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An Investigation on the control rod homogenization method for next-generation fast reactor cores

滝野 一夫; 杉野 和輝; 大木 繁夫

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 162, p.108454_1 - 108454_7, 2021/11


A Japanese next-generation fast reactor core design adopts the reaction rate ratio preservation (RRRP) method for control rod homogenization with a super-cell model in which a control rod is surrounded by fuel assemblies. An earlier study showed that the RRRP method with the conventional super-cell model could estimate the control rod worth (CRW) of a 750-MWe large fast reactor core within the analytical uncertainty of 1.5%. The estimation of radial power distribution (RPD) tends to have relatively large analytical uncertainty especially for large fast reactor cores with the control rods inserted. In order to eliminate the radially-dependent analytical uncertainty of CRW and RPD, this study evaluated and refined the surrounding fuel assemblies of the super-cell model for all control rods in the RRRP method. This refinement significantly decreased the radially-dependent analytical uncertainty: the analytical uncertainty of CRW and RPD were reduced to less than 0.13% and 0.35%, respectively.


Tensile properties on dissimilar welds between 11Cr-ferritic/martensitic steel and 316 stainless steel after thermal aging

矢野 康英; 丹野 敬嗣; 岡 弘; 大塚 智史; 皆藤 威二

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 555, p.153105_1 - 153105_8, 2021/11




Comparison of sodium fast reactor core assembly seismic evaluation using the Japanese and French simulation tools

山本 智彦; 松原 慎一郎*; 原田 英典*; Saunier, P.*; Martin, L.*; Gentet, D.*; Dirat, J.-F.*; Collignon, C.*

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 383, p.111406_1 - 111406_14, 2021/11



Effect of B$$_{4}$$C addition on the solidus and liquidus temperatures, density and surface tension of type 316 austenitic stainless steel in the liquid state

福山 博之*; 東 英生*; 山野 秀将

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 554, p.153100_1 - 153100_11, 2021/10




Initial sintering kinetics of non-stoichiometric CeO$$_{2-x}$$

渡部 雅; 関 崇行*

Materials Science & Engineering B, 272, p.115369_1 - 115369_6, 2021/10




Development of fuel performance analysis code, BISON for MOX, named Okami; Analyses of pore migration behavior to affect the MA-bearing MOX fuel restructuring

小澤 隆之; 廣岡 瞬; 加藤 正人; Novascone, S.*; Medvedev, P.*

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 553, p.153038_1 - 153038_16, 2021/09

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Laser beam direct energy deposition of graded austenitic-to-martensitic steel junctions compared to dissimilar electron beam welding

Villaret, F.*; Boulnat, X.*; Aubry, P.*; 矢野 康英; 大塚 智史; Fabregue, D.*; de Carlan, Y.*

Materials Science & Engineering A, 824, p.141794_1 - 141794_10, 2021/09

This article presents the Laser Beam Direct Energy Deposition (DED-LBD) process as a method to build a graded austenitic-to-martensitic steel junction. Builds were obtained by varying the ratio of the two powders during DED-LB processing. Samples with gradual transitions were successfully obtained using a high dilution rate from one layer to the next. Long austenitic grains are observed on 316L side while martensitic grains are observed on Fe-9Cr-1Mo side. In the transition zone, the microstructure is mainly martensitic. Characterizations were performed after building and after a tempering heat treatment at630$$^{circ}$$C during 8h and compared to dissimilar Electron Beam (EB) welds. Before heat treatment, the DBD-LB graded area has high hardness due to fresh martensite formed during building. Tempering heat treatment reduces this hardness to 300 Hv. EDS measurements indicate that the chemical gradient between 316L and Fe-9Cr-1Mo obtained by DED-LB is smoother than the chemical change obtained in EB welds. Microstructures in DED-LB samples are quite different from those obtained by EB welding. Hardness values in DMD-LB samples and in welds are similar; the weld metal and the Fe-9Cr-1Mo HAZ are relatively hard after welding because of fresh martensite, as found in the DED-LB transition zone; both are softened by the tempering heat treatment. Both welds were overmatched at 20, 400 and 550$$^{circ}$$C.


Droplet generation during spray impact onto a downward-facing solid surface

Zhan, Y.*; Sun, G.*; 大川 富雄*; 青柳 光裕; 高田 孝

Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 126, p.110402_1 - 110402_8, 2021/08

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Experiments were conducted to explore the droplet generation process when an ascending liquid spray impacts on a downward-facing solid surface. The droplets generated in the present experiments were classified into the two types: one is the splashing droplets generated by the impacts of droplets in spray and the other is the falling droplets produced from a liquid film formed on the solid surface. The falling droplets were further classified to the first falling droplets and the satellite droplets. It was found that the ratio of the splashing droplets increases with an increase in the impact Weber number. The size of the splashing droplets was in the same order with the impacting droplets in spray. On the other hand, the size of the falling droplets was inversely proportional to their order. Using the experimental data, dimensionless correlations were developed for the rates and sizes of the splashing and falling droplets.


Viscosities of molten B$$_{4}$$C-stainless steel alloys

西 剛史*; 佐藤 理花*; 太田 弘道*; 小久保 宏紀*; 山野 秀将

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 552, p.153002_1 - 153002_7, 2021/08

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炭化ホウ素とステンレス鋼の溶融合金(B$$_{4}$$C-SS)の高精度の物性測定はナトリウム冷却高速炉の炉心損傷事故解析や福島第一原子力発電所で見られたように沸騰軽水炉(BWR)のシビアアクシデント解析に必須である。しかしながら、実験的に困難であるが故、B$$_{4}$$C-SS溶融合金の高精度な粘度データはない。本研究では、溶融ステンレス鋼(SUS316L), 2.5mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SS, 5.0mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SS, 7.0mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SSの粘度をそれぞれ1693-1793K, 1613-1793K, 1613-1793K、及び1713-1793Kの温度範囲で回転るつぼ振動法により計測した。この粘度はB$$_{4}$$C濃度が0から7%までに上昇するにつれて増加した。1713-1793Kの温度範囲で2.5mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SS, 5.0mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SS, 7.0mass%B$$_{4}$$C-SSの実験データを用いて、B$$_{4}$$C-SSの粘度評価式を求めた。また、B$$_{4}$$C-SSの粘度の計測誤差は8%以下だった。


Effects of thermal aging on the mechanical properties of FeCrAl-ODS alloy claddings

矢野 康英; 丹野 敬嗣; 大塚 智史; 皆藤 威二; 鵜飼 重治*

Materials Transactions, 62(8), p.1239 - 1246, 2021/08


FeCrAl-ODS鋼被覆管を製作し、その被覆管の熱時効の影響を調査するために、450$$^{circ}$$C,5000時間と15000時間の熱時効後に、硬さ試験,リング引張試験,TEM観察を実施した。全てのFeCrAl鋼被覆管で熱時効硬化が確認され、延性低下を伴う顕著な強度上昇も生じた。熱時効硬化挙動は(Ti, Al)リッチ相($$beta$$'相)析出とAl7wt%未満の場合は$$alpha$$'相析出も起因していると考えられる。同様の組成をもつFeCrAl-ODS鋼を比較した場合、再結晶材と未再結晶材で熱時効硬化は生じるが、後者は延性低下を伴わないことが明らかになった。この挙動の差は、結晶粒界,転位密度,試験片作製方向の影響が起因していると考えられる。本研究は、文部科学省の原子力システム研究開発事業による委託業務として、北海道大学が実施した平成25$$sim$$28年度「事故時高温条件での燃料健全性確保のためのODSフェライト鋼燃料被覆管の研究開発」の中で北海道大学からの委託により原子力機構が実施した研究成果である。


Velocity distribution in the subchannels of a pin bundle with a wrapping wire; Evaluation of the Reynolds number dependence in a three-pin bundle

相澤 康介; 檜山 智之; 西村 正弘; 栗原 成計; 石田 勝二*

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 8(4), p.20-00547_1 - 20-00547_11, 2021/08



Formulation of plastic strain distribution derived from long-distance travel of temperature distribution based on residual stress required for elastic shakedown behavior

岡島 智史

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 8(4), p.21-00080_1 - 21-00080_15, 2021/08



Kinetic study on eutectic reaction between boron carbide and stainless steel by differential thermal analysis

菊地 晋; 中村 勤也*; 山野 秀将

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 8(4), p.20-00542_1 - 20-00542_13, 2021/08



Thermophysical properties of austenitic stainless steel containing boron carbide in a solid state

高井 俊秀; 古川 智弘; 山野 秀将

Mechanical Engineering Journal (Internet), 8(4), p.20-00540_1 - 20-00540_11, 2021/08



Numerical modeling of radiation heat transfer from combusting droplets for a sodium fire analysis

青柳 光裕; 高田 孝; 宇埜 正美*

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 380, p.111258_1 - 111258_11, 2021/08

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This study aims to model radiation heat transfer from combusting droplets numerically. In the modeling, radiation energy transport on the combusting area around a sodium droplet is formulated considering emission, absorption and scattering as interaction with surrounding gas radiation. Radiation energy from the combusting droplets is added to the source term of the radiation transport equation in the 6-flux gas radiation model for the multi-dimensional sodium fire analysis code AQUA-SF. Direct radiation heat transfer from combusting droplets can be simulated by this improved model. The improved model is tested through the verification analyses of single droplet combustion and the benchmark analysis on the upward sodium spray combustion experiment. The results of the test analyses show increase in heat transfer to the walls due to the droplet radiation. As the result, the sodium fire analysis becomes more reasonably by the improved model.


Droplet entrainment by high-speed gas jet into a liquid pool

杉本 太郎*; 金子 暁子*; 阿部 豊*; 内堀 昭寛; 栗原 成計; 高田 孝; 大島 宏之

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 380, p.111306_1 - 111306_11, 2021/08

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Development of an integrated computer code system for analyzing irradiation behaviors of a fast reactor fuel

上羽 智之; 根本 潤一*; 伊藤 昌弘*; 石谷 行生*; 堂田 哲広; 田中 正暁; 大塚 智史

Nuclear Technology, 207(8), p.1280 - 1289, 2021/08

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Fundamental study on scheduling of inspection process for fast reactor plants

鈴木 正昭*; 伊藤 真理*; 橋立 竜太; 高橋 慧多; 矢田 浩基; 高屋 茂

2020 9th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI 2020), p.797 - 801, 2021/07

To realize the reasonable and effective maintenance of nuclear power plants, it is essential to optimize the maintenance scheduling management from the viewpoints of both safety and efficiency. As a fundamental study, we propose an inspection-process-scheduling model that minimizes the total number of inspections in a fast reactor. In this study, we formulate the inspection-process-scheduling problem as an integer programming problem. Computing the inspection-process schedules for a simplified fast reactor plant model, we verified that the proposed model can provide the optimal schedule automatically.



佐賀山 豊

エネルギーレビュー, 41(8), P. 42, 2021/07



「もんじゅ」点検期間長期化の要因分析及び次世代高速炉の保全合理化案の提案,2; 低温停止期間における「もんじゅ」の保全計画分析

豊田 晃大; 橋立 竜太; 高橋 慧多; 矢田 浩基; 高屋 茂

保全学, 20(2), p.95 - 103, 2021/07

It is necessary to implement reasonable maintenance based on characteristics of a nuclear power plant to achieve both high safety and high economic efficiency of the power plant. The prototype fast breeder reactor "Monju" spent most of the year on maintenance. It is important to identify causes of the prolonged maintenance of "Monju" and consider countermeasures for subsequent fast reactors. In this study, we investigate causes of the prolonged maintenance by analyzing the Monju's maintenance plan. Further, we make proposals for optimizing the maintenance of next-generation fast reactors to address the identified issues.

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