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Journal Articles

Development of a fast reactor for Minor Actinides (MAs) transmutation, 3; Evaluation of measurement data with MA transmutation

Sugino, Kazuteru; Takeda, Toshikazu*

Proceedings of 21st International Conference & Exhibition; Nuclear Fuel Cycle for a Low-Carbon Future (GLOBAL 2015) (USB Flash Drive), p.573 - 581, 2015/09

Journal Articles

Integral validation of minor actinide nuclear data by using samples irradiated at dounreay prototype fast reactor

Tsujimoto, Kazufumi; Oigawa, Hiroyuki; Shinohara, Nobuo

Proceedings of International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology (ND 2004), 4 Pages, 2004/09

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) has been developing technologies for partitioning and transmutation of long-lived nuclides in high-level radioactive waste. In the dedicated transmutation systems, reliable neuclear data of minor actinide (MA) are indispensable to obtain a reliable design of a transmutation system. Present status of MA nuclear data is not so satisfactory. To obtain reliable nuclear data of MA, radiochemically analyzed data of the actinide samples irradiated at the Dounreay Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) were used in this study. The samples were actinide oxides of 21 different isotopes from thorium to curium. The burnup calculations were performed and the calculated results were compared with the experimental data to validate the neutron cross section data of MA in an evaluated nuclear data file JENDL-3.3, ENDF/B-VI, and JEFF-3.0. The results for uraniumu and plutoniumu samples show good agreements with experimental data. On the other hand, in the results for americium and curiumu, relatively large disagreement with experimental data are showed.

JAEA Reports

Preliminary study on modification of LEAP

*; *; *; *

PNC TJ9124 94-009, 164 Pages, 1994/03


In selecting the reasonable DBL on steam generator, it is indicated that the possibility of failure propagation due to overheating should be evaluated. In this study, the general plan for the next models to evaluate the reasonable DBL have been designed; a)overheating tube bursting models (structural/fractural dynamics), b)unsteady heat conduction analysis models, c)blow down analysis models and d)reaction zone temperature distribution analysis models. Then blow down analysis models were developed to evaluate the overheating tube bursting and analysis code was preliminarily designed in which the module construction of this code and link of each modules were described. Furthermore, easy coupling of this code and LEAP in future was fully considered.

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