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Journal Articles

Kicker power supply for J-PARC 3-GeV RCS with SiC-MOSFET

Takayanagi, Tomohiro; Ono, Ayato; Ueno, Tomoaki*; Horino, Koki*; Togashi, Tomohito; Yamamoto, Kazami; Kinsho, Michikazu; Koizumi, Isao*; Kawamata, Shunsuke*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 33, p.011020_1 - 011020_6, 2021/03

We are developing a new kicker power supply for J-PARC 3-GeV RCS (Rapid-Cycling Synchrotron) using the next generation power semiconductor SiC-MOSFET with high withstand voltage, low loss, and superior high frequency characteristics. The three major circuits adopted for the RCS kicker power supply, the thyratron switch, the PFN circuit of coaxial cable type, and the end clipper for reflection wave absorption, has been realized with a single modular circuit board based on the LTD circuit. The new kicker power supply realizes stable operation, miniaturization and energy saving by using power semiconductors. The required high voltage can be output by stacking the 800V/2kA modular circuit board in series. The details of circuit design and the results of achieving an output of half 20kV/2kA against the target specification of 40kV/2kA are presented here.

Journal Articles

Semiconductor switch power supply for RCS kicker

Takayanagi, Tomohiro; Ono, Ayato; Horino, Koki*; Ueno, Tomoaki*; Togashi, Tomohito; Yamamoto, Kazami; Kinsho, Michikazu

Proceedings of 17th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.25 - 28, 2020/09

We have been developing a semiconductor switch power supply to replace the RCS kicker power supply in J-PARC. A SiC MOSFET is used as a power semiconductor element, and a radially symmetric LTD circuit is used for the circuit board. The power supply consists of a combination of two types of circuit boards: a main circuit board, which includes the circuits of the thyratron, PFN and end clipper provided in RCS kicker power supplies, on a single module board, and a correction board, which compensates for flat-top droop. A single main circuit board can provide 800V/2kA output, and 52 main circuit boards and 20 correction boards have been used to successfully achieve the high voltage of 40kV and flat-top flatness of less than $$pm$$0.2%. Furthermore, a preliminary test of the dual-parallel circuit was conducted for a twin kicker power supply configuration, which is required for the RCS kicker power supply. The evaluation results and prospects are presented.

Journal Articles

Development of low inductance circuit for radially symmetric circuit

Takayanagi, Tomohiro; Ueno, Tomoaki; Horino, Koki

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 1350(1), p.012183_1 - 012183_7, 2019/12

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As one of the advanced research and development for maintaining the stable operation of J-PARC RCS, we are developing semiconductor switch circuit for thyratron substitute adopted in kicker system. Radiation symmetric type circuits using semiconductors of SIC-MOSFETs are composed of circuits in which many semiconductor switches are multiplexed in parallel. Since the lengths of all parallel circuits are equal, the output waveform will not be distorted due to timing jitter or impedance. This circuit is useful for outputting the waveform of ultrafast short pulse. Therefore, we have developed a circuit that achieves further low inductance by making the power transmission circuit into a double circular ring structure equal to the coaxial shape. Compare the inductance value obtained from the structure and the output waveform. In addition, we compare the calculation and the measurement in the test and present the verification result of the developed circular ring structure.

Journal Articles

Development of pulse power supply for kicker using power semiconductor and alternative switch for ignitron

Takayanagi, Tomohiro; Ono, Ayato; Ueno, Tomoaki*; Horino, Koki*; Yamamoto, Kazami; Kinsho, Michikazu

Proceedings of 16th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.75 - 79, 2019/07

We will replace the Thyratron and Ignitron discharge type switch with a semiconductor switch capable of more stable operation. The thyratron alternative switch used by the kicker power supply manufactured the radial symmetric module substrate of the 800V/2kA output which was built by LTD circuit using SiC-MOSFET. By making the power transfer structure between module substrates stacked for high voltage output into a coaxial ring type, a further reduction in inductance is realized. We report the results of evaluating a pulse output of 20kV/1kA (final specification is 40kV/2kA). Ignitron, which is used as a high-power klystron clover switch, has the potential to be discontinued in the future because it uses mercury, which has limited use worldwide. LINAC's klystron clover switches require a working output of 50kV at 120kV/40kA. We fabricated 3kV/40kA oval type module substrate using MOS gate thyristor. Report on preliminary test results.

Journal Articles

Development of solid-state switch for power supply with SiC-MOSFET

Takayanagi, Tomohiro; Ueno, Tomoaki*; Horino, Koki*; Yamamoto, Kazami; Kinsho, Michikazu

Proceedings of 15th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.244 - 248, 2018/08

We will present the development of super high voltage short pulse switch power supply aiming at high performance of 3 GeV synchrotron accelerator pulsed electromagnet power supply. We are developing the switch power supply using SiC-MOSFET of the next generation power semiconductor which is higher in breakdown voltage, lower loss, and higher frequency operation than the current mainstream Si power semiconductors. The SiC conversion of semiconductors enables commercialization of thyratron substitute switches and power-saving small size switching power supplies. However, products that satisfy the specification of the thyratron (80kV/4kA) adopted for the J-PARC 3 GeV-RCS kicker power supply with one module have not been developed. Therefore, it is necessary to construct a circuit in which power semiconductors are multiplexed in series and parallel. In addition, the high-speed short pulse waveform required for the kicker power supply is designed with consideration of the circuit impedance such as inductance and stray capacitance separately from the performance improvement of the power semiconductor. Therefore, a circular radially symmetric circuit was constructed in which power semiconductors were concentrically arranged and the impedance of all parallel circuits could be made equal. As a result, waveform distortion caused by the difference in circuit impedance could be suppressed. This structure is adopted in the LTD circuit and it is indispensable for the development of semiconductor new kicker power supply. In this presentation, the results of the preliminary test and the evaluating test are reported.

Journal Articles

Recovery of the electrical characteristics of SiC-MOSFETs irradiated with gamma-rays by thermal treatments

Yokoseki, Takashi; Abe, Hiroshi; Makino, Takahiro; Onoda, Shinobu; Tanaka, Yuki*; Kandori, Mikio*; Yoshie, Toru*; Hijikata, Yasuto*; Oshima, Takeshi

Materials Science Forum, 821-823, p.705 - 708, 2015/07

Oral presentation

New design and development for an ultrahigh-voltage short pulse switch power supply

Takayanagi, Tomohiro; Ueno, Tomoaki*; Horino, Koki*

no journal, , 

We will present presentation on the design of super high voltage short pulse switch using SiC - MOSFET operating at high withstand voltage, low loss, high frequency and high temperature, aiming at sophistication of pulse electromagnet power supply for 3 GeV synchrotron accelerator. This switch has a radially symmetric type of a module switch which does not cause level fluctuation due to the timing jitter by equalizing the circuit length independently of the number of semiconductor switches. By connecting these modules hierarchically in series, it is possible to cope with high voltage and current output of 40kV/2kA or more. The design and preliminary test results are presented here.

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