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JAEA Reports

Research on engineering technology in the full-scale demonstration of EBS and operation technology for HLW disposal; Research report in 2014 (Joint research)

Kobayashi, Masato*; Saito, Masahiko*; Iwatani, Takafumi*; Nakayama, Masashi; Tanai, Kenji; Fujita, Tomo; Asano, Hidekazu*

JAEA-Research 2015-018, 14 Pages, 2015/12


JAEA and RWMC concluded the letter of cooperation agreement on the research and development of radioactive waste disposal in April, 2005, and have been carrying out the collaboration work based on the agreement. JAEA have been carrying out the Horonobe URL Project which is intended for a sedimentary rock in the Horonobe town, Hokkaido, since 2001. In the project, geoscientific research and research and development on geological disposal technology are being promoted. Meanwhile, The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has been promoting construction of equipments for the full-scale demonstration of engineered barrier system and operation technology for high-level radioactive waste disposal since 2008, to enhance public's understanding to the geological disposal of HLW, e.g. using underground facility. RWMC received an order of the project in fiscal year 2014 continuing since fiscal year 2008. Since topics in this project are included in the Horonobe URL Project, JAEA carried out this project as collaboration work continuing since fiscal year 2008. This report summarizes the results of the research on engineering technology carried out in this collaboration work in fiscal year 2014.

Oral presentation

Study on methods to prevent piping and erosion in buffer materials intended for a vertical disposal pit, at Horonobe URL

Jo, Mayumi*; Iwatani, Takafumi*; Kawakubo, Masahiro*; Ishii, Tomoko*; Ono, Makoto*; Nakayama, Masashi

no journal, , 

For the purpose of "maintaining the soundness of the artificial barrier", we are studying "restraints on the outflow of the buffer material". We conducted an experiment of a scale of 30 cm to 1 m in an actual underground environment and confirmed the occurrence of the buffer material outflow under water inflow conditions. The experiment in this study was undertaken in order to acquire the necessary data for considering a method to control the outflow of the buffer material.

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