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Utilizing PUNITA experiments to evaluate fundamental delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy interrogation requirements for nuclear safeguards

Rodriguez, D.; 小泉 光生; Rossi, F.; 瀬谷 道夫; 高橋 時音; Bogucarska, T.*; Crochemore, J.-M.*; Pedersen, B.*; 高峰 潤

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 57(8), p.975 - 988, 2020/08

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Present safeguards verification methods of high-radioactivity nuclear material use destructive analysis techniques since passive nondestructive techniques are incapable of determining the nuclear material content. To improve this verification process, the JAEA and EC-JRC Ispra, Italy have been collaborating to develop delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy for composition analysis of the fissile nuclides as an aspect of the MEXT subsidy for improving nuclear security and the like. Multiple experiments were performed over three years using PUNITA to interrogate U and Pu samples to determine the signature from the short-lived fission products. We observed many gamma rays useful to determine the composition of a mixed nuclear material sample. Presented here are the results of these measurements with correlations to the interrogation, mass, volume, and sample homogeneity.


Proliferation resistance evaluation of an HTGR transuranic fuel cycle using PRAETOR code

青木 健; Chirayath, S. S.*; 相楽 洋*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 141, p.107325_1 - 107325_7, 2020/06

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Model design of a compact delayed gamma-ray moderator system using $$^{252}$$Cf for safeguards verification measurements

Rodriguez, D.; Rossi, F.; 高橋 時音; 瀬谷 道夫; 小泉 光生

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 148, p.114 - 125, 2019/06

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Delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy is an active-NDA technique used to determine the composition of HRNM samples by peak-ratio comparison of GRs above 3-MeV from the short-lived fission products. Filtering out the passive GRs from long-lived FPs reduces the DGS signal, so thermal neutrons are used to induce more fission events from fissile nuclides. We are developing a compact system to moderate $$sim$$ 2-MeV neutrons that are easier to moderate than 14-MeV neutrons from DT generators. This work describes the ideal moderator optimization for a $$^{252}$$Cf source that results in $$25.9times10^{-4}$$ cm$$^{-2}$$ $$n_{source}^{-1}$$ passing through the sample space with $$geq$$ 70% of those below 1-eV. Practical modifications resulted in $$leq$$ 20% reductions compared to the optimized design. Evaluations of DGS signals and backgrounds conclude that only a 21-MBq $$^{252}$$Cf source is required.


Delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy, 2; Design study of moderator for a practical system

Rossi, F.; Rodriguez, D.; 高橋 時音; 瀬谷 道夫; 小泉 光生

日本核物質管理学会第39回年次大会論文集(CD-ROM), 3 Pages, 2018/11



Delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy inverse Monte Carlo analysis method for nuclear safeguards nondestructive assay applications

Rodriguez, D.; Rossi, F.; 瀬谷 道夫; 小泉 光生

Proceedings of 2017 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC 2017) (Internet), 3 Pages, 2018/11

The JAEA and EC JRC are collaborating to improve the ability to quantify the uranium and plutonium content of highly radioactive and mixed nuclear material for nuclear safeguards verification. A separate program focuses on improving the capability to measure, analyze, and predict the delayed gamma-ray spectrum used to determine the nuclide ratios within a sample. Measurements performed at the JRC-Ispra are used to correlate the observed DGs to the composition that are then used to calibrate a DG Monte Carlo. The MC has the ability to predict expected DGs, provide a sensitivity analysis to optimize future measurements, and can be used to analyze a spectrum using an inverse MC technique. Analyzing MC with this IMC analysis provides a way to determine systematic uncertainty as well as statistical uncertainty when multiple measurements are not feasible. This work will describe the efforts to develop the DGSMC and how it will be utilized for current and future applications.


Demonstration of $$gamma$$-ray pipe-monitoring capabilities for real-time process monitoring safeguards applications in reprocessing facilities

Rodriguez, D.; 谷川 聖史; 西村 和明; 向 泰宣; 中村 仁宣; 栗田 勉; 高峰 潤; 鈴木 敏*; 関根 恵; Rossi, F.; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 55(7), p.792 - 804, 2018/07

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Development of delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy for nuclear material analysis

Rodriguez, D.; Rossi, F.; 高橋 時音; 瀬谷 道夫; 小泉 光生; Crochemore, J. M.*; Varasano, G.*; Bogucarska, T.*; Abbas, K.*; Pedersen, B.*

Proceedings of INMM 59th Annual Meeting (Internet), 7 Pages, 2018/07

DGS has great potential for HRNM, since it determines fissile nuclide compositions by correlating the observed DG spectrum to the unique FY of the individual nuclides. Experiments were performed with LRNM using both PUNITA and a JAEA designed Cf-shuffler tested in PERLA. The data was analyzed using an inverse MC method that both determines DG peak intensity correlations and provides an evaluation of the uncertainty of the measurements. The results were used to verify DG signatures for varying fissile compositions, total fissile content, and DGS interrogation timing patterns. Future development will focus on measuring HRNM and designing a compact system by evaluating different neutron sources, moderating materials, and detection capabilities. This presentation summarizes the JAEA/JRC DGS program to date and the future direction of this collaborative work performed using the MEXT subsidy for the promotion of strengthening nuclear security.


Integrated risk assessment of safety, security, and safeguards

鈴木 美寿

Risk Assessment, p.133 - 151, 2018/02



Neutron resonance analysis for nuclear safeguards and security applications

Paradela, C.*; Heyse, J.*; Kopecky, S.*; Schillebeeckx, P.*; 原田 秀郎; 北谷 文人; 小泉 光生; 土屋 晴文

EPJ Web of Conferences, 146, p.09002_1 - 09002_4, 2017/09

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Neutron-induced reactions can be used to study the properties of nuclear materials in the field of nuclear safeguards and security. The elemental and isotopic composition of these materials can be determined by using the presence of resonance structures in the reaction cross sections as fingerprints. This idea is the basis of two non-destructive analytical techniques which have been developed at the GELINA neutron time-of-flight facility of the JRC-IRMM: Neutron Resonance Capture Analysis (NRCA) and Neutron Resonance Transmission Analysis (NRTA). A full quantitative validation of the NRTA technique was obtained by determining the areal densities of enriched reference samples used for safeguards applications with an accuracy better than 1%. Moreover, a combination of NRTA and NRCA has been proposed for the characterisation of particle-like debris of melted fuel formed in severe nuclear accidents. In order to deal with the problems due to the diversity in shape and size of these samples and the presence of strong absorbing matrix materials, new capabilities have been implemented in the resonance shape analysis code REFIT. They have been validated by performing a blind test in which the elemental abundance of a combined sample composed of unknown quantities of materials such as cobalt, tungsten, rhodium or gold was determined with accuracies better than 2%.


Application of probability generating function to the essentials of nondestructive nuclear materials assay system using neutron correlation

細馬 隆

JAEA-Research 2016-019, 53 Pages, 2017/01


核物質非破壊測定システムの基礎への確率母関数の適用について研究を行った。最初に、高次の中性子相関を七重相関まで代数的に導出し、その基本的な性格を調べた。高次の中性子相関は、漏れ増倍率の増大に応じて急速に増大し、検出器の効率や設定によるが漏れ増倍率が1.3を超えると、より低次の中性子相関と交わり追い越してゆくことを見出した。続いて、高速中性子と熱中性子が共存する系において、高速中性子による核分裂数と二重相関計数率及び熱中性子による核分裂数と二重相関計数率を、代数的に導出した。従来の測定法と、differential die-away self-interrogation法によって得られるRossi-alpha結合分布と各エリアの面積比を用いれば、高速中性子と熱中性子それぞれの単位時間あたりの誘導核分裂数、ソース中性子1個あたりそれぞれの誘導核分裂数(1未満)及びそれぞれの二重相関計数率を、推定可能であることを見出した。



直井 洋介; 小田 哲三; 富川 裕文

日本原子力学会誌, 58(9), p.536 - 541, 2016/09



Operator's contribution on the improvement of RII scheme against the process operation at PCDF

中村 仁宣; 清水 靖之; 牧野 理沙; 向 泰宣; 石山 港一; 栗田 勉; 池田 敦司*; 山口 勝弘*

Proceedings of INMM 57th Annual Meeting (Internet), 9 Pages, 2016/07



Uranium particle identification with SEM-EDX for isotopic analysis by secondary ion mass spectrometry

江坂 文孝; 間柄 正明

Mass Spectrometry Letters, 7(2), p.41 - 44, 2016/06



Application of automated particle screening for effective analysis of individual uranium particles by thermal ionization mass spectrometry

江坂 文孝; 鈴木 大輔; 蓬田 匠; 間柄 正明

Analytical Methods, 8(7), p.1543 - 1548, 2016/02


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The States of the art of the nondestructive assay of spent nuclear fuel assemblies; A Critical review of the Spent Fuel NDA Project of the U.S. Department of Energy's Next Generation Safeguards Initiative

Bolind, A. M.*; 瀬谷 道夫

JAEA-Review 2015-027, 233 Pages, 2015/12




中性子多重相関計数法の数理的基礎; ウラン・プルトニウム混合二酸化物の例

細馬 隆

JAEA-Research 2015-009, 162 Pages, 2015/08


プルトニウム転換技術開発施設では、米国エネルギー省の支援を受けて中性子同時計数法による計量装置の開発・設置・改良を行い、20年にわたり計量管理と保障措置対応に用いてきた。中性子計数による測定の対象は今後、従来とは異なる自発核分裂性核種を含む高質量のウラン・プルトニウム混合二酸化物に拡がると思われる。そこで、中性子多重相関計数法の数理的基礎について現場での経験を含めて再考するとともに、次の点について基礎を拡充した; (a)確率母関数を用いた七重相関までの多重相関分布式の代数的導出; (b)モンテカルロ法に代えて試料内部の任意の点から表面の任意の点までの平均距離とこの間での誘導核分裂反応の確率を用いた漏れ増倍率の評価; (c)Poisson過程が持つ2つの異なる時間軸と同時計数の仕組みの関連付け、結果として確率過程に由来するほぼ同時中性子の導出と評価。分布式については「組合せ」に基づく新しい表現を併記し、実際に取り扱ったウラン・プルトニウム混合二酸化物をスペクトルや平均自由行程の例とした。


Utilizing delayed $$gamma$$ rays for fissionable material measurement in NDA

Rodriguez, D.; 高峰 潤; 小泉 光生; 瀬谷 道夫

Proceedings of 37th ESARDA Annual Meeting (Internet), p.831 - 836, 2015/08



Current activities and future challenges of FNCA's nuclear security and safeguards project

千崎 雅生

Proceedings of INMM 56th Annual Meeting (Internet), 10 Pages, 2015/07



Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)'s international capacity building regarding safeguards and SSAC; 20 years of achievement and future challenges

千崎 雅生; 直井 洋介; 栗林 敏広; 濱田 和子; 奥村 由季子

Proceedings of INMM 55th Annual Meeting (Internet), 10 Pages, 2014/07

原子力機構は、日本政府やIAEA,米国DOE,欧州委員会とともに、またFNCA, APSNの枠組みで、アジアを中心にSGとSSACに関する人材育成を支援してきた。本論文では、国際協力を通じてSGとSSACに関する、20年に渡る人材育成の努力と貢献、そして将来のチャレンジについて記述する。


Challenge to ultra-trace analytical techniques of nuclear materials in environmental samples for safeguards at JAERI; Methodologies for physical and chemical form estimation

臼田 重和; 安田 健一郎; 國分 陽子; 江坂 文孝; Lee, C. G.; 間柄 正明; 桜井 聡; 渡部 和男; 平山 文夫; 福山 裕康; et al.

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 86(9), p.663 - 675, 2006/08

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