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Compact moving particle semi-implicit method for incompressible free-surface flow

Wang, Z.; 松本 俊慶; Duan, G.*; 松永 拓也*

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 414, p.116168_1 - 116168_49, 2023/09


Recently, consistent meshfree particle methods have been intensively studied. It has been pointed out that numerical inaccuracy or instability could easily occur with incomplete or biased neighbor support. This study proposes a new meshfree particle method called the compact moving particle semi-implicit (CMPS) method to decrease the condition number. In the proposed CMPS, the first-order and second-order derivatives are discretized separately, enhancing the numerical stability significantly. By adopting a small dilation parameter of the compact support, the CMPS can remarkably improve accuracy and reduce computational costs. Formulations for zeroth-order, first-order, and second-order derivatives are derived, and various boundary conditions, e.g., Dirichlet and Neumann, are discussed. In order to better deal with complex free-surface flows using the CMPS, some new numerical techniques, i.e., optimized regularization and reconstructed particle shifting schemes, are also developed. Furthermore, the surface fitting method is extended to address the surface tension. A convergence study is conducted in complex geometry to verify the stability, accuracy, and efficiency of the CMPS. Then, second-order accuracy is confirmed using the Taylor-Green vortex problem. After that, numerical examples concerning various free-surface flows, including square patch, hydrostatic pressure, dam break, droplet oscillation, and droplet coalescence, are calculated to demonstrate the potential of the CMPS.


Hierarchical Bayesian modeling to quantify fracture limit uncertainty of high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes under loss-of-coolant accident conditions

成川 隆文; 濱口 修輔*; 高田 孝*; 宇田川 豊

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 411, p.112443_1 - 112443_12, 2023/09


For realizing a highly reliable fracture limit evaluation of fuel cladding tubes during loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs) in light-water reactors, we developed a method to quantify the fracture limit uncertainty of high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes. This method employs a hierarchical Bayesian model that can quantify uncertainty even with limited experimental data. The fracture limit uncertainty was quantified as a probability using the amount of oxidation (Equivalent cladding reacted: ECR) and the initial hydrogen concentration (the hydrogen concentration in the fuel cladding tubes before the LOCA-simulated tests) as explanatory variables. We divided the regression coefficients of this model into a hierarchical structure with an overall average term common to all types of fuel cladding tubes and a term representing differences among various types of fuel cladding tubes. This hierarchical structure enabled us to quantify the fracture limit uncertainty through the effective use of prior knowledge and data, even for high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes with a small number of data points. The fracture limits representing a 5% fracture probability with 95% confidence of the high-burnup advanced fuel cladding tubes evaluated by the hierarchical Bayesian model were higher than 15% ECR for the initial hydrogen concentrations of up to 700-900 wtppm and restraint loads below 535 N. These fracture limits were comparable to the limit of the unirradiated Zircaloy-4 cladding tube, indicating that the burnup extension and use of the advanced fuel cladding tubes do not significantly lower the fracture limit of fuel cladding tubes. Further, we proposed a method to reduce the fracture limit uncertainty by using non-binary data, instead of the binary data, depending on the condition of the fuel cladding tube specimens after performing the LOCA-simulated test, thereby increasing the amount of information in the data.



外川 織彦; 外間 智規; 平岡 大和

JAEA-Review 2023-013, 48 Pages, 2023/08




Characteristics of allowable axial cracks for pressurized pipes governed by limit load criteria

長谷川 邦夫; Li, Y.; Udyawar, A.*; Lacroix, V.*

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 204, p.104952_1 - 104952_7, 2023/08

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Behavior of FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube under loss-of-coolant accident conditions

成川 隆文; 近藤 啓悦; 藤村 由希; 垣内 一雄; 宇田川 豊; 根本 義之

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 582, p.154467_1 - 154467_12, 2023/08

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To evaluate the behavior of an oxide-dispersion-strengthened FeCrAl (FeCrAl-ODS) cladding tube under loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) conditions of light-water reactors (LWRs), the following two laboratory-scale LOCA-simulated tests were performed: the burst and integral thermal shock tests. Four burst and three integral thermal shock tests were performed on unirradiated, stress-relieved FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube specimens, simulating ballooning and rupture, oxidation, and quenching, which were postulated during a LOCA. The burst temperature of the FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube was 200-300 K higher than that of the Zircaloy cladding tube, and the FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube's maximum circumferential strain was smaller than or equal to the Zircaloy-4 cladding tube. These results indicate that the FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube has higher strength at high temperatures than the conventional Zircaloy cladding tube. The FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube did not fracture after being subjected to an axial restraint load of $$sim$$5000 N, which is more than 10 times higher than the axial restraint load estimated for existing LWRs, during quenching, following isothermal oxidation at 1473 K for 1 h. The FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube was hardly oxidized during this isothermal oxidation condition. However, it melted after a short oxidation at 1673 K and fractured after abnormal oxidation at 1573 K for 1 h. Based on these results, the FeCrAl-ODS cladding tube should not fracture in the time range expected during LOCAs below 1473 K, where no melting or abnormal oxidation occurs.


Optimization of dissolved hydrogen concentration for mitigating corrosive conditions of pressurised water reactor primary coolant under irradiation, 2; Evaluation of electrochemical corrosion potential

端 邦樹; 塙 悟史; 知見 康弘; 内田 俊介; Lister, D. H.*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(8), p.867 - 880, 2023/08

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Numerical simulation of bubble hydrodynamics for pool scrubbing

岡垣 百合亜; 柴本 泰照; 和田 裕貴; 安部 諭; 日引 俊詞*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(8), p.955 - 968, 2023/08

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Pool scrubbing is an important filtering process that prevents radioactive aerosols from entering the environment in the event of severe accidents in a nuclear reactor. In this process of transporting aerosol particles using bubbles, bubble hydrodynamics plays a crucial role in modeling pool scrubbing and significantly affects particle removal in a bubble. The pool scrubbing code based on Lumped Parameter (LP) approach includes the particle removal model, and its hydrodynamic parameters are determined based on simple assumptions. We aim to apply the three-dimensional Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach to understand the detailed bubble interaction. This study validated the applicability of the CFD simulation to bubble hydrodynamics at the flow transition from a globule to a swarm region, which is critical in the stand-alone pool scrubbing code-SPARC-90. Two types of solvers based on the Volume Of Fluid (VOF) and the Simple Coupled Volume Of Fluid with Level Set (S-CLSVOF) methods were used to capture the gas-liquid interface in the CFD simulation. We used the experimental data for validation. As a result, the VOF and S-CLSVOF methods accurately predicted the bubble size and void fraction distributions. In addition, we confirmed that the bubble rise velocity of the S-CLSVOF method almost agreed with the experimental results.


Analytical study for low ground contact ratio of buildings due to the basemat uplift using a three-dimensional finite element model

崔 炳賢; 西田 明美; 塩見 忠彦; 川田 学; Li, Y.; 太田 成*; 園部 秀明*; 猪野 晋*; 宇賀田 健*

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 10(4), p.23-00026_1 - 23-00026_11, 2023/08

原子力施設における建物の耐震評価において、地震時の転倒モーメントによって建物の基礎底面が地盤から部分的に浮上る現象は、建物自体の耐力や構造安全性に関わる問題だけではなく、建物内に設置される機器類の応答に影響を及ぼすため、非常に重要な問題である。一方、建物の基礎浮上りによる基礎底面と地盤との間の接地率が小さくなる場合の建物の地震時挙動については、実験や解析的検討が十分とはいいがたい。そこで、本研究では、建物の基礎浮上りに係る既往実験を対象とし、3次元詳細解析モデルを用いたシミュレーション解析を行い、解析手法の妥当性について確認した。解析コードによる結果の違いを確認するために、3つの解析コード(E-FrontISTR, FINAS/STAR, TDAPIII)を用いて同じ条件で解析を実施し、得られた結果を比較した。解析結果については、低接地率状態となる試験体底面の付着力の違いによる建物の応答への影響、解析手法の精度等について考察した。また、建物の応答に係る解析結果への影響が大きいと判断された解析パラメータについては、感度解析により解析結果への影響を具体的に確認した。本論文では、これらの検討を通して得られた知見について述べる。


A Simple correlation to estimate agglomerated debris formation based on experiments of melt jet-breakup using a metallic melt

岩澤 譲; 杉山 智之; 金子 暁子*

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 409, p.112348_1 - 112348_15, 2023/08

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The agglomeration can form the massive debris (so-called agglomerated debris) by merging of melt particles with others when the particles accumulate on the floor of a containment vessel after relocation of the molten core (so-called corium or melt) in severe accidents in a light water reactor. This paper presents a modification of the simple correlation to estimate the mass fraction of the agglomerated debris proposed by the previous study [Iwasawa et al., Nucl. Eng. Des., 386 (2022), 111575] based on the experiments of melt jet-breakup using a metallic melt. The methodology is required to estimate the mass fraction of the agglomerated debris in the reactor conditions because the agglomerated debris can have a serious impact on the debris bed coolability. The present study focused the effects of the melt jet injection conditions (nozzle diameter and inlet velocity) on the mass fraction of agglomerated debris to add the experimental data base for the previous study that focused only the effects of the melt temperature, coolant temperature, and coolant depth on the mass fraction of the agglomerated debris. The visualized observation using a high-speed camera and morphological investigation of the recovered debris revealed the effects of the nozzle diameter and inlet velocity on the mass fraction of agglomerated debris. The extrapolation of the modified simple correlation showed the mass fraction of the agglomerated debris in the anticipated reactor conditions.


Data report of ROSA/LSTF experiment IB-HL-01; 17% hot leg intermediate break LOCA with totally-failed high pressure injection system

竹田 武司

JAEA-Data/Code 2023-007, 72 Pages, 2023/07


ROSA-V計画において、大型非定常実験装置(LSTF)を用いた実験(実験番号:IB-HL-01)が2009年11月19日に行われた。ROSA/LSTF IB-HL-01実験では、加圧水型原子炉(PWR)の加圧器サージラインの両端ギロチン破断による17%高温側配管中破断冷却材喪失事故を模擬した。このとき、高温側配管内面に接する様に、長いノズルを上向きに取り付けることにより破断口を模擬した。また、非常用炉心冷却系(ECCS)である高圧注入系の全故障と補助給水系の全故障を仮定した。実験では、比較的大きいサイズの破断が早い過渡現象を引き起こした。破断後一次系圧力が急激に低下し、蒸気発生器(SG)二次側圧力よりも低くなった。破断流は、破断直後に水単相から二相流に変化した。炉心露出は、ループシールクリアリング(LSC)前に、クロスオーバーレグの下降流側の水位低下と同時に開始した。低温側配管に注入されたECCSの蓄圧注入系(ACC)冷却水の蒸気凝縮により両ループのLSCが誘発された。LSC後の炉心水位の急速な回復により、全炉心はクエンチした。模擬燃料棒被覆管最高温度は、LSCとほぼ同時に検出された。ACC冷却水注入時、高速蒸気流による高温側配管からSG入口プレナムへの液体のエントレインメントにより、高温側配管とSG入口プレナムの水位が回復した。ECCSである低圧注入系の作動を通じた継続的な炉心冷却を確認後、実験を終了した。本報告書は、ROSA/LSTF IB-HL-01実験の手順、条件および実験で観察された主な結果をまとめたものである。


Occurrence of radioactive cesium-rich micro-particles (CsMPs) in a school building located 2.8 km south-west of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

笛田 和希*; 小宮 樹*; 蓑毛 健太*; 堀江 憲路*; 竹原 真美*; 山崎 信哉*; 塩津 弘之; 大貫 敏彦*; Grambow, B.*; Law, G. T. W.*; et al.

Chemosphere, 328, p.138566_1 - 138566_12, 2023/07

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Environmental Sciences)

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) derived radioactive Cs-rich microparticles (CsMPs) present a potential health risk through inhalation. Despite their occurrence in indoor environments impacted by the FDNPP accident, little is known about their prevalence. In this study, we quantitatively analyse the distribution and number of CsMPs in indoor dust samples collected from an elementary school located 2.8 km to the southwest of FDNPP. The school had remained untouched until 2016. Then, using a modified version of the autoradiography based "quantifying CsMPs (mQCP) method," we collected samples and determined the number of CsMPs and Cs radioactive fraction (RF) values of the microparticles (defined as total Cs activity from CsMPs / bulk Cs activity of entire sample). The numbers of CsMPs were determined to be 653 - 2570 particles/g and 296 - 1273 particles/g on the first and second floors of the school, respectively. The corresponding RFs ranged between 6.85 - 38.9 % and 4.48 - 6.61 %, respectively. The number of CsMPs and RF values in additional outdoor samples near the school building were and 23 - 63 particles/g and 1.14 - 1.61 %, respectively. The CsMPs were most abundant on the School's first floor near to the entrance, and the relative abundance was high near to the stairs on the second floor, indicating a likely CsMP dispersion path through the building. Additional wetting of the indoor samples combined with autoradiography revealed that indoor dusts had a distinct absence of intrinsic, soluble Cs species like CsOH. Combined, the results indicate that a significant amount of poorly soluble CsMPs were likely contained in initial radioactive airmass plumes from the FDNPP and that the microparticles could penetrate buildings. Clean-up plans for buildings / residential areas impacted by CsMP containing plumes, and monitoring of areas re-opened to the public, should take account of CsMPs in dusts.


Revision of allowable planar flaw tables of ASME B&PV Code Section XI for ferritic steel materials

Dulieu, P.*; Lacroix, V.*; 長谷川 邦夫

Proceedings of ASME 2023 Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference (PVP 2023) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2023/07

供用期間中の検査で原子力機器に欠陥が検出されたとき、ASME Code Section XIでは欠陥を評価するために許容欠陥寸法が用意されている。フェライト鋼では表IWB-3510-1に許容欠陥寸法があり、この許容欠陥寸法は応力拡大係数をもとに定められた。この論文の手法は塑性崩壊と脆性破壊の防止が含めるため、塑性崩壊については欠陥のアスペクト比に関かわらず一様な極限荷重の低下を考えている。脆性破壊の防止では表面欠陥の参照応力拡大係数を基にしている。この方法で種々なアスペクト比の許容寸法を規定している。さらに、この手法は機器の表面近傍にある内部欠陥と表面欠陥の整合性をとるために追加のパラメータを加えている。最後に、ASME規格の表IWB-3510-1の許容欠陥寸法の改定を提案する。


Towards an improvement of allowable planar flaws of ASME Code Section XI acceptance standards for ferritic steel materials

Lacroix, V.*; Dulieu, P.*; 長谷川 邦夫

Proceedings of ASME 2023 Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference (PVP 2023) (Internet), 5 Pages, 2023/07

原子力機器に欠陥が検出された場合、ASME Code Section XIは許容欠陥寸法を用意している。フェライト鋼の許容寸法は表IWB-3510-1で与えられている。この寸法は、機器の肉厚、欠陥のアスペクト比と内部欠陥の機器表面への接近性の3つのパラメータに依存している。しかし、これらをグラフで表すといくつかの不具合があることが分かる。そこで、ロバストな手法でASME Codeの許容される表面欠陥の見直しの必要性に光を当てるものである。この論文は現行の不具合を詳細に述べ、改善案を提案するものである。


Effect of calcium on niobium solubility in alkaline solutions

大平 早希; 阿部 健康; 飯田 芳久

Radiochimica Acta, 111(7), p.525 - 531, 2023/07

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02(Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear)

ニオブ-94($$^{94}$$Nb)のカルシウム,アルカリ性水溶液への溶解度は、セメント系材料を使用すると想定される中深度処分の安全性評価において、重要なパラメータの一つである。しかし、カルシウム,アルカリ条件におけるNb溶解度とその溶解度制限固相は、今だ不明な点が多い。そこで本研究では、0.001-0.1M CaCl$$_{2}$$水溶液において過飽和条件でのNb溶解度実験を系統的に行い、Nb溶解度制限固相について評価した。Nb濃度はpHとCa濃度に負の依存性を示し、沈殿固相のCa/Nbモル比は0.66を示した。Nb溶解度のpHおよびCa濃度依存性は、溶存種のNb(OH)$$_{6}$$$$^{-}$$と、Ca/Nb比が0.66を示すCa-Nb固相であるCa$$_{4}$$Nb$$_{6}$$O$$_{19}$$(am)との溶解反応で再現可能なことが確認された。


The Effects of unburned-gas temperature and pressure on the unstable behavior of cellular-flame fronts generated by intrinsic instability in hydrogen-air lean premixed flames under adiabatic and non-adiabatic conditions; Numerical simulation based on the detailed chemical reaction model

Thwe Thwe, A.; 門脇 敏; 永石 隆二

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(6), p.731 - 742, 2023/06

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Study on borehole sealing corresponding to hydrogeological structures by groundwater flow analysis

澤口 拓磨; 高井 静霞; 笹川 剛; 打越 絵美子*; 嶋 洋佑*; 武田 聖司

MRS Advances (Internet), 8(6), p.243 - 249, 2023/06



Experimental study on scabbing limit of local damage to reinforced concrete panels subjected to oblique impact by projectile with semispherical nose

奥田 幸彦; Kang, Z.; 西田 明美; 坪田 張二; Li, Y.

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 10(3), p.22-00370_1 - 22-00370_12, 2023/06




村上 裕晃; 西山 成哲; 竹内 竜史; 岩月 輝希

応用地質, 64(2), p.60 - 69, 2023/06



Revision of the criticality safety handbook in light of the reality of the nuclear fuel cycle in Japan; With a view to transportation and storage of fuel debris

須山 賢也; 植木 太郎; 郡司 智; 渡邉 友章; 荒木 祥平; 福田 航大

Proceedings of 20th International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM22) (Internet), 5 Pages, 2023/06



Accident sequence precursor analysis of an incident in a Japanese nuclear power plant based on dynamic probabilistic risk assessment

久保 光太郎

Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations, 2023, p.7402217_1 - 7402217_12, 2023/06

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) is an effective methodology that could be used to improve the safety of nuclear power plants in a reasonable manner. Dynamic PRA, as an advanced PRA allows for more realistic and detailed analyses by handling time-dependent information. However, the applications of this method to practical problems are limited because it remains in the research and development stage. This study aimed to investigate the possibility of utilizing dynamic PRA in risk-informed decision-making. Specifically, the author performed an accident sequence precursor (ASP) analysis on the failure of emergency diesel generators that occurred at Unit 1 of the Tomari Nuclear Power Plant in Japan using dynamic PRA. The results were evaluated by comparison with the results of simplified classical PRA. The findings indicated that dynamic PRA may estimate lower risks compared with those obtained from classical PRA by reasonable modeling of alternating current power recovery. The author also showed that dynamic PRA can provide detailed information that cannot be obtained with classical PRA, such as uncertainty distribution of core damage timing and importance measure considering the system failure timing.

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