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Electronic structure of EuAl$$_4$$ studied by photoelectron spectroscopy

Kobata, Masaaki  ; Fujimori, Shinichi   ; Takeda, Yukiharu   ; Okane, Tetsuo  ; Saito, Yuji  ; Kobayashi, Keisuke*; Yamagami, Hiroshi; Nakamura, Ai*; Hedo, Masato*; Nakama, Takao*; Onuki, Yoshichika*

The electronic structure of a divalent $$mathrm{Eu}$$ compound EuAl$$_4$$, which shows the charge density wave transition at $$T_{mathrm{CDW}} = 140~mathrm{K}$$, was studied by the hard X-ray angle-integrated photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) and the soft X-ray angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES). The valence band and core-level spectra obtained by the HAXPES are consistent with the divalent nature of Eu atoms in EuAl$$_4$$. Furthermore, the Fermi surface as well as the band structure in the vicinity of the Fermi Energy ($$E_{rm F}$$) of EuAl$$_4$$ are very similar to those of its isostructural divalent $$mathrm{Sr}$$ compound SrAl$$_4$$, which does not have $$4f$$ electrons. These suggest that Eu atoms are divalent in EuAl$$_4$$, and $$4f$$ electrons are completely localized with $$mathrm{Eu}~4f^7$$ electronic configuration in the ground state. The ARPES spectra measured along the $$Gamma$$-$$(Sigma)$$-Z high-symmetry line did not show significant temperature dependences above and below $$T_{mathrm{CDW}}$$ within the energy resolution of $$80-90~mathrm{meV}$$. Moreover, the Fermi surface mapping along the $$k_z$$ direction showed that both of EuAl$$_4$$ and SrAl$$_4$$ have highly three-dimensional electronic structures, suggesting that the nesting of Fermi surface is not straightforward. The Fermi surface and band structure of SrAl$$_4$$ were well explained by the band-structure calculation based on the local density approximation.



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Category:Physics, Multidisciplinary



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