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Production and utilization of astatine radioisotopes using $$^{7}$$Li ion beams

Nishinaka, Ichiro; Yokoyama, Akihiko*; Washiyama, Koshin*; Amano, Ryohei*; Maeda, Eita*; Taniguchi, Takumi*; Murakami, Kento*; Watanabe, Shigeki; Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Ishioka, Noriko; Hashimoto, Kazuyuki; Makii, Hiroyuki   

In general, an $$alpha$$-emitter $$^{211}$$At which is a prospective candidate for utilization in targeted alpha radiotherapy is produced through the $$^{209}$$Bi($$^{4}$$He, 2n)$$^{211}$$At reaction. In contrast, our project is focusing on the production in the $$^{209}$$Bi($$^{7}$$Li, 5n)$$^{211}$$Rn reaction. This enables us to supply $$^{211}$$At in a $$^{211}$$Rn/$$^{211}$$At generator system. The daughter $$^{211}$$At (7.2 h half-life) is extracted from the parent $$^{211}$$Rn (14h), expanding time-frame for transportation and use of $$^{211}$$At. To use astatine and iodine radioisotopes in our project, the excitation functions of $$^{209}$$Bi($$^{7}$$Li, xn)$$^{216-x}$$Rn, $$^{nat}$$Pb($$^{7}$$Li, xn)$$^{nat-x}$$At and $$^{nat}$$Sn($$^{7}$$Li, xn)$$^{nat-x}$$I reactions have been measured. In addition to that, separation techniques have been developed. We report not only on the production and separation of astatine and iodine radioisotopes in the reactions but also on the utilization of those radioisotopes.



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