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Journal Articles

The JAERI-KEK joint RIB project

Takeuchi, Suehiro

AIP Conference Proceedings 680, p.229 - 236, 2003/00

JAERI and KEK-Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies are collabarating to build an ISOL-type radioactive ion beam(RIB) acceleration system in the JAERI-Tokai tandem accelerator lab. In this project, the tandem accelerator is used as a proton beam driver to create RIB from fission products of a uranium target and a RIB accelerator already built by KEK will be installed in an old target room of the tandem accelerator lab. The beam energy is 1.1 MeV/nucleon, which is not sufficient for experiments related to nuclear reactions. They have a plan to boost the beams to 5 - 9 MeV/u by developing a pre-booster and using existing super-conducting tandem-booster. The plan of this project, acceleration divices and present status will be outlined in the RIB session of the CAARI.

JAEA Reports

Single-fluid-Type Accelerator Molten-Salt Breeder(AMSB)

Furukawa, Kazuo; *

JAERI-M 83-050, 43 Pages, 1983/03


no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

Validating elastic scattering of polarized $$gamma$$-rays

Omer, M.; Shizuma, Toshiyuki*; Hajima, Ryoichi*; Angell, C.*

no journal, , 

An elastic scattering experiment has been performed using 100% linearly polarized $$gamma$$-rays generated by laser Compton backscattering at Duke University, NC, USA. Photons of energy of 2 MeV elastically scattered off uranium target were measured with high-purity Ge detectors. The results are used in the simulation study to improve the sensitivity of identifying isotopes by nuclear resonance fluorescence. Validation of the elastic scattering cross section of a polarized $$gamma$$-rays is reported.

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