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Excited configurations of hydrogen in the BaTiO$$_{3-x}$$H$$_x$$ perovskite lattice associated with hydrogen exchange and transport

伊藤 孝; 幸田 章宏*; 下村 浩一郎*; 髭本 亘; 松崎 禎市郎*; 小林 洋治*; 陰山 洋*

Physical Review B, 95(2), p.020301_1 - 020301_5, 2017/01

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:66.33(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Excited configurations of hydrogen in the oxyhydride BaTiO$$_{3-x}$$H$$_x$$ ($$x=0.1-0.5$$), which are considered to be involved in its hydrogen transport and exchange processes, were investigated by $$mu^+$$SR spectroscopy using muonium (Mu) as a pseudoisotope of hydrogen. Muons implanted into BaTiO$$_{3-x}$$H$$_x$$ were mainly found in two metastable states. One was assigned to a highly mobile interstitial protonic state, which is commonly observed in perovskite oxides. The other was found to form an entangled two spin-$$frac{1}{2}$$ system with the nuclear spin of an H$$^-$$ ion at the anion site. The structure of the (H,Mu) complex agrees well with that of a neutralized center containing two H$$^-$$ ions at a doubly charged oxygen vacancy, which was predicted to form in SrTiO$$_{3-delta}$$ by a computational study. Above 100 K, interstitial Mu$$^+$$ diffusion and retrapping to a deep defect were observed, which could be a rate-limiting step of macroscopic Mu/H transport in BaTiO$$_{3-x}$$H$$_x$$.


Volume-wise destruction of the antiferromagnetic Mott insulating state through quantum tuning

Frandsen, B. A.*; Liu, L.*; Cheung, S. C.*; Guguchia, Z.*; Khasanov, R.*; Morenzoni, E.*; Munsie, T. J. S.*; Hallas, A. M.*; Wilson, M. N.*; Cai, Y.*; et al.

Nature Communications (Internet), 7, p.12519_1 - 12519_8, 2016/08

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:40.56(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

RENiO$$_3$$ (RE = rare-earth element) and V$$_2$$O$$_3$$ are archetypal Mott insulator systems. When tuned by chemical substitution (RENiO$$_3$$) or pressure (V$$_2$$O$$_3$$), they exhibit a quantum phase transition (QPT) between an antiferromagnetic Mott insulating state and a paramagnetic metallic state. Because novel physics often appears near a Mott QPT, the details of this transition, such as whether it is first or second order, are important. Here, we demonstrate through muon spin relaxation/rotation experiments that the QPT in RENiO$$_3$$ and V$$_2$$O$$_3$$ is first order: the magnetically ordered volume fraction decreases to zero at the QPT, resulting in a broad region of intrinsic phase separation, while the ordered magnetic moment retains its full value until it is suddenly destroyed at the QPT. These findings bring to light a surprising universality of the pressure-driven Mott transition, revealing the importance of phase separation and calling for further investigation into the nature of quantum fluctuations underlying the transition.


Online monitoring of negative muon beam profiles at J-PARC MUSE using a gated image intensifier

伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 二宮 和彦*; 久保 謙哉*; 河村 成肇*; 下村 浩一郎*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.036014_1 - 036014_5, 2015/09

We report on negative muon beam imaging at J-PARC MUSE using a newly-developed online muon beam profile monitor. A beam spot of a 3.8-MeV pulsed negative muon beam was clearly visualized in a few minutes. Decay electron background was significantly reduced owing to high-speed gating capability of a gated image intensifier installed in the muon beam profile monitor. A 3D map of negative muon intensity distribution was obtained at around the beam exit in the D2 experimental area, using a movable feature of this instrument.


Tuning of ultra-slow muon transport system

足立 泰平*; 池戸 豊*; 西山 樟生*; 薮内 敦*; 長友 傑*; Strasser, P.*; 伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 小嶋 健児*; 牧村 俊助*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.036017_1 - 036017_4, 2015/09

We report on the tuning of the ultra-slow muon beam line at J-PARC MUSE using Li impurities in a tungsten muonium production target in place of positive muons. Li ions were evaporated from the tungsten target by heating it up to 2000K and were transported in the ultra-slow muon beam line. The Li ion beam was monitored by micro channel plates installed at several points in the beam line. The Li beam was successfully transported to the end of the beam line after optimization of beam line parameters.


Perturbation on hyperfine-enhanced $$^{141}$$Pr nuclear spin dynamics associated with antiferroquadrupolar order in PrV$$_2$$Al$$_{20}$$

伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 酒井 明人*; 中辻 知*; 辻本 真規*

Physical Review B, 92(12), p.125151_1 - 125151_5, 2015/09

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:90.95(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

The nature of multipolar order and hyperfine-enhanced (HE) $$^{141}$$Pr nuclear spin dynamics in PrV$$_2$$Al$$_{20}$$ was investigated using the muon spin relaxation technique. No explicit sign of time-reversal symmetry breaking was found below the multipolar order temperature $$T_Qsim 0.6$$K in a zero applied field as anticipated on the basis of the antiferroquadrupolar (AFQ) order picture proposed by Sakai and Nakatsuji [J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. ${bf 80}$, 063701 (2011)]. Further evidence of the nonmagnetic ground state was obtained from the observation of HE $$^{141}$$Pr nuclear spin fluctuations in the MHz scale. A marked increase in the muon spin-lattice relaxation rate (1/$$T_{rm 1,mu}$$) was observed below 1K with decreasing temperature, which was attributed to the perturbation on the HE $$^{141}$$Pr nuclear spin dynamics associated with the development of AFQ correlations.


Nondestructive elemental depth-profiling analysis by muonic X-ray measurement

二宮 和彦*; 久保 謙哉*; 長友 傑*; 髭本 亘; 伊藤 孝; 河村 成肇*; Strasser, P.*; 下村 浩一郎*; 三宅 康博*; 鈴木 栄男*; et al.

Analytical Chemistry, 87(9), p.4597 - 4600, 2015/05

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:58.47(Chemistry, Analytical)

Elemental analysis of materials is fundamentally important to science and technology. Many elemental analysis methods have been developed, but three-dimensional nondestructive elemental analysis of bulk materials has remained elusive. Recently, we developed a nondestructive depth-profiling elemental analysis method after a decade of research. This new method utilizes a new type of probe; a negative muon particle and high-energy muonic X-rays emitted after the muon stops in a material. We performed elemental depth profiling on an old Japanese gold coin (Tempo-Koban) using a low-momentum negative muon beam and successfully determined that the Au concentration in the coin gradually decreased with depth over a micrometer length scale.



伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘

KURRI-KR-202, p.42 - 45, 2015/03




伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 幸田 章宏*; 下村 浩一郎*

四季, 26, P. 5, 2015/03



Online full two-dimensional imaging of pulsed muon beams at J-PARC MUSE using a gated image intensifier

伊藤 孝; 豊田 晃久*; 髭本 亘; 田島 美典*; 松田 恭幸*; 下村 浩一郎*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 754, p.1 - 9, 2014/08

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:51.53(Instruments & Instrumentation)

A new muon beam profile monitor (MBPM) was developed to diagnose pulsed muon beams in J-PARC MUSE, mainly composed of a scintillation screen, a gated image intensifier (II), and a cooled CCD camera. The MBPM was designed to be compact so that it could be inserted into the bore of the $$mu$$SR spectrometer in the D1 area and used concurrently. The spatial resolution of the MBPM was evaluated to be in the range from one to two line-pair/mm, depending on II gain. Such high-resolution muon beam profiles were obtained online for a positive muon beam with a kinetic energy of $$sim$$ 4 MeV. The contribution from decay positrons was significantly reduced owing to II gating. The linearity of the MBPM was evaluated on the bases of the number of decay positrons monitored by the $$mu$$SR spectrometer. A linear response within five percent deviations was confirmed over more than two orders of magnitude. In addition, 3D imaging capability, use in vacuum, and immunity against moderate magnetic fields were demonstrated.


A New X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for extraterrestrial materials using muon beam

寺田 健太郎*; 二宮 和彦*; 大澤 崇人; 橘 省吾*; 三宅 康博*; 久保 謙哉*; 河村 成肇*; 髭本 亘; 土山 明*; 海老原 充*; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 4, p.5072_1 - 5072_6, 2014/05

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:37.7(Multidisciplinary Sciences)



Operation status of interlock system of Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) in J-PARC

酒井 健二; 甲斐 哲也; 大井 元貴; 渡辺 聡彦; 中谷 健; 髭本 亘; 明午 伸一郎; 坂元 眞一; 高田 弘; 二川 正敏

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 4, p.264 - 267, 2014/04

J-PARCの物質・生命科学実験施設(MLF)は、陽子ビームをターゲットに入射し、大強度の中性子・ミュオンビームを発生させ、実験装置に供給する施設である。MLFでは、ビーム運転の他、機器保守、実験装置増強などの作業に対して安全を確保するために、MPS, TPS, PPSという3種類のインターロックシステムを運用している。これらのインターロックシステムは、J-PARCの中央制御室を通じて加速器や他実験施設と連動して運用される。MPSは想定外のビーム照射から機器を保護し、TPSは中性子ターゲットに特化して重大なトラブルを防ぐ役割を果たす。PPSは運転員を高放射線による被曝から保護する。さらに、PPSは、線源保守エリアへの入退室を制限したり、利用者の実験装置室への安全な入退室を管理する役割も持つ。MLFインターロックシステムは、2008年の5月にビーム運転を開始した後、ターゲット関連機器の増強や段階的な実験装置の増設に応じて対象を拡大しているが、これまでトラブルなく安定に運用されてきた。本発表では、MLFインターロックシステムの設計概念,構成,運転状況及びアップグレードなどについて報告する。


Local magnetic field and positive muon diffusion in yttrium iron garnet

伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; Luetkens, H.*

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 2, p.010209_1 - 010209_5, 2014/03




伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘

めそん, (39), p.15 - 17, 2014/00



Shallow donor level associated with hydrogen impurities in undoped BaTiO$$_3$$

伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 松田 達磨*; 幸田 章宏*; 下村 浩一郎*

Applied Physics Letters, 103(4), p.042905_1 - 042905_4, 2013/07

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:73.07(Physics, Applied)

The influence of hydrogen impurities on electronic properties of undoped BaTiO$$_3$$ was studied from a microscopic point of view using the muon spin rotation and relaxation technique. Electron localization around an implanted positive muon, by analogy an hydrogen impurity, was observed below $$sim$$80 K. The effective electron binding energy was estimated to be $$sim10^{-2}$$ eV, indicating that the hydrogen-induced defect forms a shallow donor level. At room temperature, the weakly bound electron is excited into a conduction band and behaves as a free carrier, which causes insulation degradation undesirable for capacitor application.


Microscopic evidence for long-range magnetic ordering in the $$Gamma$$$$_{8}$$ ground quartet systems Sm$$Tr$$$$_{2}$$Al$$_{20}$$ ($$Tr$$: Ti, V, Cr)

伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 二宮 和彦; 酒井 明人*; 中辻 知*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 81(Suppl.B), p.SB050_1 - SB050_4, 2012/12

f電子系化合物$$RT_2$$Al$$_{20}$$ ($$R$$: Pr, Sm, $$T$$: Ti, V, Cr)は特異な籠状構造に起因する興味深い物性を示す。$$R$$イオンは16個ものAl原子からなる「籠」に内包されており、$$R$$サイトには対称性の高い結晶場が生じる。これにより多極子自由度が活性な結晶場基底が形成され、低温において多極子秩序が生じる。一方、多数のAl原子が$$R$$イオンに配位することにより、顕著な$$cf$$混成が生じる。$$cf$$混成の度合いは$$T$$元素の置換によってチューン可能であることから、多極子秩序に関する量子臨界性の系統的研究が可能な系として注目を集めている。本研究では、上述の議論の前提となっている多極子秩序を微視的な観点から検証するために、PrTi$$_2$$Al$$_{20}$$及びSm$$T_2$$Al$$_{20}$$($$T$$: Ti, V, Cr)に対して$$mu$$SR測定を行った。その結果、PrTi$$_2$$Al$$_{20}$$及びSm$$T_2$$Al$$_{20}$$($$T$$: Ti, V, Cr)の秩序変数が、それぞれ電気四極子と磁気多極子であることが明らかになった。


Multipole and superconducting state in PrIr$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$ probed by muon spin relaxation

髭本 亘; 伊藤 孝; 二宮 和彦; 鬼丸 孝博*; 松本 圭介*; 高畠 敏郎*

Physical Review B, 85(23), p.235152_1 - 235152_4, 2012/06

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:86.37(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Spin-orbital short-range order on a honeycomb-based lattice

中辻 知*; 久我 健太郎*; 木村 健太*; 佐竹 隆太*; 片山 尚幸*; 西堀 英治*; 澤 博*; 石井 梨恵子*; 萩原 政幸*; Bridges, F.*; et al.

Science, 336(6081), p.559 - 563, 2012/05

 被引用回数:89 パーセンタイル:3.49(Multidisciplinary Sciences)



Development of nondestructive and quantitative elemental analysis method using calibration curve between muonic X-ray intensity and elemental composition in bronze

二宮 和彦; 長友 傑*; 久保 謙哉*; 伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 喜多 真琴*; 篠原 厚*; Strasser, P.*; 河村 成肇*; 下村 浩一郎*; et al.

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 85(2), p.228 - 230, 2012/02

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:66.74(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)



$$mu$$SR evidence of nonmagnetic order and $$^{141}$$Pr hyperfine-enhanced nuclear magnetism in the cubic $$Gamma_3$$ ground doublet system PrTi$$_2$$Al$$_{20}$$

伊藤 孝; 髭本 亘; 二宮 和彦; Luetkens, H.*; Baines, C.*; 酒井 明人*; 中辻 知*

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 80(11), p.113703_1 - 113703_4, 2011/11

 被引用回数:21 パーセンタイル:21.73(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

A muon spin relaxation ($$mu$$SR) study of the cubic $$Gamma_3$$ ground doublet system PrTi$$_2$$Al$$_{20}$$ is presented. The zero-field $$mu$$SR rate shows no significant change while passing through the phase transition temperature $$T_{rm O}$$ = 2.0 K, indicating that a nonmagnetic order parameter lies behind the ordered state. This is consistent with a ferroquadrupole ordering scenario standing on quadrupole degrees of freedom active in the $$Gamma_3$$ subspace. We also found that slow spin fluctuations remain even at 0.1 K well below $$T_{rm O}$$, ascribed to $$^{141}$$Pr hyperfine-enhanced nuclear magnetism in the nonmagnetic ground state. The $$4f$$ electronic exchange constant and $$^{141}$$Pr nuclear order temperature were estimated to be 0.64 K in the temperature unit and 0.13 mK, respectively, from the $$^{141}$$Pr nuclear spin fluctuation frequency 5.8(2) MHz at 0.1 K.


Li(Zn,Mn)As as a new generation ferromagnet based on a I-II-V semiconductor

Deng, Z.*; Jin, C. Q.*; Liu, Q. Q.*; Wang, X. C.*; Zhu, J. L.*; Feng, S. M.*; Chen, L. C.*; Yu, R. C.*; Arguello, C.*; 後神 達郎*; et al.

Nature Communications (Internet), 2, p.1425_1 - 1425_5, 2011/08

 被引用回数:98 パーセンタイル:6.28(Multidisciplinary Sciences)


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