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JAEA Reports

Production of pressurized cladding tube specimen for neutron irradiation

Isozaki, Futoshi*; Kikuchi, Taiji; Ioka, Ikuo; Ishikawa, Kazuyoshi; Hirata, Yuji*

JAERI-Tech 2002-074, 22 Pages, 2002/09


The pressurized tube specimens which enclosed high pressure inert gas were produced for the irradiation creep test. The pressurized tube specimen with 7mm outer diameter and 0.5mm wall thickness must be sealed by the welding, after the helium gas was impressed in the inside of tube. In this process, there was a technical problem of welding under high pressure, and it is difficult to seal the pressurized tube specimen in the present facility of our group. The production process was examined by taking shortening in production period and reduction in the cost into consideration. The sealing technology to enclose the helium gas up to 5.5MPa was established by new technique using the present facility and the mock-up test. And, it is necessary to measure the outer diameter of the pressurized tube specimen with high accuracy in order to predict irradiation creep deformation arising from neutron radiation and internal pressure. Therefore, the method for measuring at the 0.01mm measurement accuracy was established, which combined laser measuring instrument with the lathe.

JAEA Reports

Fabrication of saturated temperature capsule for IASCC study

Ishikawa, Kazuyoshi; Kikuchi, Taiji; Isozaki, Futoshi*; Inoue, Hiromi; Oba, Toshihiro; Matsui, Yoshinori; Saito, Takashi; Nakano, Junichi; Tsuji, Hirokazu

JAERI-Tech 2002-061, 69 Pages, 2002/08


Study of irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking (IASCC) is an important subject for the plant life assessment and extension of the light water reactors (LWRs). It is necessary that initiation mechanism of IASCC should be made clear under combined effect of irradiation, environment and stress in order to understand IASCC phenomena. Under the existing circumstance, Saturated Temperature Capsule (SATCAP) were fabricated for the irradiation test of IASCC studies in Japan Material Testing Reactor (JMTR). SATCAP is the irradiation rig to irradiate materials in high pressure water of controlled chemistry and temperature simulating Boiling water reactors (BWRs) core environment from the new water feelding system of out-of-pile. This report describes (1) investigation of technical problems for the design and fabrication of SATCAP, (2) the tests results of the problems and (3) fabrication and inspection of SATCAP.

Journal Articles

The Method for decrease of helium gas leak with O-ring rubber gasket

Oba, Toshihiro; Inoue, Hiromi*; Kikuchi, Taiji; Taka, Isamu; Chiba, Masaaki; Ishikawa, Kazuyoshi; Tsuda, Kazumi*; Takeyama, Tomonori; Isozaki, Futoshi*; Terunuma, Isao*; et al.

NIFS-MEMO-36, p.121 - 124, 2002/06

no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

The Method for decrease of helium gas leak with double O-ring rubber gasket

Oba, Toshihiro; Kikuchi, Taiji; Taka, Isamu; Isozaki, Futoshi*; Chiba, Masaaki; Ishikawa, Kazuyoshi; Inoue, Hiromi*; Terunuma, Isao*; Sawabe, Masaki*; Tsuda, Kazumi*; et al.

JAERI-Tech 2001-067, 29 Pages, 2001/11


no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

Fabrication of thin cadmium cylinder coated with aluminum for neutron irradiation capsules

Takeyama, Tomonori; Chiba, Masaaki; Isozaki, Futoshi*; Amezawa, Hiroo; Itabashi, Yukio; Kikuchi, Taiji; Otabe, Yoshikiyo*; Hirata, Yuji*; Taka, Isamu; Oba, Toshihiro

JAERI-Tech 2001-024, 32 Pages, 2001/03


no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

Out-pile tests for improved type rabbits in JMTR

Kitagishi, Shigeru; Isozaki, Futoshi; Takita, Kenji; Aoyama, Masashi; Matsui, Yoshinori

no journal, , 

As one of the production of radioisotopes, JMTR has a plan to produce $$^{99}$$Mo which is a parent nuclide of $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc. The new hydraulic-rabbit-irradiation-facility is carried out to be set up in the preparation of the $$^{99}$$Mo production facility. For the expansion of use, the new facility was designed to be able to irradiate rabbits more than it used to be. However, it takes more than about ten days to assemble the rabbit. For this reason, it is required shortening of the assembly period. The improved type of rabbit, which was developed to shorten the assembly period in JRR-3, was focused. And, out-pile tests were carried out for research of the fabrication of the improved type rabbit and the endurance performance under the usage environment in JMTR. In these tests, first, the assembly device for the improved type of rabbit was designed and fabricated, and the fabrication test was carried out using the assembly device. Next, the endurance performance tests were carried out using mock-up rabbits. From the results of these tests, there were bright prospects of the manufacturability of the improved type of rabbit had good sealing performance and utilizing in the irradiation test of JMTR.

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