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JAEA Reports

Introduction of a new framework of safety, maintenance and quality management activities in Japan Atomic Energy Agency under the new nuclear regulatory inspection system since FY 2020

Sono, Hiroki; Sukegawa, Kazuhiro; Nomura, Norio; Okuda, Eiichi; Study Team on Safety and Maintenance; Study Team on Quality Management; Task Force on New Nuclear Regulatory Inspection Systems

JAEA-Technology 2020-013, 460 Pages, 2020/11


Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has completed the introduction of a new frame work of safety, maintenance and quality management activities under the new acts on the Regulation of nuclear source material, nuclear fuel material and reactors since April 2020, in consideration of variety, specialty and similarity of nuclear facilities of JAEA (Power reactor in the research and development stage, Reprocessing facility, Fabrication facility, Waste treatment facility, Waste burial facility, Research reactor and Nuclear fuel material usage facility). The JAEA task forces on new nuclear regulatory inspection systems prepared new guidelines on (1) Safety and maintenance, (2) Independent inspection, (3) Welding inspection, (4) Free-access response, (5) Performance indicators and (6) Corrective action program for the JAEA's nuclear facilities. New Quality management systems and new Safety regulations were also prepared as a typical pattern of these facilities. JAEA will steadily improve these guidelines, quality management systems and safety regulations, reviewing the official activities under the new regulatory inspection system together with the Nuclear Regulation Authority and other nuclear operators.

JAEA Reports

Development of pipe welding, cutting & inspection tools for the ITER blanket

Oka, Kiyoshi; *; *; *; Takahashi, Hiroyuki*; Tada, Eisuke

JAERI-Tech 99-048, 222 Pages, 1999/07


no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Development of remote handling tools and equipment

Nakahira, Masataka; Oka, Kiyoshi; *; *; *; Oda, Yasushi*; Kajiura, Soji*; Yamazaki, Seiichiro*; *

Purazuma, Kaku Yugo Gakkai-Shi, 73(1), p.54 - 68, 1997/01

no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

Ultrasonic inspection technique for weld in mercury target vessel for spallation neutron source

Wakui, Takashi; Wakai, Eiichi; Naoe, Takashi; Kogawa, Hiroyuki; Haga, Katsuhiro; Takada, Hiroshi

no journal, , 

A mercury target vessel has been used for the spallation neutron source at J-PARC. It has a complicated multi-layered structure composed of a mercury target and surrounding double-walled water shroud, which is assembled with thin plates (minimum thickness of 3 mm) by welding. Thus, welding inspection during the manufacturing process is important. We investigated the applicability of new ultrasonic inspection, named as phased array ultrasonic method, to improve the accuracy of welding inspection for the mercury target vessel. It was measured that the new ultrasonic method could detect a 1-mm-long defect formed in a 3-mm-thick specimen with an error of about 7%. Moreover, simulations of the phased array ultrasonic method demonstrated that the outline of a 0.5-mm-long defect in a thin specimen got clearer in an ultrasonic echo image with increasing frequency of the sensor, suggesting a possibility of further improvement.

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