takahashi, Keita; Yada, Hiroki; Takaya, Shigeru

no journal, , 

Maintenance scheduling is currently manually handled, which is a time-consuming process because of the large number of components and constraints that must be taken into account when creating a schedule. Besides, to develop next-generation power plants with excellent operability, it is necessary to make it possible to evaluate operability and maintainability in advance at the design stage. Our objective is to develop and implement an automatic scheduling system using the mathematical technique of Operations Research for addressing the inspection process scheduling problem in a sodium-cooled fast reactor plant. This study constructs a scheduling model that performs optimization in two stages to reduce the computation costs.

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