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Microscopic analyses on Zr adsorbed IDA chelating resin by PIXE and EXAFS

荒井 陽一; 渡部 創; 大野 真平; 野村 和則; 中村 文也*; 新井 剛*; 瀬古 典明*; 保科 宏行*; 羽倉 尚人*; 久保田 俊夫*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 477, p.54 - 59, 2020/08

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Used PUREX process solvent generated from reprocessing process of spent nuclear fuel contains a small amount of U and Pu complexed with tributyl phosphate (TBP) or dibutyl phosphate (DBP). The radioactive nuclides should be removed from the solvent for safety storage or disposal. The iminodiacetic acid (IDA) type chelating resin was proposed as promising procedures for efficient recovery of the trapped cations in the solvent. In order to reveal the distribution and amount of Zr in the particle and local structure of Zr complex formed in the adsorbent, PIXE and EXAFS analyses on the Zr adsorbed chelating resin were carried out. Micro-PIXE analysis proved that it is an effectual method for quantitative analysis of trace adsorbed elements. Moreover, some of the adsorption sites were possibly occupied by the molecules. On the other hand, Zr-K edge EXAFS analysis suggested that extraction mechanism of Zr from the aqueous solution and the solvent was different.


Quantitative analysis of Zr adsorbed on IDA chelating resin using Micro-PIXE

荒井 陽一; 渡部 創; 大野 真平; 野村 和則; 中村 文也*; 新井 剛*; 瀬古 典明*; 保科 宏行*; 久保田 俊夫*

QST-M-23; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2018, P. 59, 2020/03

Radioactive spent solvent waste contains U and Pu is generated from reprocessing process of spent nuclear fuel. The nuclear materials should be removed from the solvent for safety storage or disposal. We are focusing on the nuclear materials recovery from spent solvent using imino diacetic acid (IDA) type chelating resin as a promising method. In order to reveal adsorbed amount of Zr, which is simulated of Pu, Micro-Particle Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) was carried out. Micro-PIXE analysis succeeded in quantitative analysis on trace amount of adsorbed Zr from simulated spent solvent.


Development of spent solvent treatment process by submerged combustion technique

内山 軍蔵; 前田 充; 藤根 幸雄; 天川 正幸*; 内田 勝秀*; 千田 充久*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 31(3), p.228 - 239, 1994/03

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Application of an advanced incineration technique to spent solvent treatment for improving the waste management

内山 軍蔵; 前田 充; 千田 充久*; 藤根 幸雄; 桐島 健二*; 平林 輝彦*

Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and Waste Management; RECOD '94, Vol.3, 0, p.1 - 15, 1994/00




内山 軍蔵; 前田 充; 藤根 幸雄; 千田 充久*; 桐島 健二*

JAERI-M 93-213, 204 Pages, 1993/10





内山 軍蔵; 前田 充; 藤根 幸雄; 天川 正幸*; 内田 勝秀*

JAERI-M 93-191, 58 Pages, 1993/10




Treatment of spent solvent by submerged combustion process

内山 軍蔵; 天川 正章*; 前田 充; 藤根 幸雄

Proc. of the 1989 Joint Int. Waste Management Conf., Vol. 1, p.93 - 93, 1989/00



Radioactive nuclides recovery from spent solvent in STRAD project, 2; Zr adsorption onto ion exchange resins

中村 文也*; 安倍 諒治*; 新井 剛*; 瀬古 典明*; 荒井 陽一; 渡部 創; 野村 和則

no journal, , 

It is considered that tributyl phosphate (TBP) contained in spent PUREX solvent is well known to decompose into dibutyl phosphate (DBP) by radiation exposure. It has been found that DBP extracts U and Pu to form strong complexes. Since these complexes have stability even at low nitric acid solution, the spent solvent loaded with U and Pu for a long term is difficult to back extracted using nitric solution. Therefore, we have studied the treatment method for adsorbing of U and Pu from spent solvent using adsorbent. In this study, the method of Zr(IV) quantitative analysis using fluorescence spectroscopy was established. Moreover, adsorption behavior of Zr(IV) in DSP-n using adsorbents was evaluated. It was confirmed that non-woven fabrics with phosphoric acid type and imino diacetic acid type showed excellent adsorption ability.


Treatment of spent solvent in STRAD project

渡部 創; 荒井 陽一; 小木 浩通*; 中村 雅弘; 柴田 淳広; 大杉 武史; 谷口 拓海; 曽根 智之; 野村 和則

no journal, , 

Japan Atomic Energy Agency has been conducting STRAD (Systematic Treatment of RAdioactive liquid waste for Decommissioning) project for treatment of legacy liquid wastes accumulating in hot laboratories. In this project, fundamental studies to develop new technologies for the treatments are conducted utilizing stored liquids in Chemical Processing Facility (CPF) of Japan Atomic Energy Agency as reference. One of the challenging tasks is treatment of spent organic liquids involving spent solvent loading radioactive nuclides. In this study, several technologies for the spent solvent treatment were developed.

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