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Journal Articles

Chiral superconductivity in UTe$$_2$$ probed by anisotropic low-energy excitations

Ishihara, Kota*; Roppongi, Masaki*; Kobayashi, Masayuki*; Imamura, Kumpei*; Mizukami, Yuta*; Sakai, Hironori; Opletal, P.; Tokiwa, Yoshifumi; Haga, Yoshinori; Hashimoto, Kenichiro*; et al.

Nature Communications (Internet), 14, p.2966_1 - 2966_7, 2023/05

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:0.01(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

The superconducting symmetry of the heavy fermion uranium-based superconductor UTe$$_2$$ is investigated using low temperature penetration depth measurements. The anisotropic low-energy quasiparticle excitations indicates multiple superconducting components in a chiral complex form. The most consistent is a chiral non-unitary state.

Journal Articles

Anisotropic enhancement of lower critical field in ultraclean crystals of spin-triplet superconductor candidate UTe$$_2$$

Ishihara, Kota*; Kobayashi, Masayuki*; Imamura, Kumpei*; Konczykowski, M.*; Sakai, Hironori; Opletal, P.; Tokiwa, Yoshifumi; Haga, Yoshinori; Hashimoto, Kenichiro*; Shibauchi, Takasada*

Physical Review Research (Internet), 5(2), p.L022002_1 - L022002_6, 2023/04

Lower superconducting critical fields $$H_{rm c1}$$ of UTe$$_2$$ have been determined. Orthorhombic UTe$$_2$$ has magnetic easy axis along the $$a$$-axis. We found $$H_{rm c1}$$ perpendicular to $$a$$ showed anomalous enhancement. By comparing with anisotropy of upper critical fields, effect of magnetic fluctuations on superconductivity is suggested.

Journal Articles

First observation of the de Haas-van Alphen effect and Fermi surfaces in the unconventional superconductor UTe$$_2$$

Aoki, Dai*; Sakai, Hironori; Opletal, P.; Tokiwa, Yoshifumi; Ishizuka, Jun*; Yanase, Yoichi*; Harima, Hisatomo*; Nakamura, Ai*; Li, D.*; Homma, Yoshiya*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 91(8), p.083704_1 - 083704_5, 2022/08

 Times Cited Count:15 Percentile:97.65(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Effect of uranium deficiency on normal and superconducting properties in unconventional superconductor UTe$$_2$$

Haga, Yoshinori; Opletal, P.; Tokiwa, Yoshifumi; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Tokunaga, Yo; Kambe, Shinsaku; Sakai, Hironori

Journal of Physics; Condensed Matter, 34(17), p.175601_1 - 175601_7, 2022/04

 Times Cited Count:14 Percentile:94.69(Physics, Condensed Matter)

Journal Articles

Observation of longitudinal magnetic fluctuations at a first-order ferromagnetic quantum phase transition in UGe$$_2$$

Noma, Yuichiro*; Kotegawa, Hisashi*; Kubo, Tetsuro*; To, Hideki*; Harima, Hisatomo*; Haga, Yoshinori; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Onuki, Yoshichika*; Ito, Kohei*; Nakamura, Ai*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(7), p.073707_1 - 073707_5, 2021/07

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Intriguing behavior of UCo$$_{1-x}$$Rh$$_x$$Ge ferromagnets in magnetic field along the $$b$$ axis

Posp$'i$$v{s}$il, J.*; Haga, Yoshinori; Miyake, Atsushi*; Kambe, Shinsaku; Tokunaga, Yo; Tokunaga, Masashi*; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Proschek, P.*; Voln$'y$, J.*; Sechovsk$'y$, V.*

Physical Review B, 102(2), p.024442_1 - 024442_13, 2020/07

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:38.5(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Evidence for weak spin-orbit interaction experienced by Cooper pairs in the spin-triplet superconductor UPt$$_3$$; $$^{195}$$Pt-NMR study

Aoyama, Taisuke*; Kotegawa, Hisashi*; Kimura, Noriaki*; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Haga, Yoshinori; Onuki, Yoshichika*; To, Hideki*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 88(6), p.064706_1 - 064706_7, 2019/06

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetization study on the Ising ferromagnet URhGe with high-precision angle-resolved magnetic field near the hard axis

Nakamura, Shota*; Sakakibara, Toshiro*; Shimizu, Yusei*; Kittaka, Shunichiro*; Kono, Yohei*; Haga, Yoshinori; Pospisil, J.; Yamamoto, Etsuji

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 5, p.123 - 127, 2018/11

Journal Articles

Anisotropic magnetic fluctuations in ferromagnetic superconductor UGe$$_2$$; $$^{73}$$Ge-NQR study at ambient pressure

Noma, Yuichiro*; Kotegawa, Hisashi*; Kubo, Tetsuro*; To, Hideki*; Harima, Hisatomo*; Haga, Yoshinori; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Onuki, Yoshichika*; Ito, Kohei*; Haller, E. E.*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87(3), p.033704_1 - 033704_5, 2018/03

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:38.04(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Unusual pressure evolution of the Meissner and Josephson effects in the heavy-fermion superconductor UPt$$_3$$

Gochi, Jun*; Sumiyama, Akihiko*; Yamaguchi, Akira*; Motoyama, Gaku*; Kimura, Noriaki*; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Haga, Yoshinori; Onuki, Yoshichika

Physical Review B, 93(17), p.174514_1 - 174514_5, 2016/05

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:5.41(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Evidence for chiral $$d$$-wave superconductivity in URu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$ from the field-angle variation of its specific heat

Kittaka, Shunichiro*; Shimizu, Yusei*; Sakakibara, Toshiro*; Haga, Yoshinori; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Onuki, Yoshichika; Tsutsumi, Yasumasa*; Nomoto, Takuya*; Ikeda, Hiroaki*; Machida, Kazushige*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 85(3), p.033704_1 - 033704_4, 2016/03

 Times Cited Count:30 Percentile:82.87(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Superconducting and Fermi surface properties of single crystal Zr$$_2$$Co

Teruya, Atsushi*; Kakihana, Masashi*; Takeuchi, Tetsuya*; Aoki, Dai*; Honda, Fuminori*; Nakamura, Ai*; Haga, Yoshinori; Matsubayashi, Kazuyuki*; Uwatoko, Yoshiya*; Harima, Hisatomo*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 85(3), p.034706_1 - 034706_10, 2016/03

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:46.05(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetic anisotropy and thermodynamic anomaly in the superconducting mixed state of UBe$$_{13}$$ probed by static dc magnetization measurements

Shimizu, Yusei*; Haga, Yoshinori; Yanagisawa, Tatsuya*; Amitsuka, Hiroshi*

Physical Review B, 93(2), p.024502_1 - 024502_8, 2016/01

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:39.3(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Magnetic and electronic properties of URu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$ revealed by comparison with nonmagnetic references ThRu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$ and LaRu$$_2$$Si$$_2$$

Emi, Naoya*; Hamabata, Ryosuke*; Nakayama, Daisuke*; Miki, Toshihiro*; Koyama, Takehide*; Ueda, Koichi*; Mito, Takeshi*; Kohori, Yo*; Matsumoto, Yuji*; Haga, Yoshinori; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 84(6), p.063702_1 - 063702_4, 2015/06

 Times Cited Count:10 Percentile:59.66(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

DC magnetization study on heavy-electron superconductor UBe$$_{13}$$

Shimizu, Yusei*; Haga, Yoshinori; Yanagisawa, Tatsuya*; Amitsuka, Hiroshi*; Aoki, Dai*; Brison, J.-P.*; Braithwaite, D.*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 3, p.015009_1 - 015009_6, 2014/06

Journal Articles

Pairing symmetry of UPt$$_3$$ probed by thermal transport tensors

Izawa, Koichi*; Machida, Yo*; Ito, Atsushi*; So, Yoshinao*; Ota, Katsuya*; Haga, Yoshinori; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Kimura, Noriaki*; Onuki, Yoshichika; Tsutsumi, Yasumasa*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 83(6), p.061013_1 - 061013_8, 2014/06

 Times Cited Count:21 Percentile:74.17(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Inelastic neutron scattering study on low-energy excitations of the heavy-fermion superconductor PrOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$

Kuwahara, Keitaro*; Iwasa, Kazuaki*; Kogi, Masafumi*; Kaneko, Koji; Metoki, Naoto; Raymond, S.*; M$'e$asson, M.-A.*; Flouquet, J.*; Sugawara, Hitoshi*; Aoki, Yuji*; et al.

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 385-386(Part 1), p.82 - 84, 2006/11

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:18.17(Physics, Condensed Matter)

We report inelastic neutron scattering experiments performed to investigate the low energy magnetic excitations on single crystals of the heavy-fermion superconductor PrOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$. The observed excitation clearly softens at a wave vector Q=(1,0,0), which is the same as the modulation vector of the field-induced antiferro-quadrupolar ordering, and its intensity at Q=(1,0,0) is smaller than that around the zone center. This result directly evidences that this excitonic behavior is derived mainly from nonmagnetic quadrupolar interactions. Furthermore, the narrowing of the linewidths of the excitations below the superconducting transition temperature indicates the close connection between the superconductivity and the excitons.

Journal Articles

Influence of self-irradiation damage on the Pu-based superconductor PuCoGa$$_5$$ probed by muon spin rotation

Oishi, Kazuki; Ito, Takashi; Higemoto, Wataru; Heffner, R. H.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 75(Suppl.), p.53 - 55, 2006/08

PuCoGa$$_5$$ has attracted much interest because it has a high transition temperature $$T_{rm c}$$ ($$simeq$$ 18 K) compared with other 115 systems. According to the previous $$mu$$SR results, temperature dependence of magnetic penetration depth $$lambda$$ in PuCoGa$$_5$$ shows $$T$$-linear behavior, suggesting that the superconducting order parameter of this material may be $$d$$-wave symmetry. In order to elucidate that point, we have measured the magnetic field dependence of $$lambda$$ in this sample by means of $$mu$$SR technique. At our poster presentation, we discuss the symmetry of superconducting order parameter in PuCoGa$$_5$$ in detail.

Journal Articles

NMR shift measurements of $$^{69}$$Ga in unconventional superconductor PuRhGa$$_{5}$$

Sakai, Hironori; Tokunaga, Yo; Fujimoto, Tatsuya; Kambe, Shinsaku; Walstedt, R. E.; Yasuoka, Hiroshi; Aoki, Dai*; Homma, Yoshiya*; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Nakamura, Akio; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 75(Suppl.), p.50 - 52, 2006/08

Very recently, we have succeeded in NMR/NQR measurements for PuRhGa$$_{5}$$. PuRhGa$$_{5}$$ is a superconductor with $$T_{c}$$$$approx$$9 K, which is isomorphic to PuCoGa$$_{5}$$ with the higher $$T_{c}$$=18 K. We have reported that PuRhGa$$_{5}$$ is an unconventional superconductor with an anisotropic gap, through the measurement of NQR spin-lattice relaxation rate $$1/T_{1}$$ , while PuCoGa$$_{5}$$ is also reported to be such an anisotropic superconductor. The Knight shift $$K$$ and $$1/T_{1}$$ of NMR under applied field for the normal state of PuRhGa$$_{5}$$ suggest an anisotropic feature of hyperfine and/or spin fluctuation in this system. We will outline the superconducting state and report the nature of the normal state based on the basis of $$K$$ and $$1/T_{1} T$$ results. The difference between PuRhGa$$_{5}$$ and PuCoGa$$_{5}$$ will be also discussed.

Journal Articles

Single crystal growth, superconductivity and Fermi surface study of plutonium compounds

Haga, Yoshinori; Aoki, Dai*; Yamagami, Hiroshi*; Matsuda, Tatsuma; Nakajima, Kunihisa; Arai, Yasuo; Yamamoto, Etsuji; Nakamura, Akio; Homma, Yoshiya*; Shiokawa, Yoshinobu*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 75(Suppl.), p.4 - 9, 2006/08

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The discovery of the high-temperature in PuCoGa$$_5$$ and PuRhGa$$_5$$ promoted us to extend our research to other actinide compounds. We recently succeeded in growing single crystals of PuRhGa$$_5$$ and performed magnetic measurements and NMR study both in the normal and superconducting states in collaboration with Tohoku university. The magnetic susceptibility consists of Curie-Weiss and temperature-independent terms where the former corresponds to the paramagnetic effective moment close to the 5$$f^5$$ configuration. On the other hand, the superconducting upper critical field is anisotropic. It is explained by the anisotropic mass model with an effective mass ratio of 4, indicating the presence of quasi-two-dimensional Fermi surfaces. These characteristics are reminiscent of those observed in CeCoIn$$_5$$.

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