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JAEA Reports

Separation of $$^{14}$$C from irradiated graphite materials, 1; Oxidation behaviors and the changes in pore structure of Q1 and IG-110 graphite due to the air reaction (Joint research)

Fujii, Kimio

JAERI-Tech 2005-048, 108 Pages, 2005/09


The graphite-moderated power reactor was shut down in 1998 and its decommissioning program is being planned. Various graphites are used in the core of magnox-type reactors and HTTR as core-support structural materials and moderating materials of fast neutrons. For the nuclear graphite disposal, it is necessary to determine especially the treatment of long-lived nuclides, such as $$^{14}$$C which are generated in the graphite components during reactor operation. As a research, which solves the problem of the $$^{14}$$C concentration, the cooperative research is concluded between JAERI and Japan Nuclear Power Corp. in 1999, and the research for the basic data acquisition has been advanced up to the present. To find the optimum conditions for $$^{14}$$C reduction, basic data on oxidation reaction and the structure of graphite materials are indispensable. In the present experiment, we measure the air oxidation characteristics in the temperature range 450$$sim$$800$$^{circ}$$C in Quality1 graphite and IG-110 graphite. Changes in pore diameter and pore size distribution due to air oxidation are discussed.

Journal Articles

Diffusion of an ion in rock pore water and its relation to pore characteristics

*; ; *; *

Kozan Chishitsu, 40(5), p.323 - 336, 1990/00

no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

Microscopic pore structure and macroscopic fluid flow-chemical transport in host rocks and barrier materials

Wang, Q. M.*; Hu, Q.*; Zhao, C.*; Zhang, T.*; Fukatsu, Yuta; Tachi, Yukio

no journal, , 

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