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Pulse radiolysis study of ion-species effects on the solvated electron in alkylammonium ionic liquids

Kondo, Takafumi*; Asano, Akira*; Yang, J.*; Norizawa, Kimihiro*; Takahashi, Kenji*; Taguchi, Mitsumasa; Nagaishi, Ryuji ; Kato, Ryuji*; Yoshida, Yoichi*

Spectrum and kinetic behavior of solvated electrons (e$$_{sol}$$$$^{-}$$) in alkyl ammonium ionic liquids (ILs), ${it i.e.}$ DEMMA-TFSI, DEMMA-BF4, TMPA-TFSI, PP13-TFSI, P13-TFSI and P14-TFSI were investigated by pulse radiolysis method. The e$$_{sol}$$$$^{-}$$ in the ILs have same absorption peak at 1100 nm with a molar absorption coefficient of 1.5-2.3$$times$$10$$^{4}$$ dm$$^{3}$$mol$$^{-1}$$cm$$^{-1}$$. The reaction rate constant of e$$_{sol}$$$$^{-}$$ with Pyrene (Py) was 1.5-3.5$$times$$10$$^{8}$$ dm$$^{3}$$mol$$^{-1}$$s$$^{-1}$$. These values were about one order of magnitude higher than that of diffusion controlled limit, which was calculated from measured viscosity. The dry electron (e$$_{dry}$$$$^{-}$$) reacts with Py, and its rate constant in DEMMA-TFSI was 7.9$$times$$10$$^{11}$$ dm$$^{3}$$mol$$^{-1}$$s$$^{-1}$$, three orders of magnitude higher than that of the e$$_{sol}$$$$^{-}$$ reactions.



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Category:Chemistry, Physical



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