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Solvent extraction of heavy actinides (III) with HDEHP

Takayama, Reona*; Oe, Kazuhiro*; Komori, Yukiko*; Fujisawa, Hiroyuki*; Kuriyama, Ai*; Kikutani, Yuki*; Kikunaga, Hidetoshi*; Kasamatsu, Yoshitaka*; Yoshimura, Takashi*; Takahashi, Naruto*; Saito, Tadashi*; Toyoshima, Atsushi; Asai, Masato  ; Mitsugashira, Toshiaki*; Shinohara, Atsushi*

The extraction behavior of trivalent actinides (Am, Cm, Cf, Es, and Fm) into di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid, HDEHP, in benzene from HNO$$_{3}$$ was studied together with lanthanides. The extraction constants, $$it K$$$$_{ex}$$ values, of lanthanides, Am, Cm, Cf, and Es were determined by a batch method using stable lanthanide isotopes and radiotracers of $$^{241}$$Am, $$^{243}$$Cm, $$^{249}$$Cf, and $$^{253}$$Es, respectively, while that of Fm was measured with $$^{250}$$Fm which was produced in the $$^{238}$$U($$^{16}$$O,4n) reaction and was on-line supplied by a gas-jet method at the AVF cyclotron of RCNP, Osaka University. The $$it K$$$$_{ex}$$ values were determined by the slope analysis for the variation of the distribution ratio as a function of the concentration of HDEHP. We found that the $$it K$$$$_{ex}$$of Fm is smaller than that of Dy in spite of the similar ionic radii while those of other actinides are almost the same as those of each lanthanide with a similar ionic radius.



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