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Journal Articles

Electron heat diffusivity in radially-bounded ergodic region of toroidal plasma

Kanno, Ryutaro*; Nunami, Masanori*; Satake, Shinsuke*; Matsuoka, Seikichi; Takamaru, Hisanori*

Nuclear Fusion, 58(1), p.016033_1 - 016033_7, 2018/01

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

The electron heat transport in a torus plasma which involves a radially-bounded ergodic region, where flux surfaces are partially destroyed by perturbative magnetic fields, is studied. In this paper, we have demonstrated that the radial heat conduction by the particles' parallel motion is reduced by trapped particles.

Journal Articles

Turbulent transport reduction induced by transition on radial electric field shear and curvature through amplitude and cross-phase in torus plasma

Kobayashi, Tatsuya*; Ito, Kimitaka*; Ido, Takeshi*; Kamiya, Kensaku*; Ito, Sanae*; Miura, Yukitoshi; Nagashima, Yoshihiko*; Fujisawa, Akihide*; Inagaki, Shigeru*; Ida, Katsumi*

Scientific Reports (Internet), 7(1), p.14971_1 - 14971_8, 2017/11

 Times Cited Count:17 Percentile:84.46(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

Journal Articles

Benchmark of the local drift-kinetic models for neoclassical transport simulation in helical plasmas

Huang, B.*; Satake, Shinsuke*; Kanno, Ryutaro*; Sugama, Hideo*; Matsuoka, Seikichi

Physics of Plasmas, 24(2), p.022503_1 - 022503_19, 2017/02

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:62.43(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

The drift kinetic equation describes the collisional (neoclassical) transport in plasmas. Recently, a novel radially-local approximation of the drift kinetic equation, which is called the zero orbit width (ZOW) model, is proposed. In this work, as a numerical verification of the neoclassical transport based on the ZOW model, we perform a series of benchmarks of the neoclassical transport and the parallel flow in three helical magnetic configurations using various types of radially-local approximation models including the ZOW model. We found that the neoclassical transport of the ZOW model can reproduce that based on the other models when the radial electric field and thus the $$E times B$$ drift is large. Also, it is demonstrated that an unphysical large radial transport, which arises in the neoclassical transport of the other models when the $$E times B$$ drift is small and compared to the magnetic drift, can be mitigated in the ZOW model.

Journal Articles

Development of a drift-kinetic simulation code for estimating collisional transport affected by RMPs and radial electric field

Kanno, Ryutaro*; Nunami, Masanori*; Satake, Shinsuke*; Matsuoka, Seikichi; Takamaru, Hisanori*

Contributions to Plasma Physics, 56(6-8), p.592 - 597, 2016/08

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:8.45(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

A drift-kinetic $$delta f$$ simulation code is developed for estimating collisional transport in quasi-steady state of toroidal plasma affected by resonant magnetic perturbations and radial electric field. In this paper, validity of the code is confirmed through several test calculations. It is found that radial electron flux is reduced by positive radial-electric field, although radial diffusion of electron is strongly affected by chaotic field-lines under an assumption of zero electric field.

Journal Articles

Experimental identification of electric field excitation mechanisms in a structural transition of tokamak plasmas

Kobayashi, Tatsuya*; Ito, Kimitaka*; Ido, Takeshi*; Kamiya, Kensaku; Ito, Sanae*; Miura, Yukitoshi; Nagashima, Yoshihiko*; Fujisawa, Akihide*; Inagaki, Shigeru*; Ida, Katsumi*; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 6, p.30720_1 - 30720_7, 2016/08

 Times Cited Count:11 Percentile:67.96(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

In this Letter, we report model verifications for a key physics for the L-H transition. Radial electric field excitation, using discharges having a two-step transition. Examining time derivative of Poissons equation, it is found that the sum of the loss cone loss current and neoclassical bulk viscosity current agrees the experimentally observed current in the order of magnitude at the first transition. Following second transition and an ambipolar condition in the L-mode cannot be explained by the models.

Journal Articles

Radially local approximation of the drift kinetic equation

Sugama, Hideo*; Matsuoka, Seikichi; Satake, Shinsuke*; Kanno, Ryutaro*

Physics of Plasmas, 23(4), p.042502_1 - 042502_11, 2016/04

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:29.39(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

A novel radially local approximation of the drift kinetic equation is presented. The new drift kinetic equation that includes both $$rm E times B$$ and tangential magnetic drift terms is written in the conservative form and it has favorable properties for numerical simulation that any additional terms for particle and energy sources are unnecessary for obtaining stationary solutions under the radially local approximation. These solutions satisfy the intrinsic ambipolarity condition for neoclassical particle fluxes in the presence of quasisymmetry of the magnetic field strength. Also, another radially local drift kinetic equation is presented, from which the positive definiteness of entropy production due to neoclassical transport and Onsager symmetry of neoclassical transport coefficients are derived while it sacrifices the ambipolarity condition for neoclassical particle fluxes in axisymmetric and quasi-symmetric systems.

Journal Articles

Liquid divertor

Shimada, Michiya; Miyazawa, Junichi*

Purazuma, Kaku Yugo Gakkai-Shi, 92(2), p.119 - 124, 2016/02


Actively convected liquid metal divertor is promising for providing a solution for issues of DEMO reactors including heat removal and disruptions. This chapter gives an overview of the motivation, research history, recent development, future perspective and issues to be resolved.

Journal Articles

Performance verification tests of JT-60SA CS model coil

Obana, Tetsuhiro*; Murakami, Haruyuki; Takahata, Kazuya*; Hamaguchi, Shinji*; Chikaraishi, Hirotaka*; Mito, Toshiyuki*; Imagawa, Shinsaku*; Kizu, Kaname; Natsume, Kyohei; Yoshida, Kiyoshi

Physica C, 518, p.96 - 100, 2015/11

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:28.71(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Observation of dynamics and modification of solid surface using a picosecond soft X-ray laser

Nishikino, Masaharu; Kawachi, Tetsuya; Hasegawa, Noboru; Ishino, Masahiko; Minami, Yasuo*; Suemoto, Toru*; Onishi, Naofumi*; Ito, Atsushi*; Sato, Katsutoshi*; Faenov, A.*; et al.

X-Ray Lasers and Coherent X-Ray Sources; Development and Applications XI (Proceedings of SPIE, Vol.9589), p.958902_1 - 958902_7, 2015/09

Journal Articles

On the spatial structure of solitary radial electric field at the plasma edge in toroidal confinement devices

Ito, Kimitaka*; Ito, Sanae*; Kamiya, Kensaku; Kasuya, Naohiro*

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 57(7), p.075008_1 - 075008_7, 2015/07

 Times Cited Count:18 Percentile:76.27(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

The solitary radial electric field in the edge of toroidal plasma is studied based on the electric field bifurcation model. Results are applied to tokamak and helical plasmas, and the dependence of the electric field structure on the plasma parameters and geometrical factors is analyzed. The order of magnitude estimate for tokamak plasma is not far from experimental observations. It is shown that, in helical plasmas, the height of electric field structure is reduced substantially owing to the ripple particle transport, while the width is influenced less. The implications of the results for the limit of achievable gradient in the H-mode pedestal are also discussed.

Journal Articles

Development of Terminal Joint and Lead Extension for JT-60SA Central Solenoid

Murakami, Haruyuki; Kizu, Kaname; Ichige, Toshikatsu; Furukawa, Masato; Natsume, Kyohei; Tsuchiya, Katsuhiko; Kamiya, Koji; Koide, Yoshihiko; Yoshida, Kiyoshi; Obana, Tetsuhiro*; et al.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 25(3), p.4201305_1 - 4201305_5, 2015/06

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:40.24(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)

JT-60U magnet system will be upgraded to the superconducting coils in the JT-60SA programme of the Broader Approach activities. Terminal joint of Central Solenoid (CS) is wrap type Nb$$_{3}$$Sn-NbTi joint used for connecting CS (Nb$$_{3}$$Sn) and current feeder (NbTi). The terminal joints are placed at the top and the bottom of the CS systems. CS modules located at middle position of CS system need the lead extension from the modules to the terminal joint. The joint resistance measurement of terminal joint was performed in the test facility of National Institute for Fusion Science. The joint resistance was evaluated by the operating current and the voltage between both ends of the terminal joint part. Test results met the requirement of JT-60SA magnet system. The structural analysis of the lead extension and its support structure was conducted to confirm the support design. In this paper, the results of resistance test of joint and the structural analysis results of lead extension are reported.

Journal Articles

Electromagnetic gyrokinetic simulation of turbulence in torus plasmas

Ishizawa, Akihiro*; Maeyama, Shinya; Watanabe, Tomohiko*; Sugama, Hideo*; Nakajima, Noriyoshi*

Journal of Plasma Physics, 81(2), p.435810203_1 - 435810203_41, 2015/04

 Times Cited Count:19 Percentile:77.61(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

Journal Articles

Actively convected liquid metal divertor

Shimada, Michiya; Hirooka, Yoshihiko*

Nuclear Fusion, 54(12), p.122002_1 - 122002_7, 2014/12

 Times Cited Count:29 Percentile:86.74(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

Tungsten is considered to be the most promising material for divertor in a fusion reactor. Tungsten divertor can withstand the heat loads of ITER, but the heat loads of DEMO divertor is a challenge. Pulsive heat loads as those associated with disruption could melt tungsten targets. The surface would not be flat after subsequent resolidification, which would significantly deteriorate its heat handling capability. Furthermore, DBTT of tungsten is rather high: $$sim$$ 400$$^{circ}$$C, which would become even higher after neutron irradiation, possibly resulting in cracks in tungsten. Our proposal is to use liquid metal for the divertor target material and actively circulate it with $$j$$ $$times$$ $$B$$ force. A simplified analysis of mhd equation in a cylindrical geometry suggests that the engineering requirement is modest. This analysis suggests that this new divertor concept merits further investigation.

Journal Articles

Observation of femtosecond laser ablation on Tungsten by using soft X-ray reflection and interference imaging

Nishikino, Masaharu; Hasegawa, Noboru; Tomita, Takuro*; Eyama, Tsuyoshi*; Kakimoto, Naoya*; Onishi, Naofumi*; Ito, Atsushi*; Baba, Motoyoshi*; Minami, Yasuo*; Kawachi, Tetsuya; et al.

Reza Gakkai Dai-471-Kai Kenkyukai Hokoku; Tanhacho Ryoshi Bimu Hassei To Sono Oyo, p.9 - 12, 2014/12

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

A Study on fast digital discrimination of neutron and $$gamma$$-ray for improvement neutron emission profile measurement

Uchida, Yuki*; Takada, Eiji*; Fujisaki, Akihiro*; Isobe, Mitsutaka*; Ogawa, Kunihiro*; Shinohara, Koji; Tomita, Hideki*; Kawarabayashi, Jun*; Iguchi, Tetsuo*

Review of Scientific Instruments, 85(11), p.11E118_1 - 11E118_4, 2014/11

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:29.61(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Journal Articles

Dynamics of edge limit cycle oscillation in the JFT-2M tokamak

Kobayashi, Tatsuya*; Ito, Kimitaka*; Ido, Takeshi*; Kamiya, Kensaku; Ito, Sanae*; Miura, Yukitoshi; Nagashima, Yoshihiko*; Fujisawa, Akihide*; Inagaki, Shigeru*; Ida, Katsumi*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 54(7), p.073017_1 - 073017_14, 2014/07

 Times Cited Count:22 Percentile:79.43(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

In the JFT-2M tokamak, limit-cycle oscillation among several variables is observed before L-to-H transition. Spatiotemporal dynamics of the LCO is analyzed in detail. Zonal fows are not seen, and modulation in edge-localized poloidal flow and density gradient is observed. Modulation is also seen in Reynolds stress, caused by that in turbulence intensity and turbulence wavenumber. However, flow acceleration is not able to be explained by the modulation in the Reynolds stress. Rapid inward propagation in density gradient and turbulence packet is also observed. Characteristics of the propagation are veried by means of turbulence spreading theory and diffusion theory.

Journal Articles

Development and test of JT-60SA central solenoid model coil

Murakami, Haruyuki; Kizu, Kaname; Tsuchiya, Katsuhiko; Koide, Yoshihiko; Yoshida, Kiyoshi; Obana, Tetsuhiro*; Takahata, Kazuya*; Hamaguchi, Shinji*; Chikaraishi, Hirotaka*; Natsume, Kyohei*; et al.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 24(3), p.4200205_1 - 4200205_5, 2014/06

 Times Cited Count:22 Percentile:73.75(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)

Central Solenoid (CS) of JT-60SA are designed with the Nb$$_{3}$$Sn cable in conduit conductor. CS model coil (CSMC) was manufactured by using the real manufacturing jigs and procedure to validate the CS manufacturing processes before starting mass production. The dimensions of the CSMC are the same as real quad-pancake. The cold test of the CSMC was performed and the test results satisfied the design requirements. These results indicate that the manufacturing processes of the JT-60SA CS has been established. In this paper, the development and the validation of the CS manufacturing processes are described.

Journal Articles

Thermal stability of butt joint for CS conductor in JT-60SA

Takao, Tomoaki*; Kawahara, Yuzuru*; Nakamura, Kazuya*; Yamamoto, Yusuke*; Yagai, Tsuyoshi*; Murakami, Haruyuki; Yoshida, Kiyoshi; Natsume, Kyohei*; Hamaguchi, Shinji*; Obana, Tetsuhiro*; et al.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 24(3), p.4800804_1 - 4800804_4, 2014/06

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:24.9(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Electromagnetic gyrokinetic turbulence in finite-beta helical plasmas

Ishizawa, Akihiro*; Watanabe, Tomohiko*; Sugama, Hideo*; Maeyama, Shinya; Nakajima, Noriyoshi*

Physics of Plasmas, 21(5), p.055905_1 - 055905_10, 2014/05

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:62.21(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

Journal Articles

Evaluation of inter-laminar shear strength of GFRP composed of bonded glass/polyimide tapes and cyanate-ester/epoxy blended resin for ITER TF coils

Hemmi, Tsutomu; Nishimura, Arata*; Matsui, Kunihiro; Koizumi, Norikiyo; Nishijima, Shigehiro*; Shikama, Tatsuo*

AIP Conference Proceedings 1574, p.154 - 161, 2014/01

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:86.85

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), as Japan Domestic Agency, has responsibility to procure 9 ITER Toroidal Field (TF) coils. The insulation system of the ITER TF coils consists of 3 layers of insulations, which are a conductor insulation, a double-pancake (DP) insulation and a ground insulation, composed of multi-layer glass/polyimide tapes impregnated a resin. The ITER TF coils are required to withstand an irradiation of 10 MGy from $$gamma$$-ray and neutrons since the ITER TF coils is exposed by first neutron ($$>$$ 0.1 MeV) of 10$$^{22}$$ n/m$$^{2}$$ during the operation of 20 years in the ITER. Cyanate-ester/epoxy blended resins and bonded glass/polyimide tapes are developed as insulation materials to realize the required radiation-hardness for the insulation of the ITER TF coils. To evaluate the radiation-hardness of the developed insulation materials, the inter-laminar shear strength of glass-fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) fabricated using developed insulation materials is measured as one of most important mechanical properties before/after the irradiation in a fission reactor of JRR-3. As a result, it is demonstrated that the GFRPs using the developed insulation materials have a sufficient performance to apply the ITER TF coil insulation.

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