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Journal Articles

Public acceptance as a driver for repository design

McKinley, I. G.*; Masuda, Sumio*; Hardie, S. M. L.*; Umeki, Hiroyuki*; Naito, Morimasa; Takase, Hiroyasu*

Journal of Energy, 2018, p.7546158_1 - 7546158_8, 2018/07

The Japanese geological disposal programme for radioactive waste is based on a volunteering approach to siting, which places particular emphasis on the need for public acceptance. This emphasises the development of a repository project as a partnership with local communities and involves stakeholders in important decisions associated with key milestones in the selection of repository sites and subsequent construction, operation and closure. To date, however, repository concept development has proceeded in a more traditional manner, focusing particularly on ease of developing a post-closure safety case. In the current project, we have attempted to go further by assessing what requirements stakeholders would place on a repository and assessing how these could be used to re-think repository designs so that they meet the desires of the public without compromising critical operational or long-term safety.

Journal Articles

Fukushima cleanup; Status and lessons

Miyahara, Kaname; McKinley, I. G.*; Saito, Kimiaki; Iijima, Kazuki; Hardie, S. M. L.*

Nuclear Engineering International, 60(736), p.12 - 14, 2015/11

Remediation work in Fukushima is based on a comprehensive technical knowledge base, which is translated into actions that enable the rapid return of evacuees but also provides a globally valuable resource for disaster planning and contaminated site remediation.

JAEA Reports

Use of knowledge and experience gained from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident to establish the technical basis for strategic off-site response

Miyahara, Kaname; McKinley, I. G.*; Saito, Kimiaki; Hardie, S. M. L.*; Iijima, Kazuki

JAEA-Review 2015-001, 90 Pages, 2015/03


This report provides a concise overview of knowledge and experience gained from the activities for environmental remediation after the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident. It is specifically tailored for international use to establish or refine the technical basis for strategic, off-site response to nuclear incidents. It is produced by JAEA, reflecting JAEA's key role in the research associated with both remediation of contaminated areas and the natural processes influencing contamination migration in non-remediated areas, working together with a number of Japanese and international organisations and research institutes. The report also provides a perspective on the future actions required to remediate all areas outside the 1F site.

Oral presentation

Multidisciplinary geosciences behind the safe disposal of radioactive wastes

Umeki, Hiroyuki; McKinley, I. G.*; Russell, A.*; Hardie, S. M. L.*

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