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JAEA Reports

Prototype fast breeder reactor Monju; Its history and achievements (Translated document)

Mitsumoto, Rika; Hazama, Taira; Takahashi, Keita; Kondo, Satoru

JAEA-Technology 2019-020, 167 Pages, 2020/03


The prototype fast breeder reactor Monju has produced valuable technological achievements through design, construction, operation and maintenance over half a century since 1968. This report compiles the reactor technologies developed for Monju, including the areas: history and major achievements, design and construction, commissioning, safety, reactor physics, fuel, systems and components, sodium technology, materials and structures, operation and maintenance, and accidents and failures.

Journal Articles

Performance and status of the J-PARC accelerators

Hasegawa, Kazuo; Hayashi, Naoki; Oguri, Hidetomo; Yamamoto, Kazami; Kinsho, Michikazu; Yamazaki, Yoshio; Naito, Fujio; Koseki, Tadashi; Yamamoto, Noboru; Yoshii, Masahito

Proceedings of 9th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC '18) (Internet), p.1038 - 1040, 2018/06

Journal Articles

Irradiation experiences and the future plan in the HTTR project

Hayashi, Hideyuki; Sawa, Kazuhiro; Komori, Yoshihiro

Proceedings of International Symposium on Research Reactor and Neutron Science; In Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of HANARO (HANARO 2005), p.215 - 220, 2005/04

Irradiation experiments for the HTTR fuel development were performed mostly by using Oarai Gas Loop-1 (OGL-1) and capsules in Japan Material Test Reactor (JMTR) of JAERI. Various kinds of researches have been carried out to confirm the integrity of the HTTR fuel. Present status and future plan of the HTTR project were also outlined.

JAEA Reports

Operational experiences of the super conducting magnet for a gyrotron of the JT-60U ECH system

Igarashi, Koichi*; Seki, Masami; Shimono, Mitsugu; Terakado, Masayuki; Ishii, Kazuhiro*; Takahashi, Masami*

JAERI-Tech 2003-030, 40 Pages, 2003/03


The JT-60U electron cyclotron heating (ECH) system can heat plasmas locally and drive a plasma current with four 1 MW-5 sec gyrotrons. The super conducting magnets (SCM) are required for oscillation of the gyrotron at a working frequency of 110 GHz. The SCM provides a high magnetic field of 4.5T at the cavity inside the gyrotron. This SCM system is characterized by (1) operation without liquid Helium owing to a 4 K-refrigerator applied to the magnetic coils, (2) easy maintenance. Operational experiences about the SCM system through a long term experiment for a high power gyrotron are very valuable. According to those operational experiences, it is clarified the 4 K-refrigerator should be renewed in oder to keep low temperature of the SCM. It is also found that 200 hours or less are required for the super conducting condition ($$<$$5K) after long stopping time of the refrigerator up to 150 hours. This is useful information for making a plan about ECH experiments.

Journal Articles

Decommissioning project feedback experience in the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Yanagihara, Satoshi; Tachibana, Mitsuo; Miyajima, Kazutoshi

Proceedings of International Conference; Decommissioning Challenges (CD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2003/00

Several decommissioning projects are on going and studies on decommissioning issues are in progress in JAERI. The JPDR and JRTF decommissioning projects have been set up as demonstration programs for future decommissioning large nuclear facilities. Therefore, efforts have been made not only to dismantle the facilities but also to collect data and lessons learnt on dismantling activities. The data and lessons learnt have been analyzed to produce the database for future decommissioning projects by categorizing into manpower expenditure, radiation dose and waste generation in project data, and safety aspect, waste management, work efficiency considerations in lessons learnt. respectively. The feedback experience has been effectively contributed to various areas on decommissioning such as studies on regulatory systems and planning of other dismantling projects. This paper deals with decommissioning experience and lessons learned in JAERI.

Journal Articles

Development and operational experiences of the JT-60U tokamak and power supplies

Hosogane, Nobuyuki; Ninomiya, Hiromasa; Matsukawa, Makoto; Ando, Toshiro; Neyatani, Yuzuru; Horiike, Hiroshi*; Sakurai, Shinji; Masaki, Kei; Yamamoto, Masahiro; Kodama, Kozo; et al.

Fusion Science and Technology (JT-60 Special Issue), 42(2-3), p.368 - 385, 2002/09

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:17.59(Nuclear Science & Technology)

This paper reviews developments of the JT-60U tokamak and coil power supplies and their operational experiences obtained to date. The JT-60U is a large tokamak upgraded from the original JT-60 to obtain high plasma current, large plasma volume and highly elongated divertor configurations. In the modification, all components inside the bore of toroidal magnetic field coils, a vacuum vessel, poloidal magnetic field coils (PF-coils), divertor etc., were renewed. Furthermore, boron carbide converted CFC tiles were used as divertor tiles to reduce erosion of carbon-base tiles. Later, a semi-closed divertor with pumps was installed in the replacement of the open divertor. Various technologies and ideas introduced to develop these components their operational experiences provide important data for designing future tokamaks. Also, major troubles that had influence on the JT-60U operations are described. As a maintenance issue for tokamaks using deuterium fueling gas, a method for reducing radiation exposure of in-vessel workers are introduced.

Journal Articles

Evaluation of occurrence frequencies of transients at nuclear power plants in Japan

; Watanabe, Norio; Hirano, Masashi

IAEA-CN-61/31, 0, 15 Pages, 1995/00

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

JAEA Reports

Technical Experiences in Engineering Studies on Uranium Fluorination

; ; ;

JAERI-M 6488, 76 Pages, 1976/03


no abstracts in English

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